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Hawaii Organic Act: Congressional debates on Hawaii Organic Act

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April 2, 1900 House v. 33 (4) 
P. 3662

Mr. Flynn, from the Committee on the Territories, 
to which was referred the bill of the House (H. R. 
9708) to amend an act to prohibit the passage of 
special or local laws in the Territories, to limit 
the Territorial indebtedness, and so forth, reported 
the same with amendment, accompanied by a report (No. 
894); which said bill and report were referred to 
the House Calendar.

April 2, 1900 House v. 33 (4) 
p. 3663

By Fitzgerald of Massachusetts: A resolution (H. 
Res. 208) requesting the Secretary of the Treasury 
to report to the House of Representatives the names 
of all banks or other institutions used by the 
Government for the deposit of public funds in 
Hawaii, Cuba, Puerto Rico, and the Philippine 
Islands, and the names of all officers connected 
with these institutions - to the Committee on In-
sular Affairs.

April 2, 1900 House v. 33  (4) p.  

Mr. KNOX.   Mr. Speaker, I call up the special order of the House for to-
day, and move that the House resolve itself into Committee of the Whole 
on the state of the Union to consider the bill (S. 222) to provide a 
government for the Territory of Hawaii.   Pending that motion, I desire to 
state that, while the report is unanimous, inasmuch as gentlemen on both 
sides desire to speak, it has been considered fair to divide the time equally be-
tween the other side of the House and this side, and it has also been agreed, 
subject to the approval of the House, that the gentleman from Pennsylvania 
[Mr. McALEER] shall control the time on that side and that I shall control it 
upon this side.   It is also desired that gentlemen who speak may have leave 
to extend their remarks in the RECORD, and I ask unanimous consent that 
that request may be granted. The SPEAKER.   The gentleman from 
Massachusetts moves that the House resolve itself into Committee of the 
Whole House on the state of the Union to consider Senate bill 222, and, 
pending that motion, asks unanimous consent that the time be divided 
equally between the two sides, the gentleman from Massachusetts to control 
one-half of the time, and the gentleman from Pennsylvania [Mr. 
McALEER] to control the other half; also that all gentlemen making remarks 
upon this bill be permitted to extend their remarks in the RECORD.   Is there 
objection? Mr. RICHARDSON.   Mr. Speaker, pending this request, I have 
not the order before me, but I believe there was an agreement as to the 
length of time the debate was to last. Mr. KNOX.   For to-day and to-morrow, 
closing each session at 5 o'clock, the debate on Thursday to be under the five-
minute rule until 4 o'clock, when the bill is to be reported to the House. The 
SPEAKER:    With the consent of the House, the Chair will have the order 
read for the information of the House. The Clerk read as follows:
On motion of Mr. KNOX, by unanimous consent, it was ordered that on Tuesday, April 
3, it be in order, after the reading of the Journal, to consider S. 222, "An act to provide a 
government for the Territory of Hawaii;" that it be considered in the Committee of the 
Whole House on the state of the Union, general debate to be limited to Tuesday. April 
3, and Wednesday, April 4; to close each day at 5 o'clock; that on Thursday, April 5, 
the bill shall be read for amendments and debate under the five-minute rule, to continue 
until 4 o'clock, when the bill shall be reported to the House; the previous question shall 
be considered as ordered on the bill and amendments to its passage.   (Order made March 
Mr. RICHARDSON.   Now, Mr. Speaker, I realize the fact that it would be 
too late to change the order just read unless unanimous consent could be 
obtained to do so; but the objectionable feature of that order is that two days 
are given for general debate and then only a portion of the third day for the 
reading of this bill under the five-minute rule.   The effect of carrying out 
that order as adopted will be to bring us to a vote at 4 o'clock on Thursday.

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