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Hawaii Organic Act: Congressional debates on Hawaii Organic Act

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April 4, 1900
v. 33 (4)
p.  3769-3777
The committee resumed its session.
Mr. KNOX. Mr. Chairman, before yielding the rest of my time, 
I desire to state that, as has probably been observed by the com 
mittee, this bill simply strikes out all after the enacting clause of 
the Senate bill and substitutes the House bill. It is the House 
bill we have been considering and shall consider to-morrow for 
I simply desire to avoid reading both bills, as we otherwise 
might have to do, and I therefore ask unanimous consent that in 
reading the bill we simply read the House bill. I have seen gen-
tlemen upon both sides, and I understand there is no objection.
Mr. TALBERT. In the absence of the gentleman from Penn-
sylvania [Mr. MAHON] and in the absence of the gentleman from 
Illinois [Mr. CANNON] , I suggest that the House is rather thin. 
There is no quorum here.
Mr. KNOX.   I hope the gentleman will not raise that question.
Mr. TALBERT.   I withdraw the point.
The CHAIRMAN. The gentleman from Massachusetts [Mr. 
KNOX] requests unanimous consent that when the reading or the bill 
under the five-minute rule is begun, the House bill proposed as a 
substitute for the Senate bill be alone read. Is there objection?
Mr. HILL. Mr. Chairman, I do not wish to object to this, be-
cause I wish to hasten the reading of the bill; but the bill is a 
long one, and will undoubtedly provoke a good deal of discussion, 
and it is a good deal of a question whether the end of the bill will be 
reached before 4 o'clock. While not objecting to the request of the 
gentleman from Massachusetts, I also request that two small 
amendments may be considered as pending.
Mr. KNOX. I will say that I will not object to that, but I would 
like to have this consent obtained first, so there will be no question 
about it. I ask the Chair to put my request.
The CHAIRMAN. Is there objection to the request of the gen-
tleman from Massachusetts [Mr. KNOX]?

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