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Blount Report: Affairs in Hawaii

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                             566	                             HAWAIIAN  ISLANDS.
No. 15.
Mr. Blount to Mr. Gresham.
July 7, 1893.
SIR : The steamer Peru leaves Honolulu for San Francisco tomorrow.
It will take me three or four days longer to complete my report, which will be forwarded to you by the first 
steamer leaving here after that time.
Recalling to your mind the letter from Mr. Dole to Mr. Stevens (a copy of which was sent with my last 
dispatch) I ask you to examine a statement made by the commissioners of the Hawaiian Provisional 
Government on page 41 of Senate Executive Document, No. 76, Fifty-second Congress, second session, 
designated as the "sixth" in the statement of facts by them.
I wrote President Dole a communication asking for a copy of Mr. Stevens's reply to this letter, omitting 
therefrom its reference to his recognition.
Verbally he says he does not recollect writing the letter and has not been able to find the reply. I have asked 
him for his reply in writing, which he has promised to give me after making a more thorough search.
The annexation element have endeavored to utilize the celebration of the Fourth of July in the advancement of 
their cause. I am, etc.,
 Special Commissioner of the United States.
No. 16.  
Mr. Blount to Mr. Gresham.
No. 13.]						July 17, 1893.
SIR : The report which is forwarded herewith has been delayed by the slowness of movements of persons 
interested in either party; by the difficulty of communication with the several islands, and by a desire to assure 
myself of the true import of the facts testified, to from time to time by a great number of persons.
Public documents had to be examined, as well as the testimony of a great number of witnesses, which was 
delayed in being transcribed from the stenographic notes from lack of clerical aid. This testimony will be 
promptly forwarded.
Few quotations have been indulged in lest this paper should attain inconvenient length.
I am, etc.,
Special Commissioner of the United States.

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