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Blount Report: Affairs in Hawaii

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               HAWAIIAN   ISLANDS.				1189

Mr. Gresham to Mr. Blount.

No. 2.]							Department of State,
Washington, May 22,1893.
Sir: I inclose herewith the letter of the President recalling Mr. John L. Stevens, your predecessor in the mission to 
the Hawaiian Islands, with an office copy of the same.
Mr. Stevens, having taken his departure from Honolulu, you will, at the same time you ask an audience for the 
purpose of presenting your letters of credence, request the privilege of delivering Mr. Steven's letters of recall in 
view of his departure before they could reach him. 
I am, etc.,
W. Q. Gresham.

Mr. Gresham to Mr. Blount.

No. 5.]							Department of State,
Washington, June 23, 1893.
Sir: I transmit for your information a copy of a note of the minister of Hawaii, touching the recall by the Provisional 
Government of the commission appointed last January, for the purpose of negotiating terms for the union of the 
Hawaiian Islands with the United States, and announcing his readiness to resume the subject at any convenient time.
I am, etc.
W. Q. Gresham.

Mr. Adee to Mr. Willis.
No. 2.]							
Department of State,
Washington, September 28, 1893.
Sir: I inclose herewith, a letter from the President recalling Mr. James H. Blount as envoy extraordinary and minister 
plenipotentiary of the United States to the Hawaiian Islands, with an office copy thereof. This letter you will present 
to the President of the Provisional Government, with your letter of credence, having previously sent the copy to the 
foreign office, and explain that Mr. Blount is unable to present it in person by reason of his having resigned the 
office while in the United States. 
I am, etc.,
Alvey A. Adee.
Acting Secretary.

Mr. Gresham to Mr. Willis.


No. 4.]							Department of State,
Washington,  October 18, 1893.
Sir: Supplementing the general instructions* which yon have received with regard to your official duties, it is 
necessary to communicate to you, in confidence, special instructions for your guidance in so far as

*Similar to the instructions sent to Mr. Blount under date of May 22, 1893.

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