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Blount Report: Affairs in Hawaii

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              HAWAIIAN   ISLANDS.	971
A. In the Government building.
Q. Can you state the number of troops you had there at the time the proclamation was read or within 20 minutes 
A. I can not say, exactly. I never kept any account. It was not very long before we had in the neighborhood of 
between 150 and 200 men. I can not say exactly how long after.
Q. What was the first detachment that came?
A. The first squad that came down was about 15 men. They came from the armory on Beretania street.
Q. How long after that before the second squad came?
A. In about 5 or 10 minutes.
Q. How many were there in that squad?
A. I should say about 15 or 20.
Q. Well, the next arrivals?
A. I didn't see them. They kept coming right along at short intervals.
Q. How many were there when they finished reading the proclamation?
A. 1 should imagine there would be about perhaps 60 or 75.
Q. And how long was it after the proclamation was read before you had 150 men?
A. I can not say, exactly.
Q. Did you have that many in an hour?
A. The proclamation was read about half past two. I do not know how long it took to read it. I was not paying 
much attention to the time consumed in the reading, but in an hour afterwards, I should say, we had about 150 men.
Q. In an hour after it was finished?
A. 1 should think so. I have not paid any special attention to that since that time.
Q. Were you at Henry Waterhouse's on Monday night before that?
A. Yes; I was there.
Q. Who else was there?
A. Henry Waterhouse, C. L. Carter, Mr. Cooper, Mr. Wundenberg, W. R. Castle. There were a number of others. 
I can not say positively now without looking over the list of names.
Q. What list of names?
A. I should have to look over the names of the present Government and supporters of the Government in order to 
pick out the entire number.
Q. About how many persons were there?
A. Probably twelve or fifteen.
Q. What was the object of the meeting?
A. To ascertain what advice or assistance to give to the committee of safety-the committee of thirteen.
Q. What advice to give to the committee of safety?
A. That is what I understood it to be. That is, to work in conjunction with them.
Q. Many of them were members of the committee?
A. Yes; and some of those were people called in by the committee to counsel with them.
Q. Were you offered that night command of the military forces- solicited to take it?
A. Yes.
Q. How was that done-by a vote of the meeting?
A. I went outside for some purpose or other-I think to get a drink

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