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Blount Report: Affairs in Hawaii

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               HAWAIIAN   ISLANDS.	1025
covered up. It may be stated here that after having showered on the Queen the most constant, and unlimited, and 
unparalleled abuse both in their newspapers and in the Legislature to which they were elected members, that 
towards the close of the session Messrs Bush and Wilcox, with Mr. C. W. Ashford, proffered their services to help 
her in any way she deemed advisable, and professed extreme loyalty to and affection for her. 
In due time the biennial election took place in February, 1892, and when the Legislature met in May it was 
found that the house was divided amongst three parties, the planting missionary element with Messrs. Thurston, 
Baldwin, and Smith at their head; the liberals, and the national reform party. The ministry were supported by the 
latter, and Thurston's party, in order to oust them and get into power, formed an unholy alliance with their 
political enemies, the liberals, by promising them a share of the power so gained and pledging themselves not to 
abandon the agreement until the Queen had given into their desires and appointed a cabinet of their nomination.
In order to give a fictitious color of constitutionality and liberty to their nefarious office and power-seeking 
schemes, Mr. Thurston enunciated the astonishing principles, not to be found in the Hawaiian constitution, that the 
Queen must appoint her cabinet on the dictation of whomsoever a majority of the legislature should nominate in 
caucus as the leader to select a ministry. In pursuance of this object ministry after ministry was rejected by a vote of 
these combined parties in the house, not with any regard to the merits of the gentlemen comprising them, but solely 
with a view towards compelling Her Majesty to assent to their return to full and uncontrolled power, although they 
represented but a minority of both the noble and the representative voters of the Kingdom. To secure their ends and 
keep their majority together the Thurston-Baldwin faction entered on a career of the most shameless corruption and 
bribery ever known in a Hawaiian Legislature, and by so doing defeated cabinet after cabinet. Finally, however, on a 
cabinet being selected by Her Majesty, every member of which either belonged to or strongly favored the interests 
of their clique, the alleged principle vanished into thin air, and they basely deserted their quondam liberal allies 
without compunction, having, as they thought, secured their return to power untrammeled till the following election 
in 1894.
Amongst the cabinets thus unceremoniously overthrown in their greed for office was that known as the 
Macfarlane-Neumann cabinet, consisting of Messrs. E. O. Macfarlane, Samuel Parker, Charles T. Gulick and Paul 
Neumann.    This cabinet for talent, executive ability, honesty, patriotism, and integrity is probably unequaled in the 
history of the Kingdom.    Every man in it was American, being either an American citizen or the descendant of one.    
It had the support and confidence of the financial and business circles.   Yet by unblushing bribery and corruption, to 
the disgust of everyone, they were forced out of office on a second vote of " want of confidence, " after the first one 
had failed.   At this time, if the Queen had promulgated a new constitution and dissolved the Legislature she would 
have had an overwhelming support both from foreigners and Hawaiians.
It is to this period that we must also go for evidence that Messrs. Stevens and Wiltse had been for along time 
engaged in conspiring to overturn the Monarchy here; for on the failure of the first vote of want of confidence in 
the Macfarlane-Neumann ministry, and before bribery had got in its work to secure a majority in favor of a 

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