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Blount Report: Affairs in Hawaii

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              972	HAWAIIAN   ISLANDS.
out on the veranda. When I went back the proposition was made to me. What they did while I was out I do not 
know. I did not go out at the request of any one.
Q. What response did yon make?
A. I said I was not a trained military man, and was rather averse to accepting any position I was not especially 
trained for, under the circumstances, and that I would give them an answer on the following day; that is, in the 
Q. You did not give them any answer that night?
A. No, sir.
Q. Did you see Mr. Stevens that night?
A. No, sir.
Q.  Did anybody in the meeting go to see him, so far as you heard?
A. Not so far as I know of.
Q. Was anything said about his agreeing to recognize the Provisional Government in the event of their getting 
possession of the Government building and reading their proclamation-orny hea er building?
A. You mean at this meeting?
Q. Yes?
A. I can not say positively as to whether I understood it at that meeting, or the following morning. I understood 
he would recognize a de facto government.
Q. What did they say was a de facto government?
A. A Government that was in possession of the Government building, archives, treasury, etc.
Q. The treasury, archives, etc., were in the Government building?
A. Yes.
Q. The understanding was then that if the Provisional Government got possession of the Government building 
and read the proclamation that then he would recognize it as a- de facto government?
A. I believe that was the understanding.
Q, You do not remember whether it was that night or the next day?
A. It is possible that it was at that meeting that evening, but I do not know.
Q. Are you inclined to believe it was that evening?
A. I won't say positively as to that.
Q. It was either that evening or the next morning?
A. Yes.
Q. Until you heard that did you agree to accept the military command ?
A. No.
Q. It was after that that you agreed to accept that command?
A. I feel pretty sure it was. The particular point which decided me was the fact of Judge Dole agreeing to accept 
the position as the head of the Government.
I have read the foregoing and it is a correct report of my interview with Mr. Blount.
Mr. Soper was sent for several times with a view of having him read the foregoing, but up to this time we have 
been unable to get him here.-E. M.

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