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Blount Report: Affairs in Hawaii

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              HAWAIIAN   ISLANDS.	975
A. I commenced in 1878 to build the ditch.
Q. Would you have been willing to have invested your money in that way but for the reciprocity treaty?
A. No, sir; I would not.
Q. Has most of the irrigation been brought about under the influence of the reciprocity treaty?
A. Yes.
Q. And the profits, then, have largely come from reciprocity and cheap labor.
A. Yes.
Q. If both of these were abandoned, what would be the material prospects of the islands?
A. There would be no prospects at all. We could get along-the majority of the plantations-without any 
subsidy if we had labor, but without labor we could not get along at all.
Q. You would have to go out into the world and get cheap labor?
A. Yes, sir.
Q. You have been how long here-this last visit?
A. Since April 18.
Q. Have yon met with any sugar-planters since your arrival?
A. I have.
Q. Those of them who are declaring themselves in favor of annexation, how do they look at the labor question in 
connection with annexation?
A. They think that the United States will make a different law for the islands. If they could not get labor they 
don't want annexation.
Q. But they are satisfied they will get such legislation?
A. Yes, sir ; they think and hope the United States will do that.
Q. Tell me some gentlemen who has argued that with you?
A. Glade, of Hackfelt & Co. He is interested in sugar.
Q. Who else?
A. Mr. Shafer; he is opposed, if he can not get labor.
Q. Does he believe he can get labor?
A. He does not think so; not quite so as the others do.
Q. Who else?
A. We have about ten plantations in our control. They all do not want it.
Q. What part of the sugar in these islands do they produce?
A. Our plantations?
Q. Yes.
A. We have 45,000 to 50,000 thousand tons a year-fully one-third- Claus Spreckels, Irwin & Co. We have 
control of that much. We are agents for 20,000 tons more.
Q. Now, other owners of plantations?
A. Baldwin does not want it if he can not get labor. He has about 20,000 tons.
Q. Does Mr. Baldwin argue that the Government of the United States will relax the laws for these islands?
A. Yes; he believes so. They say where there's a will there's a way. We will get it. Now, Judge Widemann, he is 
against annexation anyhow.
Q. Is Campbell a sugar-planter?s
A. Yes; he has interests.
Q. Is it your impression that the calculation of all sugar-planters who are in favor of annexation believe that the 
United States will

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