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Blount Report: Affairs in Hawaii

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fined sugar, meaning hereby the grades of sugar heretofore commonly 
imported from the Hawaiian Islands and now known in the markets of 
San Francisco and Portland as "Sandwich Island sugar;" syrups of 
sugar-cane, melado, and molasses; tallow.
For and in consideration of the rights and privileges granted by the 
United States of America in the preceding article of this convention, 
and as an equivalent therefor, His Majesty the King of the Hawaiian 
Islands hereby agrees to admit all the articles named in the following 
schedule, the same being the growth, manufacture, or produce of the 
United States of America, into all the ports of the Hawaiian Islands 
free of duty.
Agricultural implements; animals; beef, bacon, pork, ham, and all 
fresh, smoked, or preserved meats; boots and shoes; grain, flour, meal, 
and bran, bread and breadstuff's, of all kinds; bricks, lime, and cement; 
butter, cheese, lard, tallow; bullion; coal; cordage, naval stores, in- 
cluding tar, pitch, resin, turpentine, raw and rectified; copper and com- 
position sheathing; nails and bolts; cotton and manufactures of cotton, 
bleached and unbleached, and whether or not colored, stained, painted, 
or printed; eggs; fish and oysters, and all other creatures living in the 
water, and the products thereof; fruits, nuts, and vegetables, green, 
dried or undried, preserved or unpreserved; hardware; hides, furs, 
skins and pelts, dressed or undressed; hoop iron and rivets, nails, 
spikes and bolts, tacks, brads or sprigs; ice; iron and steel, and manu- 
factures thereof; leather; lumber and timber of all kinds, round, hewed, 
sawed, and unmanufactured, in whole or in part; doors, sashes, and 
blinds; machinery of all kinds, engines and parts thereof; oats and 
hay; paper, stationery, and books, and all manufactures of paper or 
of paper and wood; petroleum and all oils for lubricating or illuminat- 
ing purposes; plants, shrubs, trees, and seeds; rice; sugar, refined or 
unrefined; salt; soap; shooks, staves, and headings; wool and manu- 
factures of wool, other than ready-made clothing; wagons and carts 
for the purposes of agriculture or of drayage; wood and manufactures 
of wood, or of wood and metal, except furniture, either upholstered or 
carved, and carriages; textile manufactures, made of a combination of 
wool, cotton, silk, or linen, or of any two or more of them, other than 
when ready-made clothing; harness and all manufactures of leather; 
starch; and tobacco, whether in leaf or manufactured.
The evidence that articles proposed to be admitted into the ports of 
the United States of America, or the ports of the Hawaiian Islands, free 
of duty, under the first and second articles of this convention, are the 
growth, manufacture, or produce of the United States of America or 
of the Hawaiian Islands, respectively, shall be established under such 
rules and regulations and conditions for the protection of the revenue 
as the two Governments may from time to time respectively prescribe.

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