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Hawaii Organic Act: Congressional debates on Hawaii Organic Act

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                             February 21,  1900 
Senate v. 33  (3) 
p.   2022-2033
The Senate, as in Committee of the Whole, resumed the consid-
eration of the bill (S. 222) to provide a government for the Terri-
tory of Hawaii.
Mr. CULLOM. The Senator from Alabama [Mr. MORGAN] has, I 
think, an amendment which has been substantially agreed upon as 
to the subject immediately under consideration before we ad-
journed yesterday,
Mr. MORGAN. Some objection was made yesterday to section 75 
of the bill, and there was controversy, it appears, between the 
Agricultural and the Interior Departments about it, at least among 
the friends of those Departments. I have agreed to offer the fol-
lowing substitute, which I believe represents the views of all 
Mr. CULLOM.    I think it is right.
The PRESIDING OFFICER.   The amendment will be read.
The SECRETARY.   Strike out section 75 and insert:
That the sum of $15,000, or so much thereof as may be necessary, is hereby 
appropriated out of any money in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated, to 
be immediately available, to enable the Secretary of the Interior to examine 
the laws or Hawaii relating to public lands, the proceedings thereunder, and all 
matters relating to public lands, and to enable the Secretary of Agriculture to 
examine into all matters concerning agriculture and forestry and public roads 
in said Territory, which duty shall be performed with oil convenient speed; 
and each of said officers shall report to the President of the United States with 
recommendations upon the matters concerning which they are herein charged. 
The appropriation herein provided for shall to divided equally between the 
Department of Agriculture and the Department of the Interior as the 
necessities of the investigations of each stall demand.
The amendment was agreed to.
   Mr. SPOONER.   Is there a committee amendment pending? 
   Mr. PLATT of Connecticut.   Yes; there is a committee 
amendment pending, one that was passed over.

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