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Blount Report: Affairs in Hawaii

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               HAWAIIAN   ISLANDS.				1209

Mr. Willis to Mr. Gresham.

Honolulu, Hawaiian Islands, January 19, 1894.
Sir: In recent dispatches I have sent letters between Hon. S. B. Dole, minister of foreign affairs, and myself in regard 
to my "attitude showing the intention to use force."
I have the honor to transmit herewith the letters of Mr. Dole of January 11 and 18, 1894, and my reply of this and 
prior date, which will, on my part, end correspondence on the subject. 
Very respectfully,
Albert S. Willis.


1. Letter of Mr. Dole to Mr. Willis.
2. Letter of Mr. Willis to Mr. Dole.
3. Letter of Mr. Willis Mr. Dole, January 15, 1894.
4. Letter of Mr. Dole to Mr. Willis, January 18, 1894.

[Inclosure 1, in No. 31.]

Department of Foreign Affairs, 
Honolulu, January 11, 1894.
Sir: I have the honor to acknowledge, the receipt of your communication dated January 1 instant, in which you refer 
to my communication to you dated December 27 as " containing statements which I am fully prepared to show are 
not warranted by the facts, seriously affecting the President of the United States and the representatives of the 
United States in this country, and that these charges and statements, if accepted as the official views of your 
Government, demand prompt answer and equally prompt action on the part of the Government of the United States 
to the end that the condition of affairs therein described should be removed by the removal of the alleged causes."
You also refer to the intervening correspondence between us, stating that my above-mentioned communication, 
"being for the first time the official information that the warlike preparations described by you were caused by and 
intended for the diplomatic and military representatives of the United States."
You further state that, believing that upon further consideration I would realize the great injustice of my statements, 
you, on the 29th ultimo, wrote, suggesting the withdrawal of my communication of the 27th ultimo and your reply, 
and that no copies be given to the public or made a record by either Government; and on the 31st stated to Mr. 
Damon that your note to me " was prompted by no improper or unfriendly spirit, but was intended to continue the 
amicable relations heretofore existing."
You further state that, in my letter of December 29, there is no ''withdrawal or modification of the statements 
complained of, but, on the contrary, an expression of readiness, implying ability, to furnish the specifications 
You also acknowledge the receipt of my note to you, dated January 1, stating that it was not my intention to 
withdraw any of my letters, which note you state is unsigned by me. The omission of the signature was 
You conclude by stating that "I have now to ask that you furnish me, at your earliest convenience, with the desired 
specifications, as I wish to make immediate answer."
I will comply with your request. Before doing so, however, I desire to say, in reply to your communication of the 1st 
instant, that I have made no "charges" against the President of the United States or its representatives. On the 
contrary, in order that there might be no misapprehension concerning the matter, I specifically stated, in my 
communication to you of the 27th ultimo, that I do not claim or intimate that this unfortunate situation has been 
intentionally created by you or by the Government which you represent. I still disclaim any intention of charging 
you or your Government with intent to produce the results and conditions described in my communication of 
December 27.
The object of my communication to you was to formally bring to your attention certain facts and conditions existing 
in this country; what, in my opinion, were

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