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Blount Report: Affairs in Hawaii

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               1188				  HAWAIIAN   ISLANDS.

Mr. Gresham to Mr. Stevens.


Department of State,
Washington, April 25, 1893.
In view of your tender of resignation dated March 7 and of your dispatch 94 of April 4, I am directed by the 
President to inform you that your resignation is accepted. You are therefore authorized to quit your post at your 
early convenience, leaving the archives and property of the legation in custody of Consul General Severance without 
diplomatic functions.

Mr. Gresham to Mr. Blount.
No. 1.]								Department of State,
Washington, May 22, 1893.
Sir: The President having appointed you to be envoy extraordinary and minister plenipotentiary of the United States 
to the Hawaiian Islands, I herewith transmit the following papers:
1. Your commission in that capacity.
2. A letter of credence addressed to His Excellency Sanford B. Dole, President of the Provisional Government of the 
Hawaiian Islands, with an office copy of the same. This latter you will deliver to the minister for foreign affairs 
upon asking, through him, an audience with his excellency for the purpose of presenting the original.
3. A copy of the printed personal instructions prescribed by this Department for the government of the diplomatic 
officers abroad.
4. A special passport for yourself and suite.
5. A register of the Department of State.
Your compensation, as fixed by law, will be at the rate of $7,500 a year, for which you will draw upon this 
Department, quarterly, as it becomes due. You will also be allowed $1,000 per annum on account of rent and 
contingent expenses of the legation, and will draw for the same quarterly, as above.
You are particularly referred to the printed personal instructions for detailed information and directions as to the 
mode of drawing your salary and rendering your accounts, as well as for the regulations relating to the expenditures 
of your legation.
To become properly conversant with the business of the legation, you will have recourse to the correspondence 
between this Department and your predecessors in the mission recorded in its archives. Special instructions on 
important subjects between the two Governments will be sent to you from time to time as occasion may require.
The Department entertains the confidence that your intelligent and zealous attention to the interests of the United 
States, now confided to your care, will be conducive to the harmony and friendly relations existing between the 
Governments of the two countries.
You will execute the necessary oath of office, herewith inclosed, and return it to the Department.
Your salary as envoy extraordinary and minister plenipotentiary begins from that date.
I am, etc.;	
W. Q. Gresham.

Inclosures: (1) Commission; (2) letter of credence and office copy; (3) printed personal instructions; (4) a special 
passport for yourself and suite; (5) Department of State Register; (6) oath of office.

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