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Blount Report: Affairs in Hawaii

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              HAWAIIAN   ISLANDS.	997
The whole matter, Mr. Blount, is an outrage that makes an honest man's blood boil.
G. Trousseau.
May 16, 1893.

No. 55.
(Interview with Henry Waterhouse, May 2, 1893, printed with Mr. Blount's No. 4, dated May 4, 1893.)
No. 56.
Interview with- C, B. Wells, of Wailuku, Maui, May 15, 1893.
Q. What is your business?
A. I am manager for two sugar plantations.
Q. Where were you born ?
A. In the State of New York.
Q. How long have you lived in the islands?
A. Over thirteen years.
Q. Were you here on January 14, 1893?
A. Yes.
Q. Were you here during the revolution ?
A. I was not in Honolulu.   I was in Maui.
Q. When did you first learn about it?
A. About four or five days after it was over.
Q. Then you could not give me any information about events there?
A. None whatever.
Q. What sort of laborers do you work on your plantations?
A. Hawaiians, Japanese, Chinese, and Portuguese.
Q. How many in all?
A. It varies according to the work we have. We run as high as 425 people.
Q. How many are contract laborers?
A. About half, I think.
Q. What is the character of the Japanese laborer?
A. The Japanese are of very low caste indeed. I think they are the lowest people in this country in every respect-
not only in morals, but in their relations to each other-in regard to the bond of sympathy.
Q. Are they a combative people among themselves?
A. Very.
Q. How are they gathered up in Japan-from what class?
A. Those who came to this country first were the riffraff of the cities, but later on they have been gathered from 
the interior and are a better class.
Q. Are they intelligent?
A. No.
Q. Do they bring their women to any extent?
A. No; not a large percentage. In lots of 50 there might perhaps be 13 women.
Q. What is the character of the women?
A. A majority of them loose in their morals.
Q. Do they work in the fields with the men?

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