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April 19, 1900 
v. 33 (5) 
p. 4409-4411
Mr. CULLOM. I now ask for the consideration of the confer- 
ence report, which I submitted yesterday, on the bill providing a 
government for the Territory of Hawaii.
The PRESIDENT pro tempore. The Senator from Illinois asks 
for the consideration of the conference report submitted by him 
yesterday; which will be read.
Mr. BACON. Do I understand that this is a report of the con- 
ference committee on the Hawaiian bill?
The PRESIDENT pro tempore.   It is.
Mr. BACON.   May I inquire whether or not it has been printed?
The PRESIDENT pro tempore.   It has been printed.
Mr. CULLOM. It baa been printed, and it is probably on the 
Senator's table.
The PRESIDENT pro tempore. The reading of the report will 
be proceeded with.
The Secretary read the report as printed in the proceedings of 
the Senate of yesterday.
Mr. CULLOM. There is a mistake in the last clause of the 
conference report, which reads:
Section 104, line 3, after the word "section," strike out the word "fifty 
two" and insert in lieu thereof the word "fifty-three."
I failed to correct the error resulting from the numbering of 
the sections. It should be 52.
Mr. SPOONER obtained the floor.
Mr. LODGE.   Mr. President --
The PRESIDENT pro tempore. The Senator from Wisconsin 
has been recognized.
Mr. LODGE.   I beg pardon.   I was not aware of that.
Mr. SPOONER. Mr. President, it is quite impossible to gain 
any Very definite information from the reading of this report as  
to what changes have been made in the bill as it passed the Sen- 
ate. I should like to have the Senator explain, if he will, briefly 
the essential changes, particularly with reference to the provision 
incorporated in the bill by the Senate concerning contract labor.
Mr. CULLOM.   Mr. President --
Mr. BACON. Before the Senator from Illinois proceeds with 
his explanation, I should like to make a suggestion. It seems to 
me impossible to understand this conference report from its mere 
reading at the desk, and it will be equally impossible, after the 
explanation of the Senator from Illinois, for us to intelligently 
contrast, as we should do, the Senate bill with the House bill as 
it came to us and as it has been brought back to us by the con- 
ferees. Of course we all know this is a voluminous bill.  55 pages 
long. I hope I may have the attention of the Senator from Wis- 
consin [Mr. SPOONER] and the Senator from Illinois [Mr. CULLOM], 
if of no other Senators, because I wish to make a suggestion for a 
practical purpose.
Mr. CULLOM. Excuse me; I was interrupted and I did not 
hear the last remark of the Senator from Georgia.

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