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Blount Report: Affairs in Hawaii

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The time and assistance available in the preparation of the foregoing 
report and this appendix have not been sufficient to render a full pres- 
entation of the correspondence involved practicable here. The pur- 
pose of this supplement therefore is to give a general view of the 
progress of events and to submit copies of all papers of ascertained 
importance to a clear understanding and reinforcement of the narrative, 
except those published in the volumes of Foreign Relations of the 
United States and other volumes, to which reference is noted in a 
bibliographical paragraph.
It has been deemed neither necessary nor advisable to touch upon 
the subject of private claims of the citizens or subjects of either 
country against the government of the other, as none of the claims 
adverted to in the consular or diplomatic correspondence appears to 
have become at any time matter of special or separate negotiation or 
to have reached a position of adequate moment to demand any further 
action than the exercise of good offices by the diplomatic representa- 
tive of the Government of the claimant.
Three unperfected treaties described in the correspondence are de- 
posited in this Bureau, those of 1849, 1855, and 1867, respectively.
A considerable volume of correspondence upon Hawaiian relations will 
be found in the archives of the Navy Department, should it be regarded 
as desirable to examine letters of naval officers of the United States in 
support or elaboration of the consular and diplomatic letters given or 
referred to in the list of papers.
The present report and appendix bring the narrative down to the 
revolution of January 17, 1893, from which point it is continued in the 
report accompanying the President's message of February 15, 1893, 
sending to the Seriate the treaty concluded and signed at Washington, 
February 14, 1893, by the Secretary of State of the United States and 
the representatives of the Provisional Government of the Hawaiian 
A list of papers, chronologically arranged, follows, and is, in its turn, 
followed by a brief subject index for more convenient reference.
A. H. A.

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