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Blount Report: Affairs in Hawaii

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1. There shall be admitted to the mails exchanged under this con- 
vention, articles of merchandise and mail matter, except letters, post 
cards, and written matter, of all kinds, that are admitted under any 
conditions to the domestic mails of the country of origin, except that 
no packet must exceed 5 kilograms or 11 pounds in weight, nor the 
following dimensions: Greatest length, three feet six inches; greatest 
length and girth combined, six feet; and must be so wrapped or in- 
closed as to permit their contents to be easily examined by postmas- 
ters and customs officers; and except that the following articles are 
Publications which violate the copyright laws of the country of des- 
tination; poisons, and explosive or inflammable substances; fatty 
substances, liquids, and those which easily liquefy, confections and 
pastes; live or dead animals, except dead insects and reptiles when 
thoroughly dried; fruits and vegetables, and substances which exhale 
a bad odor; lottery tickets, lottery advertisements, or lottery circulars; 
all obscene or immoral articles; articles which may in any way damage 
or destroy the mails, or injure the persons handling them; also opium.
2. All admissible articles of merchandise mailed in one country for 
the other, or received in one country from the other, shall be free from 
any detention or inspection whatever, except such as is required for 
collection of customs duties, and shall be forwarded by the most speedy 
means to their destination, being subject in their transmission to the 
laws and regulations of each country respectively.
1. A letter or communication of the nature of personal correspond- 
ence must not accompany, be written on, or enclosed with any parcel.
2. If such be found, the letter will be placed in the mails if separable, 
and if inseparably attached, the whole package will be rejected. If, 
however, any such should inadvertently be forwarded, the country of 
destination will collect double rates of postage according to the Uni- 
versal Postal Union Convention.
3. No parcel may contain parcels intended for delivery at an address 
other than the one borne by the parcel itself. If such enclosed parcels 
be detected, they must be sent forward singly, charged with new and 
distinct parcel post rates.
1. The following rates of postage shall in all cases be required to be 
fully prepaid with postage stamps of the country of origin, viz:
2. For a parcel not exceeding four hundred and sixty grams or one 
pound in weight, twelve cents; and for each additional four hundred 
and sixty grams or one pound, or fraction thereof, twelve cents.
3. The packages shall be promptly delivered to addresses at the post- 
offices of address in the country of destination, free of charge for post- 
age ; but the country of destination may at its option, levy and collect 
from the addressee for interior service and delivery a charge not ex- 
ceeding five cents on each single parcel of whatever weight; and if the 
weight exceeds four hundred and sixty grams or one pound, a charge 
equal to one cent for each one hundred and fifteen grams or four ounces, 
of weight, or fraction thereof.

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