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Blount Report: Affairs in Hawaii

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               HAWAIIAN  ISLANDS.	                                                   1235

The meeting lasted less than an hour. Quite a crowd remained in the drill shed for some time. There wore knots of 
men on the streets till quite late. D. B. Smith, as the successful candidate, is still receiving congratulations to-day.

[From the Star, February 14,1894-Editorial comments on meeting.] 


Under the headline, "The American League takes possession of the Annexation Club," the Advertiser implies that 
the action of the mass meeting last night was that of a foreign body invading the unprotected camp of the legitimate 
party garrison. A poor excuse for the defeat of the conservative group is probably better than none, hence we can not 
blame the morning paper for saying what it has; but when the public comes to understand that all but about 5 per 
cent of the members of the American League present are members of the Annexation Club; that the gentleman who 
presided at the meeting is president of the club; that the gentleman who presented the resolution indorsing Mr. Smith 
and the one who spoke for the enlargement of the advisory council are both members of the governing body of the 
Annexation Club; and that there were nearly as many radicals at the turnout who do not belong to the American 
League as there were of those who do, it will be seen how far short the Advertiser has come of summing up the 
actual meaning and describing the real personnel of the great rally.
What was seen last night was not the machination of a secret league, but the outpouring of the radical majority in the 
Annexation party-of the men who believe that the time has come to change the old order. The reason why the 
sentiment was so strong in one direction is because the sentiment of four-fifths of the Annexation party is that 
way-the party which has, in turn, made the revolution in spite of conservative objections, which cut the ex-Queen 
from the Provisional salary list, which has enforced royalist removals, and which challenged Cleveland last 
December to match the prowess of his troops with those of the. Provisional Government.    It was this element which 
proclaimed its numbers and principles last night, and if it controlled the situation it was not by machine trickery, but 
by the power of a clear majority of the loyal supporters of the present regime.
It does not become the Advertiser to accuse the American League of machine methods, particularly since its bland 
acquiescence in the results of the packed conservative meeting in the Fishel block a few days ago. Then the action of 
a hundred gentlemen in the name of the Annexation party, and by means of a prearranged programme, was cordially 
indorsed. It is only when a successful appeal is made from that small junta to the wider discretion of the party as a 
whole that the Advertiser raises the whites of its eyes and the palms of its hands over a wicked "prearrangement"-a 
deadly assault upon the liberty of club action. "We therefore say: Publish the names of the secret league.-
(Holomua). "If it is true that the American League is not a secret organization then all objections to it on this score 
fall to the ground. But if it is not secret let it publish the list of its members and admit reporters to its 
deliberations."-(Advertiser.) Why publish the list any more than that of the Annexation Club, which, if we 
remember aright, was kept away from Mr. Blount and Mr. Nordhoff, who wanted copies of it ? When it becomes the 
usage to hand over the muster roll of any organization, either military or civil, to the enemy then the league will 
probably accede to the wishes of the Holomua and the Advertiser in that respect. Until then our eager 
contemporaries should gird their souls with patience.
Mr. Smith will go before the councils as the nominee of both the American League and the Annexation Club. He has 
behind him the annexation majority on this island. The credentials he will carry are as good as those of any official 
in the executive building, high or low. He can not be rejected without a serious affront to the representative principle 
and to party unity.


"The Star does not believe that anybody outside of the Annexationists should ever be allowed to vote or to have a 
voice in the affairs of the country. We presume that the Star would find it perfectly legitimate if the Democratic 
party should refuse to grant the Republicans a vote because the Republicans are not in favor of the Democratic 
Well, when the Republicans had the Southern and anti-Union wing of the Democracy to deal with after 1865, they 
forbade it a vote until after it had taken the ironclad oath and become thoroughly reconstructed. Men who refused to 
accept the new order of things, as did Jeff Davis, Robert Toombs, and a few hundred others, were thenceforth men 
without a, country and were denied all electoral participation

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