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Blount Report: Affairs in Hawaii

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               1196				HAWAIIAN   ISLANDS.

men were marched up Punchbowl to Beretania. to Fort, to King, to Nuuanu, and thence back to the barracks, where 
they were dismissed. When they arrived in front of the building of the American League the new flag was saluted, 
while the band played the Star Spangled Banner. The men were followed over the whole line of march by quite a 
The following are the companies and the commanders who took part in this parade: Company B, Capt. John Good; 
Company C, Capt. Jos. Camara; Company F, Capt. Julius Acsh; Company D, Capt. Hugh Gunn; Company A, Capt. 
Ziegler; and Company E, Capt. Wilder.


The reception held at the executive building was a great success, and was in many ways a marked contrast with 
those which were held in the palace under the monarchy. There was no stiffness, but an atmosphere of free and 
democratic good fellowship prevailed. The people came in freely, in their every morning dress, and were received 
by President Dole and Mrs. Dole, with the Vice-President, the members of the cabinet, and the members of the 
supreme court and their ladies, and also Judges Cooper and Whiting of the circuit court. Immediately behind the 
President wore the officers of his staff, Col. J. H. Super, Limit. Col. Fisher, and Maj. McLeod. Maj. Potter 
introduced the guests. Mrs. Dole was also assisted by the following ladies: Mrs. C. L. Carter, Mrs. Iaukea, Miss 
Hopper, Miss Lowrey, Miss Parke, Miss Perry, Miss Von Holt, Miss Mossman, Miss Gilman, Miss Judd, Miss 
Wing, Miss Forbes, Miss Jones, Miss Hartwell, Miss Mott-Smith, Miss Helen Wilder, Miss Lita Wilder, the Misses 
Young. Miss Glade, Miss Atkinson, Miss Paty, Miss McGrew, Miss Hassinger, Miss Sorrenson, Miss Hatch, Miss 
Tanner, Miss Afong, and Miss Howland.
The reception took place in the large council chamber. It was undecorated except with bunches of chrysanthemums, 
with which flower also many official button holes were adorned. The stream of people came in double file and 
flowed unceasingly from 11 o'clock until 10 minutes of 12, after which it began to intermit. The halls and verandas 
of the executive building, as well as the council chamber, were thronged. Among those who called to pay their 
respects to the President and his wife were a considerable number of Hawaiians. One old native from Manoa Valley 
presented Mr. Dole with a large bouquet. The incident was a very pretty and affecting one, and excited much 
A few naval officers were present in civilian dress. Royalists were conspicuous by their absence.
About one hundred of those present inscribed their names in the visitors list, but owing to the large attendance 
hundreds went away without doing so.
Following are the names of those who registered:
J. W. Pratt. Thomas E. Wall, Joseph A. Altsheler, John S. McGrew, James L. Torbert, Wray Taylor, Joseph 
Marsden, William Horace Wright, R, P. Waipa, E. M. Langley, D. O. Kaimae, J. Kanae, Joseph U. Kawainui, H. 
Stangelwald, M. D., and wife, E. R. Neuman and wife, T. M. Starkey, W. James Smith, D. B. Smith, G. West, Miss 
L. West, A. A. Montana. Lieut. J. Bergot, Lieut. Julius Asch, W. C. Wilder, jr., H. M. Leonards, W. C. Parke, L. W. 
Hough, George L. Desha, F. M. Lyon, L. M. Johnson, W. L. Stanley, Henry Danfad, C. Bolte and wife, Mr. T. W. 
Horbron and wife, Miss K. Grey, Laura Duncan, Mr. and Mrs. P. J . Lowery, Jonathan Shaw, George C. .Rose, 
Charles F. Peterson, De B. P. Penhallow, Mrs. Penhallow, Charles M. Cooke, Anna C. Cooke, C. H. Kluegel, H. H. 
Williams and wife, W. R. Castle and wife, H. T. Taylor, W. C. Waldman, U. S. N., J. J. Egan, Mrs. J. Egan, E. L. 
Marshal, Mr. and Mrs. G. P. Castle, Mrs. M. E. Tenny, Dr. F. J. Cordiao, U. S. N., . Ambroise Perry, W. D. 
Alexander, jr., Miss Nanon Gullixon, Portland, Oreg., Miss Myrtle Compson, Portland, Oreg., Mr. and Mrs. Thomas 
F. Lansing, Charles J. Fishee, Frank Godfrey, editor Paradise of the Pacific, C. S. Bradford, Seattle, Wash., S. Sacks, 
sr., Denver House, R. T. Coulter, Los Angeles, Cal., W. H. McInerney, Mr. and Mrs. E. Loisson, H. M. Whitney, 
Mrs. Clara Banning, E. E. Mossman, Miss M. H. Mossman, Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Andrade, Miss Fanny Vieria, Mr. and 
Mrs. C. H. Luther, Mr. and Mrs. H. F. Whichman. Mrs. Sorrenson, Miss H. Sorrenson, M. A. Gonsalves, Mrs. W. 
D. Alexander, Curtis B. Lyons, W. A. Kinney, Henry Smith, Mapuana Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Davis, Mr. and 
Mrs. J. A. Kennedy, Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Hopper, Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Hopper, Miss Hopper, Miss E. E. Hopper, Mr. 
and Mrs. E. W. Peterson, Miss Burroughs of Brooklyn, N. Y., Miss B. Lowers, Miss H. Lowers, Miss B. Carter, 
Mrs. S. Gilman, F. Atherton, J. M. Oat and wife, Mr. E. Hammer, Mrs. E. Corea, Mrs. S. W. Wilson, Mrs. M. J. 
Forbes, Miss H. Forbes, M. P. Robinson, William J. J. Keasler, Mrs. A. McWayne, Miss Frances Jonnson, Miss 
Bertha Hindt, Mr. F. Bindt, John L. Bush. Mrs. John L. Bush, F. A. Davies, Mr. and Mrs. M. D. Monsarrat, Miss 
Fanning, Lieut. L. T. Kanake, Miss S.

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