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Blount Report: Affairs in Hawaii

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deserted; and for the apprehension of every such deserter who shall be 
delivered over as aforesaid, the master, owner, or agent shall pay to the 
person or persons apprehending such deserter the sum of 6 dollars, if 
taken on the side of the island near which the vessel is anchored; but if 
taken on the opposite side of the island the sum shall be 12 dollars, and 
if taken on any other island the reward shall be 24 dollars, and shall be a 
just charge against the wages of every such deserter.
VII. No tonnage dues or impost shall be exacted of any citizen of the 
United States which is not paid by the citizens or subjects of the nation 
most favored in commerce with the Sandwich Islands; and the citizens or 
subjects of the Sandwich Islands shall be allowed to trade with the 
United States and her territories upon principles of equal advantage with 
the most favored nation.
Done in council at Honolulu, Island of Oahu, this 23rd day of De-
cember, in the year of our Lord 1826.
[From Jones, December 25, 1826, dated Honolulu.]
Says that the state of affairs in regard to foreigners being protected is 
in a bad condition and that Ms services are really required at the islands 
to protect the seamen.
"On the 23d instant I concluded some arrangements with the Gov-
ernment of these islands calculated to secure our interest in this quarter 
and suppress the evils which have hitherto existed. I have also secured 
satisfactory pledges for the speedy payment of the large claims held by 
American citizens against the islanders. In short, I hope it will be proved 
that the Peacock's visit to the Sandwich and Society Islands has in some 
degree accomplished the main object of the cruise."
[To Wm. Bolton Finch, U. S. S. Vincennes, January 20, 1829.]
"Chaplain Stewart has in his care and will deliver to you a letter to 
King Kamehameha, a few presents from our Government to the principal 
chiefs of the Sandwich Islands. You will deliver them to the persons for 
whom they are intended.
"Remain from two to three weeks, or as long as shall be thought 
expedient for careful to cultivate the most friendly relations and to 
procure from our consular and commercial agent or from other sources 
every information respecting our commercial and other interests which 
may be practicable."
Instructions to reclaim deserting sailors, and to make inquiries into the 
state of our commerce, etc.
[No mention made of the treaty of December 23, 1826.]

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