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Blount Report: Affairs in Hawaii

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                            1034	                         HAWAIIAN  ISLANDS.                                        
cabinet.   The Queen's proclamation was read and heartily indorsed by all present, and the following resolution was 
unanimously passed:
Resolved, That the assurance of Her Majesty, the Queen, contained in this day's proclamation is accepted by the 
people as a satisfactory guaranty that the Government does not and will not seek any modification of the 
constitution by any other means than those provided in the organic law;
Resolved, That accepting this assurance the citizens here assembled will give their cordial support to the 
administration and indorse them in sustaining that policy.
A committee was appointed to present it to Her Majesty, which they immediately proceeded to do.
The meetings seemed to have been safety valves for letting loose whatever excess of feeling there may have been 
in the popular mind, for by 4 p. m. it seemed as if the dissatisfaction was all over, as there was scarcely anyone to be 
seen on the streets. It was like a calm after the storm. About 4: 30 p. m. I got information that the Boston's men were 
ordered to land. A watch was set to give the signal as soon as signs of activity should be shown on board the Boston, 
and in the meantime I sent for the cabinet. It was difficult to find them, not having seen or heard from them all day, 
and they could not be located as soon as they might have been.
About 4:40 p. m. the signal was given that the boats were being got ready on board the Boston, and that the 
artillery and Gatling guns were being put into the boats, also the men were armed with small arms. At a little before 
5 o'clock they were landed at the regular landing near Brewer & Co.'s and Charlton's wharf. I therefore sent a 
messenger down to find out who permitted them to land, or requested them to do so. The messenger returned and 
stated that they did not know themselves, but that they were to receive their instructions from shore, and that Mr. C. 
L. Carter had just got there and was giving instructions to the officers, as he judged by their actions.
About this time the cabinet arrived at the station house, and I reported what had taken place to them. Mr. 
Cornwell suggested that Messrs. Parker and Colburn go and see Mr. Stevens and protest against such actions. They 
started on that errand at once, Mr. Cornwell remaining at the station house. A little after 5 p. m. the American forces 
marched from the boat landing along Queen street and turned up Fort street and halted at the corner of Merchant and 
Fort streets, two doors off of which is the United States consulate.
There were three companies of blue jackets with Springfield rifles or small arms, one company of blue jackets 
with the Gatling guns and artillery, and a company of marines in full arms, having a total strength of 150 to 155 men 
in all ranks, fully equipped for actual service, with full belts of ammunition, and the caissons attached to the artillery 
were also full. At this point the company of marines were left to occupy the consulate, A company of blue jackets 
were ordered to the United States legation, and the remaining companies were marched up Merchant street into 
Palace Square, thence along King street between the palace and the Government buildings, and were halted in front 
of Mr. Hopper's residence, on the south corner of the palace inclosure, in full view of Her Majesty the Queen, about 
200 yards away from the palace and the Government buildings. They remained there till after dusk, when they were 
marched out along King street to Mr. Atherton's residence, a distance of about 600 yards, and then stopped until 
they had some light refreshments of bananas and lemonade. Afterwards they were marched back to town and took 
up quarters for the night at the Arion Hall, a building separated from the Government

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