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Blount Report: Affairs in Hawaii

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                             HAWAIIAN  ISLANDS.	619
thousand dollars no deduction whatever shall be made on the plea of any claim or claims alleged against the 
Hawaiian Government or authorities by any American citizen, or on any other pretense whatever.
"Signed by Liholiho, Lot Kamehameha, Keoni Ana, and W. L. Lee."
Mr. Gregg remarked to Mr. Wyllie that, so far as the basis of arrangements j list submitted was concerned, he 
had then no objection to interpose, unless it might be to the first clause, which he thought was capable of a 
construction inconsistent with the Constitution of the United States (act 4, sections). But if, as he supposed 
probable, its intention was simply to provide for the admission of the Hawaiian Islands into the American 
Union as a State, as soon as might be consistent with the principles of the American Constitution, it was free 
from the difficulty suggested. For the purpose, however, of removing all cause of doubt, he would propose as a 
substitute for such clause the following:
" The incorporation of the Hawaiian Islands into the American Union, and their admission, as soon as may be 
consistent with the principles of the Federal Constitution, to all the rights, privileges, and immunities of a 
sovereign State, the same as any other State of the Union."
Mr. Gregg further remarked that, although the amount fixed by the committee as a compensation was 
considerably higher than he had anticipated, and more, he feared, than would be regarded reasonable by his 
Government, yet he would for the present assent to it as the basis for the formation of a treaty ad referendum, 
reserving to himself the right, however, of submitting a counter proposition, if he should deem it incumbent 
upon him so to do, at any time before the final arrangement of the terms of such treaty.
For the purpose of enabling him to form a satisfactory opinion on this subject of compensation, he begged Mr. 
Wyllie to cause him to be informed as to the names and ages of the parties to whom annuities were proposed to 
be paid, the quantity arid character of the public land and other public property, the resources and capacities of the 
islands, &c., &o. The undersigned adjourned to meet as occasion might require.
Protocol No, 6.
The undersigned met at the house of the Commissioner of the United States at 2 p. m. on the 1st of June. The 
undersigned compared the two originals of Protocol No. 5, but agreed not to sign it till the King's pleasure thereon 
be made known to them. Mr. Gregg stated that since the date of Protocol No. 5 he had been advised of the views of 
his Government in regard to the King's orders of the 6th of February last, and had received full powers, which he 
now produced in exchange for those previously presented by Mr. Wyllie. The undersigned proceeded to verify and 
compare their respective powers and exchange the same. Mr. Gregg stated to Mr. Wyllie that, under the powers 
now conferred upon him, he was ready to proceed immediately to the discussion of the measure contemplated alike 
in the powers held by him and in the powers held by Mr. Wyllie, and to conclude the same in conformity with the 
wish of the two high contracting parties.
Mr. Wyllie replied that so soon as he could obtain the data requested by Mr. Gregg in protocol No. 5, he would 
be prepared to enter upon the negotiation, and with a view to save time suggested that Mr. Gregg should draft the 
outline of a treaty, leaving blanks for the details which were wanting, so as that Mr. Wyllie, knowing Mr. Gregg's 
views, might carefully consider them with the assistance of his colleagues, of the princes of the blood, and of the 
King's chief justice, for submission to His Majesty the King, along with proctol No. 5, to which his sanction was 
still to be obtained.
(Signed)	R. C. WYLLIB.
Protocol No. 7.
The undersigned met in the house of the Commissioner of the United States on Wednesday, the 7th of June, at 1 
p. in.
The undersigned compared and executed protocol No. 6, leaving it and protocol No. 5 still unsigned, until after 
the approval of the King shall have been obtained.
Mr. Wyllie stated that the King's chief justice and the other ministers of the King, on the 2nd of June, had 
concurred in the view that the powers of Mr. Gregg and Mr. Wyllie, which they had exchanged on the 1st of 
June, were> equal and sufficient

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