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Blount Report: Affairs in Hawaii

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                             616	HAWAIIAN  ISLANDS.
completed, you will submit the same to us, which will be subject to our approval, modification, or rejection, and, 
in case we shall deem it wise and necessary, to submit it to the representatives of our people, subject also to their 
I hereby approve of the above instructions.
Signed by KEONE ANA,  
and all the ministers.


Protocol No. 1. 

WEDNESDAY, February 8th, 1854.
The undersigned met this day at 12 noon in the house of the commissioner of the United States. Mr. Wyllie 
submitted the written commands of the King to him of the 6th instant, also the letter of same date from the 
Hon. Win. L. Lee, chancellor of the Kingdom, and invited Mr. Gregg to exchange powers with him, with a view 
to the objects expressed in the King's command aforesaid.
Mr. Wyllie further submitted to Mr. Gregg the appeal to the President of the United States of March 31st, 
1851, signed by him and the late commissioner, Mr. Severance.
Mr. Gregg stated to Mr. Wyllie that he was in possession of no formal powers to negotiate or declare the views 
of the Government of the United States upon the matter submitted for his consideration; that from the peculiar 
circumstances of the case it was impossible for the Government of the United States to anticipate the necessity 
of special replies to such questions, or the existence of a state of affairs making it desirable on the part of the 
King to bring up for discussion with him (Gregg) a subject of such magnitude and interest to both nations, 
without an opportunity of referring to the authorities at Washington, which he trusted could readily be done 
without prejudice. But if the exigencies of the present or future should demand it, he was willing to negotiate ad 
referendum on the subject embraced in the commands of the King, but not otherwise.
Mr. Gregg further stated, that having been verbally informed yesterday by Mr. Wyllie of this matter, he had 
written to the State Department at Washington relative thereto, with the expectation of obtaining the views and 
instructions of his Government as early as might be practicable. Mr. Wyllie begged Mr. Gregg to send a duplicate 
of his letter and to enclose copy of the commands of the King, that the President might understand exactly what 
His Majesty desired, for which purpose he left a certified copy with Mr. Gregg. Mr. Wyllie also left with Mr. 
Gregg the appeal of 31st March, 1851, before alluded to, for Mr. Gregg's fuller information.
The undersigned, on behalf of their respective Governments, agreed to consider the protocol as the initiation of a 
negotiation with the Government of the United States for the purpose expressed in the King's command to his 
minister of foreign affairs,
The undersigned agreed to adjourn till they should have occasion to meet again.
D. L. GREGG, etc., etc.  
K. C. WYLLIE, etc., etc.
Protocol No. 2.
SATURDAY, February 11, 1854-1 1/2 p. m.
The undersigned met in the house of the Commissioner of the United States. Mr. Wyllie stated that he had, by the 
advice of Prince Liholiho and the cabinet, to add to the King's orders of the 6th instant the signatures of His 
Majesty's chief justice and of his ministers approving thereof.
Mr. Gregg, with reference to what he said in protocol No. 1, stated that in view of his declaration therein 
contained, and the matters contained in the preamble to the King's commands to Mr. Wyllie, bearing date on the 
6th instant, he felt himself justified in declaring explicitly that if it was the wish of His Majesty's Government to 
negotiate ad referendum he was willing to enter upon such negotiation at any time that might be agreed on for 
that purpose.
He also said that although he had no formal powers to that effect, yet from his knowledge of the views and 
policy of his Government, derived from the highest sources, he considered himself warranted, under the state 
of facts expressed in said preamble and by the exigency of the case, to discuss for reference, the terms of an

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