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Blount Report: Affairs in Hawaii

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                             606	HAWAIIAN   ISLANDS.
1893, published as part of his speech in Augusta, Me., on the 29th ultimo.
It vas a legation paper, and I can not understand by what means he acquired permission to make 
it public, and so have deemed it my duty to call your attention to it. I am, etc.,
JAMES H. BLOUNT, Special Commissioner of the United 
[Inclosure in No. 14.] 
Mr. Blount to Mr. Dole. 

Honolulu, June 28, 
SIR: Please be kind enough to send me a copy of Mr. Stevens's reply to a letter addressed to him by you as chairman 
of the executive council on the 17th of January last, in which you request the immediate support of the United States 
forces, and that the commander of those forces take command of your military forces so that they may act 
together for the protection of the city. I am, etc.,
Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary of the United States.
His Excellency SANFOBD B. DOLE,
Minister of Foreign Affairs,
No. 19.  
Mr. Blount to Mr. Gresham.
No. 15.]					July 26,1893.
SIR: On the 28th ultimo I forwarded to you a copy of a letter from President Dole to Mr. 
Stevens. On it was the entry, " The above request not complied with. Stevens."
On the same day I addressed a communication to Mr. Dole, asking for Mr. Stevens's reply to 
this letter.
On the 20th instant Mr. Dole inclosed me the communication annexed hereto, (Inclosure No. 1).
This reply of Mr. Stevens is nowhere to be found in the legation records or flies.
I inclose also a communication (Inclosure No. 2) containing information from the archives of 
the Hawaiian Islands, sent me by Mr. W. D. Alexander, at my request, thinking it might be of 
some historical value.
The public in the United States has been led to believe that Mr. Marcy had shown great 
individuality and sagacity as secretary of state in his well-nigh consummated treaty of annexation 
of these islands.
These Hawaiian papers disclose that the project originated with the King of the Hawaiian Islands 
from fears of the loss of their independence through various causes. I am, etc.,
Special Commissioner of the United States.

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