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Hawaii Organic Act: Congressional debates on Hawaii Organic Act

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For the sake of completeness in one volume every reference to action on these two Bills as well as action
on other Bills concerning the Territory have been included in this compilation, although many of the
matters here reproduced are simply routine forms of actions. In order to reduce expense of photostating, a
number of these routine items, not in the nature of debate, and matters not directly related to the Organic 
Act, have been presented in typed form rather than in exact reproduction. All debate on, and all references 
to, the Bills providing for the Organic Act have, however, been photostated as exact reproductions. 
As an aid in using this compilation, marginal notes giving the date and citation have been added. Also, a 
more complete subject index has been prepared, although the Index as it appears in the Congress ional 
Record has also been reproduced as a part of this compilation.
In order to avoid two separate systems of pagination, photostated pages in this compilation have not been 
numbered. The original Congressional Record page numbers appear in the marginal note to each excerpt 
and at the top of the pages of any continuation of it. This, of course, leaves omissions in the page numbers, 
but the pages are consecutive and the excerpts chronologically arranged as they appear in the Congressional 
Record for all matters dealing with Hawaii and the Organic Act.
This compilation was prepared by the staff of the Legislative Reference Bureau, largely through the work 
of Mrs. Kathleen M. Schutte, and was made possible through funds provided by the Attorney-General's 
Department. To Mr. C. Nils Tavares, Attorney-General of the Territory, goes the credit for the suggestions 
leading to this compilation. Credit also goes to Dr. Ralph S. Kuykendall, Associate Professor of History, 
University of Hawaii, for valuable suggestions and lists of additional documents relating to the subject; and 
to Miss Charlotta M. Hoskins and Miss Janet E. Bell of the University of Hawaii Library staff, for the list 
of Selected References in U. S. Government Documents to Annexation and the Organic Act, prepared by 
them and included in this volume.
Gilbert G. Lentz, Director Legislative Reference Bureau
Honolulu, T. H. May, 1946

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