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Blount Report: Affairs in Hawaii

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              HAWAIIAN   ISLANDS.	965
right off on Sunday, and at the meeting some thought better to have the meeting early Monday morning, there 
being such a feeling of absolute uncertainty in regard to what course the Queen would pursue, whether she 
would proclaim the constitution and disorder and riot precipitated. It was finally concluded, however, that the 
meeting should be held at 2 o'clock and that all business houses be requested to close.
Sunday evening several of us met again at Mr. Thurston's. Mr. Thurston did not return from his interview 
with Cecil Brown and others until about 8 o'clock in the evening. Meanwhile a message had been left at my 
house by Colburn that the ministers would like to meet a committee of five from the committee of thirteen. We 
were also informed that the ministers had had a meeting sometime during the day of Sunday, in which several 
of the citizens were present-Mr. F. A. Schaefer, Mr. S. M. Damon, and Mr. J. O. Carter, and one or two 
others. At this meeting in the evening the work was further arranged, the different parts of it assigned, and at a 
late hour we returned home.
The next morning, Monday, January 10, the meeting was held of the whole committee of thirteen at the office 
of L. A. Thurston over Bishop's Bank, corner of Merchant and Kaahumanu streets. Mr. Thurston was ill, 
suffering much at times. The meeting lasted nearly all the forenoon, subject to a number of interruptions, one 
interruption being that of the marshal, C. B. Wilson, who called Thurston out into Mr. W. F. Allen's office and 
protested against the holding of a mass meeting in the afternoon. This meeting at Mr. Thurston's office during the 
forenoon was held under great difficulties, there being many interruptions, and different ones having to withdraw 
at various times for various matters pertaining to the business in hand. The condition of Mr. Thurston's health 
caused us a good deal of anxiety. He had been suffering before that with a severe cold upon his lungs and from 
loss of sleep and mental strain he was weak and was attacked with dysentery.
At that meeting it was decided that he should be one of the speakers at the public meeting. He-had objected 
to it, not desiring to take so prominent a part, fearing that it might produce unnecessary antagonism; more than 
that, his physical condition was such that he hardly felt able. It was deemed very important that he should 
speak, and the order of business at the meeting was decided upon. Mr. W. C. Wilder reluctantly consented to 
act as chairman, and the matter of a request of the ministers that a committee of five be sent to wait upon them 
was considered, and a committee was appointed consisting of C. Bolte, J. A. McCandless, W. C. Wilder, F. W. 
McChesney, and H. Waterhouse, to meet the ministers. They retired, and during their absence other general 
matters were discussed. Information was being received in regard to public matters generally.
Mr. Castle. Was Wilson's action there simply a protest; it went out that he had warned them not to have it?
Mr. Smith. Thurston reported it as a protest against this meeting being held. Thurston asked him why, and he 
said that it would provoke disorder. At this meeting we were informed of the fact that another mass meeting 
had been called for the same hour, 2 o'clock in the afternoon, to be held at Palace Square, the junction of 
Richard and King streets, signed by the committee on law and order, and that many of those posters had been 
placed over our posters, and that there was evidently an attempt to prevent our meeting or create confusion and 
to mislead. Mr. Thurston had on his own authority before the meeting prepared a poster, and it was in the 
process of being printed exposing

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