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Hawaii Organic Act: Congressional debates on Hawaii Organic Act

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The papers referred to are as follows:
HAWAII. Itr. Sewall  
to Mr. Sherman.
Hawaiian Islands, September 13, 1897.
SIR: I have the honor to forward, agreeably to circular of July 17, replies to 
the interrogatories contained therein regarding postal savings banks.
I also enclose reports of the postmaster-general and minister of finance, 
which are to interest as more fully setting forth the details of the working of 
the postal savings banks than do the answers to the interrogatories.
The Hawaiian government owns no interest in any telephone or telegraph 
I have the honor, etc.,	HAROLD M. SEWALL.
Interrogatory 2. The annual aggregate amounts of deposits in postal banks, as 
shown by official reports for each year since the establishment of the 
1886(six months from July l) $51,892.28        1892....................... $396,701.47
1887..........................  162,292.66        1893........................  202,243.87
1888.......................... 492,305.92         1894.......................  259,762.11
1889.......................... 874,787.50         1895.......................  229,034.97
1890.......................... 732,576.14         1896.......................  334,558.26
1891.......................... 706,019.77
Interrogatory 3. What is the rate of interest paid to depositors?
Four and one-half per cent at the present time.
Interrogatory 4. what limits, if any, are placed upon the amounts received 
on deposit?
Two thousand five hundred dollars is the limit for any one depositor. 
Five hundred dollars is the limit on interest-bearing deposits.
Interrogatory 6. What is the shortest period for which deposits are 
One week.
Interrogatory 6. What is the amount of the individual deposits annually?
Year		Number of accounts     Due depositors Dec. 31     Average amount due depositors.

1887.......... 	819                    $134,883.10                $164

1888 .........  1,860                   477,475.85                 256

1889 .........  2,641                   909,613.87                 344

1890 .........  3,299                 1,013,632.08                 307

1891 .........  3,452                   963,354.20                 279

1892..........  2,583                   568,462.08                 220
1893..........  2,445                   509,394.32                 208

1895..........  2,653                   587,401.61                 221

1896..........  3,596                   598,098.44                 166

1896..........  7,494                   730,356.6                   97

Interrogatory 7. Are the certificates transferable; and if so, under what 
Interrogatory 8. Are the certificates of deposit convertible into 
government bonds; and if so, upon what terms?
Yes; see copy of law herewith.
Interrogatories 9 to 21. The government owns no telegraph or telephones.
Postal savings bank.
SEC. 772. There shall be established in the general post-office at Honolulu, as 
a part of the bureau of the Hawaiian postal service, a savings bank to be 
known as the "Hawaiian Postal Savings Bank," of which the postmaster-
general shall be ex-officio manager.
SEC. 773. It shall be lawful for the postmaster-general to authorize and direct 
such of his officers as he shall think fit to receive deposits, and to pay the 
same, together with the interest accrued thereon, under such regulations as 
may be prescribed under the authority of this act: Provided always. That such 
deposits shall not be of less amount than one-quarter of one dollar, or a 
multiple thereof.
SEC. 774. Every deposit received by any officer so authorized by the post-
master-general shall be entered by him at the time in the depositor's book, 
and the entry shall be attested by the signature of the said officer. This entry on 
the depositor's book, with the attestations of the said officer, shall be conclusive 
evidence of the claim of the depositor to the repayment of such de-posit with 
interest thereon on demand, made by him in the manner herein-after 
SEC. 775. The officers engaged in the receipt or payment of savings deposits 
shall not disclose the name of any depositor nor the amount deposited or 
withdrawn except to the postmaster-general, or to such officers as may be 
appointed by him to carry this act into operation.
SEC. 776. The books of the Hawaiian Postal Savings Bank shall be opened, 
and the manager shall receive all deposits offered on and after the 1st day of 
January, A. D. 1885.
SEC. 777. Married women and minors may in their own right make deposits 
and receive repayment, giving valid receipts therefore: Provided, however, 
That minors under the age of 15 years can only give a valid receipt therefore 
upon the countersigning of the same by their natural or legal guardian.
SEC. 778. In case any depositor shall die leaving a sum of money on deposit in 
the postal savings bank not exceeding $100, and letters of administration or 
notice of existence of a will be not produced to the postmaster-general within a 
period of sixty days after the death of the depositor, or incase of disputes of 
any one claiming to be entitled to any money deposited in the postal savings 
bank under $100, as assignee, executor, administrator, or next of kin to the 
depositor, the matter may be referred in writing to a justice of the supreme 
court, whose award or order in writing shall be binding and conclusive on all 
parties to all Intents and purposes without any appeal.
SEC. 779. In case any depositor shall die leaving any sum of money on de-posit in 
the postal savings book exceeding $100, the same shall only be paid to the 
executor or administrator on the production of letters of administration. SEC. 
780. If a depositor become insane, having on deposit not exceeding 1100, the 
postmaster-general may, in his discretion, authorize payment from time to time 
out of the funds of such depositor to any person having charge of him.
SEC. 781. On demand, by notice upon the postmaster-general in such form as 
may be described in the regulations under this act by a depositor or party 
legally authorized to claim on account of a depositor for repayment of any 
deposit or part thereof, such depositor shall be absolutely entitled to payment 
of any sum not exceeding $100, which may be due him within thirty days 
after giving such notice, and shall be absolutely entitled to payment of

