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Blount Report: Affairs in Hawaii

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whether any civil or criminal proceedings would be taken against Mr. 
Thereupon I determined to forward to him a letter (a copy of which 
I inclose, No. 5), which I had written on yesterday afternoon, but had 
withheld it, hoping for a speedy adjustment of the difference without 
its being placed in writing.
I recognize the obligation of an American citizen residing in a foreign 
country to obey its laws.
It has appeared to me that the doctrine laid down by Mr. Bayard in 
the case of A. K. Cutting, September 9, 1885, is applicable to the pend- 
ing case. If this be true then the issue may as rightfully be made 
before the consideration of the cause as subsequent thereto.
Yesterday afternoon the Hon. John L. Stevens called to see me. He 
was exceedingly bitter against Mr. Nordhoff - charging him with 
treasonable conduct and displaying the most eager interest in the 
matter of the action of the Hawaiian Government against him. 
Amongst other things he alleged that Mr. Nordhoff had been conspir- 
ing with the royalists to overthrow the Provisional Government, and 
that the Government had the evidence against him in black and white. 
I asked him how this came to his knowledge? He replied, "Well, I 
have it, anyhow; and they ought to have it."
I very much fear that his relations to the people here, and his bitter 
feeling against Mr. Nordhoff, has contributed to produce an abnormal 
excitement against the latter.
I believe the situation was such as made it necessary for me to 
promptly act in the manner related.
The objectionable correspondence heretofore referred to was pub- 
lished in the Daily Bulletin. Ho far as I know it is not claimed by the 
authorities here that Mr. Nordhoff had anything to do with its publi- 
I inclose herewith a copy of a communication from him (No. 6).
I expect that action will be taken requiring Mr. Nordhoff to leave 
the country. Should this occur I shall not deem it my duty to make 
I am, etc.,
Envoy Extraordinary and Minister 
Plenipotentiary of the United States.
[Inclosure 1 in No. 2.]	
SIR: I beg your attention to the following statement from Admiral Skerrett: 
"I was informed today upon reliable authority - the authority being Dr. J. S. 
McGrew - that some exasperated citizens of Honolulu had taken great offense at the 
wording of a letter supposed to have been written by Mr. Nordhoff, a United 
States citizen, and newspaper correspondent of the New York Herald, which state- 
ment that he had received from certain persons in Honolulu, he communicated to 
his paper.
Threats have been made with regard to his possible maltreatment, such threats 
being tar and feathering, and other things."
Mr. Nordhoff being an eminent citizen of the United States, I deem it proper to 
call your attention to this matter. 
Very respectfully,
United States Special Commissioner, 
Hon. S. B. DOLE,
Minister of Foreign Affairs.

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