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Blount Report: Affairs in Hawaii

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              HAWAIIAN   ISLANDS.	977
persons who are qualified under the constitution just abrogated to vote for representatives under the Australian 
ballot system, in what proportion would annexationists appear to anti-annexationists?
A. I think they would be only one-fourth against three-fourths, if left to a vote.
Q. Have you been studying the question since yon have been here?
A. I have studied it very much.
Q. What about whites in the islands-what proportion for and against annexation? I mean Europeans and 
A. That is hard to say; I do not think the people would be more than half for annexation in Honolulu, but in the 
other islands very few.
Q. What would be the proportion in Honolulu, do you think?
A. In Honolulu it might be three-fourths in favor of annexation, for the simple reason that they are afraid of 
each other. If he did not do it he would lose trade. He is at heart the other way.
Q. Would you say that there are as many as one-third of the whites-Europeans and Americans-that would be 
against annexation?
A. I should say so.
Q. Where people had surplus money have they been pretty generally - investing in sugar stocks in past years?
A. I do not think they have.
Q. Is there much sugar stock owned in Honolulu?
A. Yes; there is a great deal owned.
Q. Is President Dole interested in sugar stocks?
A. I hardly think so.   He may have a few shares.
Q. I notice at the mass meeting held here January 17 several persons made speeches, among them W. C. Wilder. 
Has he interest in sugar at all ?
A. I do not think so.   He may have a few shares.
Q. What is his occupation?
A. They run tins Wilder Steamship Company.   They sell lumber.
Q. They are interested, therefore, in handling sugar'/
A. Yes.
Q. Mr. H. F. Glade; is he interested in sugar?
A. Yes, sir.
Q. He is consul-general of Germany?
A. I believe so.
Q. I see Mr. Young making a speech-what is he?
A. He is a sugar planter.
Q. Is he president of the Planters' Labor and Supply Company?
A. No; I think Mr. Irwin is.
Q. Has Bolte any interests in sugar?
A. Yes.
Q. Mr. H. P. Baldwin made a speech.   Has he any interest in sugar?
A. Yes.
Q. Large interests?
A. Yes.
Q. Mr. J. Emmeluth
A. No; he is a tinsmith.
Q. A man of any means?
A. I do not think he has.
Q. A man of education?
A. I do not know.
Q, Mr. R. J. Greene.   Is he interested in sugar?
A. Not that I am aware of. I do not know him. He can not be of much consequence.
F R 94-APP II--62

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