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Blount Report: Affairs in Hawaii

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[Inclosure 4 in No. 2.]
Honolulu,  Hawaiian Islands, May 23, 1893.
SIR: I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of your excellency's letter a 
United States Special Commissioner of the 21st instant, calling my attention to a  
statement by Rear Admiral Skerritt, that threats had been made by exasperated 
citizens of Honolulu of maltreatment of Mr. Charles Nordhoff, a citizen of the United 
States and the correspondent of the New York Herald.
In reply I beg to express regret that any such violence as your letter suggests has 
been threatened Mr. Nordhoff, and have called the attention of the proper authori- 
ties of the Government to the matter, and have taken steps for his protection against 
any violence whatever during his residence here. 
With sentiments of the highest regard and esteem,
I have the honor to be, sir, your excellency's obedient servant,
Minister of Foreign Affairs. 
His Excellency JAMES H. BLOUNT,
United States Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary, Honolulu.
[Inclosure 5 in No, 2.]
Honolulu, May 22, 1893.
SIR: I have been handed the following communication from Mr. Charles Nordhoff. 
(See inclosure No. 2, Attorney-General W. O. Smith to Mr. Nordhoff.)
The New York Herald is a paper not published in the Hawaiian Islands, and the 
proposition that the Government thereof can take jurisdiction of the author of the 
article aforesaid on account of its publication in the United States is wholly inad- 
missible. It is equivalent to asserting that the Hawaiian Government can take 
jurisdiction over the authors of the various criticisms of political affairs in the Ha- 
waiian Islands which appear in the newspapers of the United States.
To an assumption of such jurisdiction by the Hawaiian Government the Govern- 
ment of the United States will not submit. It will not permit that this prerogative 
shall be in any degree usurped by the Hawaiian Government, nor will it permit a 
citizen of the United States to be called to account by the Hawaiian Government 
for acts done within the boundaries of the United States.
On this ground I insist that no proceedings shall be taken against Mr. Nordhoff 
such as are indicated in the letter signed W. O. Smith, Attorney-General.
Since writing the foregoing I find the following paper has been served on Mr. Nord- 
hoff. (Sec inclosure No. 3. - "In the name of the Provisional Government, etc.")
Permit me to say that in my judgment this, and the foregoing proceeding, under 
the color of law, is a violation of the rights of Mr. Nordhoff as an American citizen.
When I remember how on the 16th of January last, at the request of your leading 
citizens, American troops were landed and brought quiet to the homes of the people 
of this city, it is passing strange to me to find an eminent citizen of the United States  
subjected to such outrage at the hands of the Provisional Government of these Islands. 
I can but hope that this action will be, on reconsideration, repudiated.
While I desire to promote the kindliest feelings between your Government and 
mine, I shall not forgot that one of the proudest reflections of the American people 
is their disposition and ability to protect an American citizen throughout the civil- 
ized world.
I am, etc.,
E. E. and Minister Plenipotentiary of the United States.
President, etc., of the Provisional Government of the Hawaiian Islands,
[Inclosure 6 in No. 2.]
HONOLULU, May 23, 1893.
DEAR SIR: In reply to your question I say that the publication in the Bulletin of 
my letters to the New York Herald was without my knowledge and consent; that is 
to say, I knew nothing at all about it. 
Yours, truly,
His excellency JAMES H. BLOUNT,
Minister of the United States,

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