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Hawaii Organic Act: Congressional debates on Hawaii Organic Act

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Then we provide further - 
That the provisions of this section shall not apply to merchant seamen. 
Mr. SPOONER.   That was not in the Senate bill. 
Mr. JONES of Arkansas.   Where is the Senator reading? 
Mr. PETTIGREW.   On page 9 of the last print. 
Mr. JONES of Arkansas.   Of what print - the 19th? 
Mr. PETTIGREW.   Yes; the print of the 19th of April.   I do 
not know whether they have a law with regard to seamen or not 
in Hawaii.   I have looked at the code or this print of the laws of 
Hawaii, and I can not find it, but I have had only a brief time to 
examine it.   However, under our law the Supreme Court have 
held that seamen can be imprisoned and returned to the ship and 
compelled to complete their contract.   But in 1890 we amended the 
law so that the provisions with regard to enforced service did not 
apply to seamen who had contracted for service in the domestic 
trade, the coast trade. 
Now, it seems to me that we ought not to do more in Hawaii 
than extend the provisions of our own laws.   I do not believe that 
in the foreign service a man should be compelled to finish his con- 
tract if he did not want to do it.   I think there should be some 
other remedy besides enforced service.   But I do object to extend- 
ing to Hawaii the provisions of any law that are more stringent 
than ours.   Therefore I am desirous of knowing whether they 
have a law with regard to enforcing contracts with seamen for 
service, and what it is, and where it is. 
Mr. CULLOM.   I do not care to take up time now in discussing 
the bill any further, except to say that one of my reasons for ask- 
ing for the postponement of the consideration of the report until 
to-morrow, or some other day, is for the purpose of seeing in the 
RECORD the exact points of criticism of the bill, so that if it has 
to go back to conference we will know what has been said about 
it and be more ready to dispose of it. 
Mr. JONES of Arkansas.   I want to say that the Senator, in 
going over the bill in a hasty sort of way, referring to sections and 
saying they had been or had not been amended, etc., a number of 
times saying to the Senate that he was fatigued and intimating 
he did not want to be interrupted, has prevented a number of us 
from asking questions and getting an explanation about matters 
in the conference report that are not satisfactory to me as they 
are now.   I regret that all these provisions have not been gone 
over and understood.   I should like to ask the Senator one ques- 
tion that 1 wanted to ask while he was going through with the 
report; and that is the parliamentary condition as to two lines on 
page 42 of the print of the 19th, lines 8 and 9, that - 
All officers appointed under the provisions of this section shall bo citizens 
Of the Territory of Hawaii.
This print is in italics in the print of the 19th, and, as I under- 
stand, that was agreed to in the conference; it was proposed as 
an amendment in conference. 
Mr. CULLOM.   On page 44? 
Mr. JONES of Arkansas.   On page 42, lines 8 and 9. 
Mr. CULLOM.   "All persons appointed under the provisions of 
this section shall be citizens of the Territory of Hawaii." 
Mr. JONES of Arkansas.    Yes; I want to know the parlia- 
mentary status of that provision.

Mr. CULLOM.   That was in the conference report. 
Mr. JONES of Arkansas.   That was agreed to in conference? 
Mr. CULLOM.   It was agreed to in conference. 
Mr. JONES of Arkansas.   Was it a conference amendment? 
Mr. CULLOM.   No; it was a House amendment. 
Mr. JONES of Arkansas.   And the Senate conferees receded 
from the disagreement of the Senate? 
Mr. CULLOM.   The Senate receded from its disagreement and 
agreed to it. 
The PRESIDENT pro tempore.   The Senator from Illinois asks 
unanimous consent that the further consideration of the report 
may be postponed?   Is there objection? 
Mr. PETTIGREW.   Mr. President, I want to call the attention 
of the Senator to one other provision, and that is with regard to 
the income tax.   I notice that there is an amendment in the bill, 
apparently made in conference, which seems not to repeal the in- 
come tax. heretofore in force in Hawaii. 
Mr. CULLOM.   I do not recollect certainly whether that is in 
or out of the conference bill.   Where does the Senator find it? 
Mr. PETTIGREW.   I merely wish to call the Senator's atten- 
tion to it.   I do not care to -- 
Mr. CULLOM.   I think it appears in some other class. 
Mr. PETTIGREW.   I think you will find it on page 4 of the 
Mr. CULLOM.   I see it.   My impression is that it is in again. 
Mr. PETTIGREW.   Somewhere else? 
Mr. CULLOM.   Somewhere else. 
Mr. PETTIGREW.   I just wished to call attention to that fact 
The PRESIDENT pro tempore.   Is there objection to postpon- 
ing the further consideration of the conference report?  The 
Chair hears none, and it is postponed.
Mr. HOAR.   Until when? 
Mr. CULLOM.   Until -- 
The PRESIDENT pro tempore.   The request was that it should 
be postponed. 
Mr. CULLOM.   I said until to-morrow. 
The PRESIDENT pro tempore.   Notice has been given that -- 
Mr. HOAR.   I do not want to interfere with the order of busi- 
ness by a mere trifling suggestion; but I remember once, in the 
other House, making a point that a conference report could not be 
indefinitely postponed under the peculiar rules that apply to that 
order of business, and it was sustained by Mr. Speaker Blaine, 
who held that it must be postponed to a fixed time. 
Mr. CULLOM.   I think it should be postponed until to-morrow. 
The PRESIDENT pro tempore.   It certainly can not be post- 
poned indefinitely. 
Mr. HOAR.   I suggest, therefore, that it be postponed until 
Mr. CULLOM.   1 simply ask that it be postponed until to- 
morrow or to suit the convenience largely of the Senate before we 
take it up. 
The PRESIDENT pro tempore.   Without objection, the report 
is postponed until to-morrow.

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