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Blount Report: Affairs in Hawaii

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	HAWAIIAN  ISLANDS.                                          203
4	and without reserve to the United States forever all rights of sov-
5	ereiguty of whatsover kind in and over the Hawaiian Islands and
6	their dependencies renouncing in favor of the United States every
7	sovereign right of which as an independent nation it is now pos-
8	sessed; and henceforth said Hawaiian Islands and every island
9	and key thereunto appertaining and each and every portion thereof
10	shall become and be an integral part of the territory of the United
11	States.
2	The Government of the Hawaiian Islands also cedes and transfers
3	to the United States the absolute fee and ownership of all public,
4	government or crown lands, public buildings or edifices, ports,
5	harbors, fortifications, military or naval equipments and all other
6	public property of every kind and  description belonging to the
7	Government of the Hawaiian Islands, together with every right
8	and appurtenance thereunto appertaining.   The existing laws of
9	the United States relative to public lands shall not apply to such
10	lands in the Hawaiian Islands, but the Congress of the United
11	States shall enact special laws for their management and disposi-
12	tion: Provided, that all revenue from or proceeds of the same, ex-
13	cept as regards such part thereof as may be used or occupied, for
14	the civil, military or naval purposes of the United States or may
15	be assigned to the use of the local Government, shall be used solely
16	for the benefit of the inhabitants of the Hawaiian Islands for
17	educational and other public purposes.
2	Until Congress shall otherwise provide, the existing Govern-
3	ment and laws of the Hawaiian Islands are hereby continued, sub-
4	ject to the paramount authority of the United States.   The Presi-
5	dent, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate, shall ap-
6	point a Commissioner to reside in said Islands who shall have the
7	power to veto any act of said Government, and an act disapproved
8	by him shall thereupon be void and of no effect unless approved
9	by the President.
10	Congress shall, within one year from the exchange of the rati-
11	fications of this Treaty, enact the necessary legislation to extend
12	to the Hawaiian Islands the laws of the United States respecting
13	duties upon imports, the internal revenue, commerce and naviga-

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