any sum or sums over $100 which may be due him within ninety days after 
giving such notice, and the officer making such repayments shall enter the 
same upon the book of the depositor and attest the entry by his signature: 
Provided, however. That payments may be made to depositors, in the discretion 
of the postmaster-general, on demand, or at any time prior to the periods 
mentioned in this section.-
SEC. 782. The rate of interest payable on deposits made under this act shall not 
exceed 6 per cent per annum on deposits amounting to $500 and under in any one 
account, and shall not exceed 5 per cent per annum on all amounts exceeding 
$500 in any one account, but no interest shall be paid on any deposits exceeding at 
any one time $2,500 in any one account, and no interest shall be paid on any 
deposits made after September 30, A. D. 1892, exceeding $500) in any one 
account. Interest shall not be calculated on any amount loss than $5 or some 
multiple thereof, and shall not commence until the 1st day of the calendar month 
next following the deposit, and shall cease on the 1st day of the calendar month 
in which such deposit is withdrawn. All deposits not exceeding $2,500 in any 
one account that shall have been on deposit two months prior to July 1 of each 
year shall not be assessed for taxes and snail be free from all Government 
SEC. 783. Interest on all deposits shall be calculated to the 31st day of December in 
every year, and shall be added to and become part of the principal money, and the 
postmaster-general shall on that day of each year furnish the minister of finance 
with a sworn statement of the rate of interest and the amount thereof calculated and 
actually passed to the credit of the depositors on the books of the postal savings bank.
SEC. 784. All moneys received by the postmaster-general as deposits in the 
Hawaiian Postal Savings Bank in excess of $3,500 shall be paid Into the 
treasury; and the registrar of public accounts shall open in the books of the 
treasury an account to be called the "Hawaiian postal savings," to which he shall credit 
all deposits made on this account; and he shall debit such sums as may be withdrawn or 
warrants issued by the postmaster-general for payment of sums due to depositors. All 
moneys received to this account, as well as the reserve in the hands of the 
postmaster-general as ex office manager of the Hawaiian Postal Savings Bank, shall 
be deemed and treated as part of the public debt, for which the treasury is 
responsible to the depositors, and the treasury account shall, on the 1st day of 
January of each year, be credited as of that day with the interest actually allowed 
and paid to depositors under this act for the previous year ending December 31.
SEC. 785. There shall be at all times retained in the treasury, an a special 
reserve to meet the demands of depositors in said postal savings bank, not less 
than 10 per cent of the deposits in such bank on all deposits up to an aggregate 
of $500,000.
SEC. 786. If at any time the moneys paid into the treasury on account of the 
Hawaiian Postal Savings Bank, and the interest accrued thereon, shall be 
insufficient to meet the lawful claims of the depositors, it shall be the duty of 
the minister of finance to pay the amount of such deficiency out of any 
moneys not otherwise- appropriated, and report said amount to the next 
ensuing legislature.
SEC. 787. An annual account of all deposits received and paid out under 
authority of this act, and the expenses incurred during the year ending 
December 31, together with a statement of the total amount due at the close 
of the year to all depositors, shall be made by the postmaster-general to the 
minister of finance, who shall lay the same before the legislature at its next 
ensuing session.
SEC. 788. The minister of finance is hereby authorized to issue coupon 
bonds of the Hawaiian government up to the amount of $1,0OO,0OO. to be 
styled the "postal savings bank loan," to be issued to depositors in the 
