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Hawaii Organic Act: Congressional debates on Hawaii Organic Act

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January 18, 1900             By Mr. Graham: A bill (H. R. 6870) to
House                extend laws enacted by Congress for the
v. 33 (1)             Territories to our new islands - to the
p. 971                Committee on Insular Affairs.

January 20, 1900              Executive Communications, etc. A letter 
House                     from the Secretary of the Navy, recommending 
v. 33 (2)                the transfer of the appropriation for the 
p. 1021                   improvement of Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, to the
                    Jurisdiction of the Navy Department - to the 
                    Committee on Military Affairs, and ordered to be printed.

January 22, 1900               The President pro tempore laid before the 
Senate                     Senate a communication from the Secretary of 
v. 33 (2)                 the Navy, transmitting information relative 
p. 1023                    to the appropriation of $100,000 for im- 
                           proving Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, in accordance 
                            with the report submitted by Rear-Admiral 
                            Walker, United States Navy, June 11, 1894, 
                            and suggesting the desirability of transfer- 
                            ring that appropriation to the jurisdiction 
                            of the Navy Department; which was referred 
                            to the Committee on Commerce, and ordered 
                            to be printed.

January 23, 1900           By Mr. Knox: A bill (H. R. 7091) relating 
House                       to Hawaiian silver coinage and silver certi- 
v. 33 (2)                  ficates - to the Committee on the Territories. 
p. 1106

January  24, 1900           Mr. PLAIT of Connecticut.   I give notice of an amendment
Senate                  which I propose to offer to the bill (S. 222) to provide a govern-
v. 33 (2)                            for the Territory of Hawaii.   I ask that it maybe read,
p. 1112               printed , and. as the bill has been reported, lie on the table.

The amendment was read, and ordered to lie on the table, and To be printed, as follows:
Strike out section 95 and insert in liu thereof as follows:
" That until further legislation by Congress the existing customs relations of 
the Hawaiian Islands with the United States shall remain unchanged."

Also strike out the following:
"Sec. 87. That a delegate to the House of Representatives of the United 
States, to serve during each Congress, shall be elected by the voters qualified to 
vote for members of the house of representatives of the legislature. The times, 
places, and manner of holding elections shall be as fixed by law. The person 
having the greatest number of votes shall be declared by the governor duly 
elected, and a certificate shall be given accordingly."

January 25, 1900           Mr. Frye (Mr. Kean in the chair), from the 
Senate                        Committee on Commerce, to whom the subject was 
v. 33 (2)                    referred, reported a bill (S. 2708) to amend 
p. 1154                       an act making appropriations for the construc- 
                          tion, repair, and preservation of certain 
                          public works on rivers and harbors, and for 
                          other purposes, approved March 3, 1899; which 
                          was read twice by its title.

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