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Blount Report: Affairs in Hawaii

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              1176				HAWAIIAN   ISLANDS.

can and British vessels of war to prevent it, and think this display of force will prevent further trouble.
As regards this movement I asked the Hon. John L. Stevens if this was not interfering with the autonomy of the 
Government at this place, to which he replied no, not if the Government authorities request it; so as my instructions 
direct mo to support him with the available force at my command, and as the Department of State indicates to the 
minister the policy to be observed, and I am directed to act in unison with him, I shall in accordance with such 
instructions fully cooperate and sustain him in any action he may take, deferring to his better judgment on any 
question that may arise regarding international law. 
Very respectfully, your obedient servant,
Felix McCurley,
Commander U. S. N., Commanding and Senior Officer Present.
The Secretary of the Navy,
Navy Department, Washington, D. C.

Mr. Blaine to Mr. Stevens.
No. 9.]								Department of State,
Washington, November 12, 1890.
Sir: I have received your No. 7 of the 22A October last, favoring the establishment of a coal depot at Honolulu, for 
the use of our naval force.
A copy has been sent to the Secretary of the Navy. 
I am, sir, etc.,
James G. Blaine.

Mr. Blaine to Mr. Stevens.

No. 10.]								Department of State,
Washington, December 3, 1890.
Sir: I have read with interest your No. 8 of the 14th ultimo relative to the political situation in Hawaii, and have 
made known to the Secretary of the Navy what you remark touching the arrival at Honolulu of the U. S. S. 
I am, etc., 
James G. Blaine. 

Mr. Blaine to Mr. Stevens.

No. 15.]								Department of State,
Washington, February 28, 1891.
Sir: I have received your No. 16 of the 5th instant relating to the death of King Kalakaua and the accession of Queen 
Liliuokalani; and your No. 18 of the 9th instant, transmitting a resolution of Hawaiian citizens expressive of the 
gratitude to the Government of the United States, the governor of California, and the mayor of San Francisco, and 
through them to the people they represent, for courtesies extended to the late King during his recent visit to 
California, and of their thanks to Rear-Admiral Brown and the officers and men under his command on the United 
States flagship Charleston for the attentive entertainment of his late Majesty on his way to this country, and the 

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