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Hawaii Organic Act: Congressional debates on Hawaii Organic Act

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Mr. KNOX.   Mr. Chairman --
The CHAIRMAN.   The gentleman's amendment is still pending.
Mr. McRAE. I hope the gentleman will modify that by also excepting section 
10 and let that go into operation at once.
Mr. KNOX.   We could not do that.
The amendment of Mr. KNOX was agreed to.
Mr. NEWLANDS. Mr. Chairman, with the permission of the chairman of the 
committee, 1 offer the amendment which I send to the Clerk's desk,
The amendment was read, as follows:
1. Insert on page 83, after section 76, a new section, to read as follows:
"There shall be a commissioner of labor, whose duty it shall be to collect, assort, 
arrange and present in annual reports to the governor and to the legislature and 
to the Department of Labor of the United States statistical details relating to all 
departments of labor in the Territory, especially in relation to the commercial, 
industrial, social, educational, and sanitary condition of the laboring classes, and to 
all such other subjects as the legislature may by law direct. The said commissioner is 
specially charged to ascertain, at as early a date as possible and as often thereafter as 
such information may bo required, the highest, lowest, and average number of 
employees engaged in the various industries in the Territory to be classified as to 
nativity, sex, 
hours of labor, and conditions of employment, and to report the same to the 
United States Commissioner of Labor."
The CHAIRMAN.  The gentleman from Nevada [Mr. NEW-
LANDS] asks unanimous consent to return to the section referred 
to in his amendment for the purpose of offering an amendment.
Is there objection?
   There was no objection.
   [Mr. NEWLANDS addressed the committee.  See Appendix.]
  Mr. KNOX.  Mr. Chairman, this amendment is general in its 
provisions, and I was induced to say that I would not object to it, 
because it was drawn by the Commissioner of Labor, Mr. Wright, 
whom we all know to be an able man, and who has thoroughly in-
vestigated these questions, and is better able to judge of what is necessary and 
proper than I am. Therefore I agreed to offer no 
objection to the amendment.
Mr. HITT.   Does this provide any salary for the commissioner?
Mr. NEWLANDS.   No. The amendment 
was agreed to.
Mr. KNOX. Inasmuch as one section of the bill has been stricken out, I ask 
unanimous consent that the sections may be renumbered, to make them consecutive.
The CHAIRMAN.   The Clerk will perform that duty.
Mr. KNOX. Mr. Chairman, inasmuch as this whole House bill is an 
amendment to the Senate bill, striking out the enacting clause and inserting the bill 
that we have been considering, I move that this amendment be now adopted.
The CHAIR MAN. The gentleman from Massachusetts moves that the amendment 
in the nature of a substitute proposed by the Committee on Territories, as amended, 
be agreed to.
Mr. BARTLETT.   I desire to make a parliamentary inquiry.
The CHAIRMAN.   The gentleman will state it.
Mr. BARTLETT. If this motion prevails, does it prevent the voting in the House 
upon amendments to this amendment?
The CHAIRMAN. That question will arise in the House and there be disposed of.
Mr. BARTLETT.   We should like to know before we vote.
The CHAIRMAN. The Chair has no authority to express an opinion upon what 
will arise in the House.
Mr. ROBINSON of Indiana. I should like to ask the chairman of the Committee on 
Territories --
Mr. BARTLETT.   Mr. Chairman --
The CHAIRMAN. The gentleman from Georgia still holds the floor.
Mr. ROBINSON of Indiana.   Excuse me.
Mr. BARTLETT. I desire to know whether this is a request for unanimous 
consent or whether it is a motion?
The CHAIRMAN.   It is a motion in order.
Mr. KNOX.   It is the usual motion that is made in such cases.
Mr. BARTLETT.   I am not proposing to object to it.
Mr. ROBINSON of Indiana. Pending that. I would like to ask the privilege of 
submitting an amendment to the last section, or an amendment to the amendment 
that the Committee on Territories proposed a moment ago.
Mr. KNOX.   What is it?
Mr. ROBINSON of Indiana. It is a change from thirty to sixty days in the time at 
which the bill should take effect.
Mr. KNOX. 1 am informed by the Department that the time we have already 
fixed for this bill to take effect is too short. It takes - I do not know how long for 
the bill to get to San Francisco, and we have no cable to Hawaii.

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