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Blount Report: Affairs in Hawaii

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              HAWAIIAN   ISLANDS.							789

5. All Hawaiian laws and constitutional principles not inconsistent herewith shall continue in force until further 
order of the executive and advisory councils. 

(Signed)    Henry E. Cooper, Chairman         					W. C. Wilder,
Andrew Brown,								F. W. McChesney, 
Theodore F. Lansing,                   						Wm. o. Smith, 
John Emmeluth,                              						Lorrin A. Thurston, 
-C. Bolte,                                           					Wm. R. Castle,
Ed Suhr									J. A. McCandless 
Henry Waterhouse,							Committee of Safety.
Honolulu, Hawaiian Islands. January 17, 1893.

During the reading of the proclamation armed adherents of the Government began to gather, and it is stated that 
Oscar White was the first man in the grounds with a gun. By the time that the reading was finished Capt. Ziegler 
reached the spot with his men.


The armory on Beretania street was the spot selected for the assembling of the volunteers, and hero arms and 
ammunition were furnished to those who required them. The first body of men who were ready for active work was 
a company composed of German citizens who were under command of Capt, Charles Ziegler.
They were at the spot about 2:30 o'clock, just one-half hour earlier than the appointed time, but they were soon 
joined by two companies which were rapidly formed until a good-sized detachment was made up. The last-
mentioned companies were under the command of George C. Potter and. H. Fisher. Each man was armed with a rifle 
and had a cartridge belt around his waist. When they were mustered together, an order came from Commander J. H. 
Soper to march at once to the Government building to prevent any possible uprising. The companies at once repaired 
in squads to Aliiolani Hall. Orders were given to clear the yard and sentries were at the gates to prevent outsiders 
from entering.
As soon as it was generally known about town that a new Government was established, citizens of all classes rallied 
to its support, and before nightfall, four companies under arms were organized to uphold the new order and carry it 
through. During the afternoon a temporary military organization was formed, with J, H. Roper at the head. He 
named as his aids, George F, McLeod, D. B. Smith, John Good, Fred. Wundenburg, and J. H. Fisher. Captains Hugh 
Gunn, George C. Potter, Charles Ziegler and J. M. Camara jr., were placed in command of the different companies.
Pickets were at once stationed all over the city to carry out the provisions of martial law which had been proclaimed 
by the new Government.
After the reading of the proclamation, the new Government at once took possession of the treasury and all the 
departments. The following orders were issued:
Honolulu, H. I., Jan, 17,1893.


[Orders No. 1.]

All persons favorable to the Provisional Government of the Hawaiian Islands are hereby requested to forthwith 
report to the Government at the Government building to furnish the Government such arms and ammunition as they 
may have in their possession or control, as soon as possible, in order that efficient and complete protection to life 
and property and the public peace may immediately and efficiently he put into operation.
(Signed)						Sanford B. Dole,
J. A. King, 
P. C. Jones, 
W. C. Smith, 
Executive Council of the, Provisional Government of the Hawaiian Islands,
John Emmeluth,			E. D. Tenny,
Andrew Brown,			F,.W. McChesney,
C. Bolte,				W. C. Wilder,
James F. Morgan,			J. A. McCandless,
Henry Waterhouse,		W. R. Castle,
S. M. Damon.			Lorrin A. Thurston,
W. G.  Ashley,			F. J.  Wilhelm.
Advisory Council of the Provisional Government of the Hawaiian Islands,

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