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Blount Report: Affairs in Hawaii

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The correspondence examined in the preparation of this report in- 
dicates the general policy of this Government towards the Hawaiian 
Islands to have been, from 1820 to 1893, one of close friendship and 
protection, prompted by a desire for the welfare and autonomy of the 
islands and a careful preservation of American rights and territory on 
this continent. The active intervention of foreign powers in the affairs 
of Hawaii is shown to have been uniformly regarded with distrust, and 
a determined attitude against it seems to have been frankly assumed 
whenever occasion called for an expression of purpose upon the subject 
from the United States. This view of the common interests of the two 
countries several times contemplated annexation as a necessity under 
apprehended foreign encroachment at Honolulu, and once, if not more 
than once, as the positive policy of this Government - notably in the 
administration of President Pierce.
Respectfully submitted.
Chief, Bureau of Rolls and Library.
[The narrative of events from the 17th of January, 1893, is continued 
in the report accompanying the President's message of February 15, 
1893, sending to the Senate the treaty concluded and signed at Wash- 
ington, February 14, 1893, by the Secretary of State of the United 
States and the representatives of the Provisional Government of the 
Hawaiian Islands.]

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