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Blount Report: Affairs in Hawaii

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                             HAWAIIAN  ISLANDS.	617
arrangement between the two powers of the character indicated in such commands. Mr. Gregg further 
remarked to Mr. Wyllie that after careful consideration he had deemed it advisable to make this specific 
declaration in order that no wrong impression might exist as to the nature of the authority with which he 
regarded himself invested on the part of his Government, to act ad referendum, in regard to the exigencies 
contemplated in His Majesty's commands to Mr. Wyllie.
Additional instructions.
HONOLULU, February 21st, 1854.
SIR: We have examined the protocols, numbers 1 and 2, executed by our minister of foreign affairs and the 
Commissioner of the United States initiated by our minister, in pursuance of our commands of the 6th of 
February; and more fully to carry out the purposes and intentions thereof, we hereby give you the following 
instructions additional. You will immediately enter upon a negotiation with the Commissioner of the United States 
of a treaty ad referendum, the object of which is the annexation of our Kingdom to the United States of America, in 
case of necessity, and which fully secure our rights and the rights of our chiefs and people, being assured, by the 
protocol No. 2, submitted to us, of the willingness of the Commissioner of the United States to enter upon such 
The constitution of our Kingdom has made our ministers special advisers in the
executive affairs of the Kingdom, and therefore you will submit to their consideration every proposal and every 
proposition which may be interchanged between you
and the Commissioner of the United States, and your conduct will be governed by
their decision.
Prince Liholiho will join in the deliberations of the cabinet council, vote therein, and make its views known to 
When the treaty ad referendum, as aforesaid, is completed, you will submit the same to us, which will be subject 
to our approval, modification, or rejection, and in ,case we shall deem it wise and necessary to submit it to the 
representatives of our people, subject also to their approval.
(Signed)					KAMEHAMEHA.
Approved by Liholiho, W. L. Lee, and the cabinet.
Protocol No. 3.
THURSDAY,  March 23rd, 1854-2 p. M.
The undersigned met at the house of the Commissioner of the United States, and after comparing the two 
originals of Protocol No. 2 of the date of February 11th, 1854, which since that time had been in the hands 
of His Majesty the King for consideration and approval, respectively, signed and exchanged the same.
Mr. Wyllie at the same time communicated to Mr. Gregg the further orders of the King to him (Mr. 
Wyllie), bearing date on the 21st day of February last, but signed by His Majesty yesterday, and 
countersigned by His Royal Highness the Crown Prince, His Highness the Kuhina Nui, the chief justice, 
and by His Majesty's minister of state.
Mr. Gregg having heard the same, expressed a wish to have a copy thereof for transmission to his 
Government on account of the close relation of such instructions to the royal commands of the 6th of 
February last, a copy of which he had already transmitted.
The undersigned then adjourned to meet again as occasion might require.
(Signed)					R. C. WYLLIE.
Protocol No. 4. 

SATURDAY, March 25th, 1854-10  a. m.
The undersigned met at the house of the Commissioner of the United States, and after comparing the originals 
of protocol No. 3, respectively signed and exchanged the same.
Mr. Wyllie, in accordance with Mr. Gregg's request as expressed in protocol No. 3 produced the King's 
additional orders of the 22nd of February last, of which a copy was taken for Mr. Gregg's use, and duly verified 
by comparison with the original-

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