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Blount Report: Affairs in Hawaii

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14	tion; but until Congress shall otherwise provide, the existing com-
15	mercial relations of the Hawaiian Islands both with the United
16	States and foreign countries shall continue as regards the commerce
17	of said Islands with the rest of the United States and with foreign
18	countries, but this shall not be construed as giving to said Islands
19	the power to enter into any new stipulation or agreement whatso-
20	ever or to have diplomatic intercourse with any foreign Govern-
21	ment.   The Consular representatives of foreign powers now resi-
22	dent in the Hawaiian Islands shall be permitted to continue in the
23	exercise of their consular functions until they can receive their
24	exequaturs from the Government of the United States.
2	The further immigration of Chinese laborers into the Hawaiian
3	Islands is hereby prohibited until Congress shall otherwise pro-
4	vide.   Furthermore, Chinese persons of the classes now or here-
5	after excluded by law from entering the United States will not be
6	permitted to come from the Hawaiian Islands to other parts of the
7	United States, and if so coming shall be subject to the same pen-
8	alties as if entering from a foreign country.
2	The public debt of the Hawaiian Islands, lawfully existing at the
3	date of the exchange of the ratifications of this Treaty, including
4	the amounts due to depositors in the Hawaiian Postal Savings
5	Banks,  is hereby assumed by the Government of the United  .
6	States; but the liability of the United States in this regard shall
7	in no case exceed three and one quarter millions of dollars.   So
8	long, however, as the existing Government and the present com-
9	mercial relations of the Hawaiian Islands are continued, as here-
10	in before provided, said Government shall continue to pay the
11	interest on said debt.
2	The Government of the United States agrees to pay to Liliuo-
3	kalani, the late Queen, within one year from the date of the ex-
4	change of the ratifications of this Treaty the sum of twenty thousand
5	dollars, and annually thereafter a like sum of twenty thousand
6	dollars during the term of her natural life, provided she in good

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