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Blount Report: Affairs in Hawaii

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truth in saying that they are going only to San Francisco, but rumor 
and strong suspicion, say that they will go with Neumann to Washing- 
ton to help the case of the deposed Queen and to oppose annexation.
Another leaf of valuable information I wish to give the Department 
of State: The old "palace gang" for the past ten days have been busy 
here and in the other islands in getting the signatures of natives to a 
remonstrance against annexation, in the hope thus to restore the mon- 
archy. The signatures to these petitions or remonstrances are being 
obtained by utterly false representations as to the purposes of the 
United States, by promises, and other unscrupulous means. This dirty 
work is managed exclusively by the same white men, American rene- 
gades, Australians, and Canadians, who have thrived on the palace 
corruptions under the recent King Kalakaua and his sister, the deposed 
Queen. There will be no certainty that half the signatures* to the 
petitions or remonstrances are genuine.
Possibly a Mr. Bush and a Mr. Namahi will be the bearers of these 
petitions. The former is a half-white, a minister of Kalakaua in the 
brief and famous "Moreno fiasco," and Bush and Namahi were mem- 
bers of the recent Legislature and voted for the lottery franchise. These 
and the whole lottery and palace gang are directly interested in dis- 
crediting the Provisional Government, for that Government has just 
annulled the lottery charter, which the palace gang hoped to sell out to 
the Louisiana Lottery men for a half million dollars, more or less. There 
is also some talk that Antone Rosa, a half-white lawyer, with a doubt- 
ful reputation, may go with Bush and Namahi. It is possible that none 
of these named - Widemann, Berger, Bush, Namahi, and Bosa - will go 
to Washington. Bush, Namahi, and Rosa have no following among 
the better class of the native Hawaiians, and their representations would 
be entirely unreliable. The members of the Provisional Government's 
commission, now in Washington, thoroughly know the character and 
backing of Widemann, Berger, Namahi, Bush, and Rosa. There is no 
doubt that the palace gang of white men will pay the bills of Bush, 
Namahi, and Rosa, if they go on their visit to Washington. 
I am, etc.,
Mr. Stevens to Mr. Foster.
No. 84.]	                UNITED STATES LEGATION.
Honolulu, February 1, 1893.
SIR: Today the undersigned and Capt. Wiltse of the Boston are 
compelled to assume a grave responsibility. The inclosed copies of 
official notes will explain the reasons which have led to this action on 
our part.
I have time before the departure of the mail steamer only to state 
briefly the additional reasons which caused us to assume temporary 
protectorate of these islands. The Provisional Government must have 
time to organize a new police and to discipline a small military force. 
When the monarchy died by its own hand, there was no military force 
in the islands but the royal guard of about 75 natives, not in effective 
force equal to 20 American soldiers. These were promptly discharged
* Have received absolutely reliable information that the signatures of the natives 
to the petitions above specified are secured by paying so much a head to the signers 
or to the agents who secure them. The white palace and lottery men are working 
this plan of action.

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