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Blount Report: Affairs in Hawaii

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               1172				HAWAIIAN   ISLANDS.

command in Hawaiian waters as yon may deem expedient for the purpose of carrying out the object in view.
A copy of a letter from the honorable the Secretary of State, concurring in your opinion as to the desirability of such 
action, is inclosed herewith for your information.
Very respectfully,
B. F. Tracy.

Mr. Blaine to Mr. Stevens.

No. 12.]						                       Department of State,
Washington, December 3,1889.
Sir: I have received your No. 11 of the 14th ultimo, confirmatory of the statements of previous dispatches touching 
the importance of retaining one or more of our naval vessels in Hawaiian waters until after the elections of February 
You were informed by instruction No. 11 of the 16th ultimo of the action of the {Secretary of the Navy in this 
You can exhibit to the naval officers concerned copies of the dispatches referred to, and will, in general, keep such 
officers advised of any political events of importance. 
I am, etc.,
James G. Blaine.

Mr. Blaine to Mr. Stevens.

No. 24.]								Department of State,
Washington, April 24, 1890.
Sir: I have to acknowledge the receipt of your No. 20 of the 20th ultimo, touching the commercial relations of 
Hawaii with the United States. A copy of your dispatch has been confidentially communicated to the Secretary of 
the Navy. 
I am, etc.,
James G. Blaine.

Mr. Blaine to Mr. Stevens.

No. 27.]	                     						Department of State,
Washington, June 14, 1890.
Sir: 1 have received your number 25 of the 28th ultimo, apprising me of the unexpected change in the attitude of 
"two or three " of the new members of the Hawaiian legislature, by which the opposition to the Reform party gains 
strength enough to control that body; also of the fact that one member of the present ministry, of Canadian birth, is 
in declared agreement with the opposition party,
Noting your reference to the circumstance that the present "aspect of the sugar question" in our Congress 
"strengthens the opponents of the existing ministry and continues to depress and alarm the Americans in Hawaii."
I am, etc.,
James G. Blaine. 

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