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Blount Report: Affairs in Hawaii

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The place where they were found is near the Barracks. Believing it 
was intended to blow up the Barracks the soldiers have been removed 
this morning into the Palace grounds.
The mail leaves very soon and I can not got any full or accurate state- 
I do not think it indicates any general movement, but rather seems 
to be confined to a few white persons. 
I am, etc.,
Mr. Gresham to Mr. Blount.
Washington, June 23, 1893.
SIR : I transmit for your information a copy of a note of the minister 
of Hawaii, touching the recall by the Provisional Government of the 
Commission appointed last January for the purpose of negotiating 
terms for the union of the Hawaiian Islands with the United States, 
and announcing his readiness to resume the subject at any convenient 
I am, etc.,
Mr. Willis to Mr. Gresham.
Honolulu, Hawaiian Islands, November 6, 1893.
SIR: I beg to inform the Department that I reached San Francisco 
on the 27th ultimo and sailed the following day, arriving in this city on, 
Saturday, November 4th, at 9 a. m.
On Saturday night I was tendered a serenade by the band of the 
Provisional Government, which passed off quietly and pleasantly. 
Having received information through our consul-general, Mr. Mills, 
that the Royalist party were contemplating a counter serenade and 
demonstration tonight, I strongly discouraged such action and it has 
been abandoned.
I addressed a note this morning to Hon. Sanford B. Dole, minister 
of foreign affairs, asking him to designate a convenient time and place 
when I could, present the letters of recall and of credence which I bore, 
a copy of which I transmit herewith together with his reply, designat- 
ing 11 o'clock of the forenoon, tomorrow, the 7th instant, as the time 
for the presentation at the Executive building. I also inclose the 
remarks which I propose to make upon the occasion referred to, a copy 
of which I sent to the Provisional Government.
Admiral Skerrett and his staff paid me the usual official call at 10 
o'clock this morning, which in company with Consul-General Mills I 
returned this afternoon at 3, receiving from the flagship the customary 
official courtesies. I afterwards called on Capt. Nelson, commanding 
the Adams, where I also met with a cordial reception.
I send by mail tomorrow per steamship China a cipher telegram, as 
to the landing from steamship Australia last Saturday, of Winchester

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