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Hawaii Organic Act: Congressional debates on Hawaii Organic Act

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April 11, 1900 Senate v. 33   (5) p. 

Mr. ROSS.   I ask unanimous consent for the present consideration of the bill (S. 
2000) regulating appointments to and removals from civil offices in outlying 
dependencies of the United States. The PRESIDENT pro tempore.   The Senator 
from Vermont asks unanimous consent for the present consideration of a bill 
which will be read in full for the information of the Senate. The Secretary read 
the bill, which had been reported from the Committee to Examine the Several 
Branches of the Civil Service with an amendment, to strike out all after the 
enacting clause and insert:
That all appointments to civil offices made by the President or any bead of a Department In 
Alaska, Hawaii, or any place brought within the jurisdiction of the United States by the recent 
treaty with Spain, shall be made irrespective of the political opinions of the persons appointed, 
and, so far as consistent with the proper performance of the duties of the office, in such a 
manner as to represent the entire country.   In case of removal from any such office, 
whenever practicable, charges shall be made in writing and a copy thereof furnished to the 
accused, who shall be afforded reasonable opportunity to make answer thereto; and the 
President or head of a Department making the appointment may, wherever the public interest 
shall seem to require it, suspend the official pending hearing or investigation of such charges.
Mr. GALLINGER.   I feel constrained to object to the present consideration of 
the bill,   The PRESIDENT pro tempore.   Objection is made.
Mr. HOAR.   Will the Senator from Maine allow me to ask for the passage of a 
bill which I think will not take two minutes? Mr. HALE.   I will if it will not give 
rise to debate. Mr. HOAR.   I am sure it will not.   Mr. HALE.   I yield for the 
moment. Mr. HOAR.   I ask unanimous consent to call up the bill (S. 248) for the 
relief of Winslow Warren.

April 11,  1900 House v.   33   (5) p.  

The SPEAKER.   The Chair lays before the House the bill to establish the 
Territory of Hawaii, returned to the House with the information that the Senate 
has disagreed to the amendments of the House, and asks for a conference. Mr. 
KNOX.   I move that the House insist on its amendments, and agree to the 
request for a conference. The motion was agreed to. The SPEAKER announced 
the appointment of Mr. KNOX, Mr. HITT, and Mr. MOON as the conferees on the part 
of the House.

April 12, 1900 House v. 33 (5) 
p. 4106

Senate Bills Referred: S, 2. An act to provide for 
the construction, maintenance, and operation, under 
the management of the Navy Department, of a Pacific 
cable - to the Committee on Interstate and Foreign 

April 14, 1900 Senate v. 33 (5) 
P. 4156

Mr. Shoup, from the Committee on Territories, to whom 
was referred the bill (S. 4075) to amend an act to 
prohibit the passage of special or local laws in the 
Territories, to limit the Territorial indebtedness, 
and so forth, reported it without amendment, and 
submitted a report thereon.

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