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Blount Report: Affairs in Hawaii

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              HAWAIIAN   ISLANDS.	979
A. In some ways it is, but they have made a political machine out of it.
Q. But I mean to say that the stock is owned by planters, mostly?
A. No, sir.
Q. How is that stock generally held?
A. I really do not know.
Q. In what way is it used as a political machine?
A. Well, they use the agents for their ends. The agents give the managers directions for the natives-how 
they shall vote.
Q- That is the way it is generally done?
A. Yes. And the managers will do what the Labor Supply Company say. Since 188C I have never worried 
about politics. Stood entirely clear.
Q. Please tell me the members of the Wilcox: cabinet that was voted out before the prorogation?
A. Cecil Brown, G. N. Wilcox, M. P. Robinson, P. C. Jones.
Q. What is Robinson's business?
A. He Is with Allen & Robinson.   They deal in lumber.
Q. Is he interested in sugar?
A. Very little.
Q. Is he interested in bananas?
A. Yes.
Q. Interested in the labor question mainly in that connection?
A. Yes.
Q. Wilcox-is he interested in sugar?
A. Yes.
Q. Largely?
A. Not very largely.
Q. Jones-has he any sugar interests?
A. Some.
Q. Cecil Brown?
A. I do not think he has any.   He may have a share or two.
Q. There is no indication at present of any hostilities between the people and the Provisional Government, 
so far as you have been able to observe?
A. None whatever.
Q. What is keeping the people quiet?
A. They are waiting to see and hear the Commissioner's report that justice may be done to them by the 
President to put the Queen back, who would have stayed there if it had not been for Minister Stevens sending 
the troops ashore. I was not here, but am expressing the mind of the people as I understand it. Samuel Parker 
and others have told me.
Q. And that is what keeps them quiet?
A. Yes; they think justice will be done them when Cleveland hears the report, and the truth of how the 
Queen was dethroned.
Q. Suppose the Government of the United States were to decline to annex the islands, would the 
Provisional Government be able to maintain itself without outside aid?
A. If the money would hold out and the people were willing to pay what they pay for soldiers they could 
bold it.
Q. You think, with an army maintained here, that the natives would stay quiet for all time?
A. They can not help themselves. They have nothing. All ammunition taken away from them. Everything 
like weapons forbidden. I

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