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Blount Report: Affairs in Hawaii

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               HAWAIIAN   ISLANDS.				1169

The Department therefore desires that you will consider the above instruction as addressed to yourself and that you 
will relieve the minds of all bona fide American citizens who while honestly desiring to retain their American 
nationality are, in order to obtain the privileges necessary for a residence in the Islands, obliged under local law to 
take an oath to support the constitution of the Hawaiian Kingdom. 
I am, etc.,
T. E. Bayard.

Mr. Bayard to Mr. Merrill.

No. 77.]								Department of State,
Washington, March 29, 1888.
Sir: I have to acknowledge receipt of your No. 106 of January 14 last, in which you inform the Department of the 
appointment of Mr. Austin as minister of foreign affairs of Hawaii; of Mr. Dole, as fourth associate justice of the 
supreme court, in place of Judge Fornander, deceased, and of the subsidence of political commotion and popular 
excitement at Honolulu.
It is gratifying to note the satisfactory turn affairs have taken in Hawaii in the direction of order and stable 
government. And it is especially pleasing to remark that this desirable and happy change having been brought about 
without foreign interference gives encouragement to the hope that the inhabitants of the islands may enter upon a 
period of freedom from the disturbing domestic questions that rendered the situation last summer so uncertain and 
I am, etc.
T. F. Bayard.

Mr. Blaine to Mr. Merrill.

No 127.]								Department of State,
Washington, May 27, 1889.
Sir: I have received your No. 241 of the 8th instant, representing the circumstances under which you regard it 
advisable for a United States ship of war to remain for the present in Hawaiian waters.
A copy of your dispatch has been submitted for the consideration of the Secretary of the Navy. 
I am, etc.,
James G. Blaine.

Mr. Blaine to Mr. Merrill.

No. 128.]      						Department of State,
Washington, May 31,1889).
Sir: Adverting to my No. 127 of the 27th instant, I have now to apprise you of the receipt of a letter from the 
Secretary of the Navy, of that date, saying that the Adams, now fitting for service at the Mare Island navy-yard, was 
ordered some days since to proceed to Honolulu as soon as ready for sea. 
I am, etc.,
F R 94-APP II--74						James G. Blaine. 

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