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Blount Report: Affairs in Hawaii

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              966	HAWAIIAN   ISLANDS.
the fraud, and he had a copy of it then and submitted it to the meeting, but it was of a nature which we considered 
inflammatory, and on the whole we decided not to have it posted.
The committee of five returned and reported that they had met the four ministers, and the ministers stated to them 
that they had no communication to make, and wanted to know what the committee wanted. They talked over the 
situation and showed our committee a proclamation signed by the Queen and the ministers stating that she would 
never again attempt to force a new constitution. Before the meeting broke up the form of the request to the 
American minister in regard to the landing of the troops was adopted and signed by the committee of thirteen, 
requesting the American minister to land troops, and this request was signed by the committee of thirteen, and 
decided to be delivered to the minister to be held by him but not to be acted upon until a further request was 
received from the committee.
After the adjournment of the meeting fifteen or sixteen different copies of the request were typewritten and 
attached with five or six blank pages to each copy, and these were distributed among several members of the 
committee before proceeding to the meeting, and the request of Mr. Stevens was delivered to him before the meeting 
was held. By 1 o'clock business began to be closed. Before 2 o'clock a large number of people had assembled at the 
armory, and by 2 o'clock a very large number was there. After Mr. Thurston had finished speaking at the mass 
meeting, and while others were speaking, the members of the committee discussed very earnestly what to do in 
regard to this petition. If it was to be circulated for signatures, some notice to that effect would have to be given 
before the meeting dispersed; and we were in very great doubt, some being very earnestly of the opinion that they 
should be signed as universally as possible, the opinion being that they would be signed by nearly all of the twelve 
hundred present, but it did not seem opportune and we waited. The meeting was finally adjourned, as it seemed to 
some of us sooner than we expected, and nothing was done about the signing of the petition, and the committee felt 
somewhat at a loss what to do, but word was passed around among us at once to meet at my office again, and within 
twenty minutes after the adjournment of the meeting the committee met.
Mr. Smith. There was a short and earnest discussion of what was to be done; it was then nearly 4; our plans had 
not been perfected, papers had not been completed, and after a hasty discussion, the time being very short, it was 
decided that it was impossible for us to take the necessary steps, and we should request that the troops be not landed 
until next morning, the hour in the morning being immaterial, whether it was 9 or 8 or 0 o'clock in the morning, but 
we must have further time to prevent bloodshed, and Mr. Thurston and I were appointed to proceed at once to the 
American minister and inform him of our decision. We proceeded at once to Mr. Stevens' house, the United States 
legation, stated the case to him, and he said that as a precautionary measure, and to protect American life and 
property, he had ordered the troops to be landed at 5 o'clock, and that they would come. It was then decided to 
adjourn to meet at the house of Henry Waterhouse at 8 o'clock in the evening. The meeting broke up, and some of 
us went down to see the troops landed Thurston gave up-sick. He had to go to bed.
At 8 o'clock in the evening we met at Mr. Henry Waterhouse's. All of the members of the committee were present 
except Thurston, Castle.

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