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Blount Report: Affairs in Hawaii

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               HAWAIIAN  ISLANDS.					1181

So tar, therefore, as your action amounts to according, at the request of the de facto sovereign Government of the 
Hawaiian Islands, the cooperation of the moral and material forces of the United States for the protection of life and 
property from apprehended disorders, your action is commended. But so far as it may appear to overstep that limit 
by setting the authority and power of the United States above that of the Government of the Hawaiian Islands, in the 
capacity of protector, or to impair in any way the independent sovereignty of the Hawaiian Government by 
substituting the flag and power of the United States as the symbol and manifestation of paramount authority, it is 
Instructions will be sent to the commanding officers of the United States naval forces in the Hawaiian Islands 
confirming and renewing the instructions heretofore given them under which they are authorized and directed to 
cooperate with you for the preservation of American life and property, and the maintenance of good order in case of 
need. Your own instructions in the same sense are continued.
You are accordingly authorized, upon the receipt of these instructions, to arrange with the commanding naval officer 
for the continued presence on shore of such marine force as may be practicable and requisite for the security of the 
lives and property interests of citizens of the United States, and the repression of lawlessness and public disturbance 
threatening them, whenever in your judgment it shall be necessary so to do, or when such cooperative measures may 
be sought for good cause by the Government of the Hawaiian Islands; being, however, always careful to make due 
discrimination between these functions of voluntary or accorded protection and the assumption of a protectorate 
over the Hawaiian Islands by the United States. No step should be taken by you, or will be sanctioned by this 
Government, which might tend to derogate in anyway from the independence of the Government of the Hawaiian 
Islands, which the United States have recognized as sovereign and with which they treat on terms of sovereign 
A telegraphic instruction briefly outlining the substance of this dispatch, will be sent to you, by way of San 
Francisco, by the mail steamer sailing from that port on the l5th instant. 
I am, sir, etc.,
John W. Foster.

Mr. Foster to Mr. Stevens.


Department of State,
Washington, February 14,1893.
Your telegram of the 1st instant has been received, with coincident report from commander of the Boston. Press 
telegrams from San Francisco give full details of events of 1st instant, with text of your proclamation. The latter, in 
announcing assumption of protection of the Hawaiian Islands in the name of the United States, would seem to be 
tantamount to the assumption of a protectorate over those Islands on behalf of the United States, with all the rights 
and obligations which the term implies. It is not thought, however, that the request of the Provisional Government 
for protection, or your action in com

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