Hawaiian Postal Savings Bank who may apply for the same, to be made payable 
in periods not less than five or not more than twenty years, at toe option of the 
minister of finance, and to bear interest at the rate not to exceed 6 per cent per 
annum, to be paid semiannually, principal and interest payable in gold coin of 
the United States of America or its equivalent. Any such depositor with an 
aggregate credit on his pass book of not less than $200 in gold coin of the United 
States of America, which shall have been on deposit at least three months, who 
shall apply to the postmaster-general for such bonds, shall be entitled to an 
issue of an amount thereof in sums of $100or multiples thereof, which amount 
shall be immediately withdrawn from said depositor's ac-count with the Postal 
Savings Bank.
SEC. 789. In order to give greater security to depositors in the Hawaiian 
Postal Savings Bank and to facilitate the repayments to depositors in case of 
withdrawals of deposits in excess of the ordinary course of business, the 
minister of finance is hereby authorized to issue coupon bonds of the 
Hawaiian government for the amount of postal savings bank deposits on de-posit 
in the treasury on the 1st day of July, 1888. and on the 1st days of January 
and July of each year thereafter he is hereby further authorized to issue such 
bonds up to the amount of the not postal savings bank deposits paid into the 
treasury during the six months next preceding such date of is-sue, with the 
amount of the interest credited thereon and added thereto on December  of 
each year.
SEC. 790. Such bonds shall be of a denomination not less than $100, and shall be 
redeemable not less than five nor more than twenty years after date, and shall 
bear interest at 6 per cent per annum, principal and interest to be paid in gold 
coin of the United States of America or its equivalent. They shall express 
upon their face that they are issued as security for the postal savings bank 
deposits, and are negotiable only upon the endorsement of the postmaster-
general and the minister of finance, with the consent of the cabinet.
SEC. 791. Such bonds shall be held by the postmaster-general in trust as 
security for deposits in the Hawaiian Postal Savings Bank, but he shall not 
draw the interest thereon, and before negotiation of such bonds, as provided by 
law, it shall be his duty to detach all interest coupons on the bonds that have 
accrued and deposit the same in the office of the minister of finance, where 
they shall be canceled.
SEC. 793. In the event of demands for withdrawals of deposits from the 
postal savings bank in excess of the reserve on hand or available at the treasury, 
the postmaster-general, with the written consent of the cabinet, is hereby 
authorized to borrow sufficient money to meet such demands upon the lowest 
terms obtainable, and give such bonds, or any necessary portion thereof, as 
security for the money so borrowed, or he may, with such consent as afore-said, 
sell a sufficient number of such bonds, after first advertising for tenders 
therefore, to the person or persons making offers the most advantageous to the 
Government, and apply the proceeds to the payment of such demands.
SEC. 793. If the postmaster-general shall at any time withdraw from the 
Treasury moneys deposited therein by the postal savings bank for which 
bonds shall have been issued as aforesaid, he shall at the same time surrender to 
the Treasury funds the par value of which shall equal the amount so with-drawn, 
which bonds so surrendered shall be forthwith canceled by the registrar of public 
accounts as redeemed bonds.
SEC. 794. The postmaster-general, with the consent of the cabinet, may 
make and from time to time, as he shall see occasion, alter all needful 
regulations for carrying this act into execution: and after publication such 
regulations so made shall be binding on the parties in the subject-matter 
hereof to the same extent as if such regulations formed part of this act.
SEC. 795. All expenses incurred In the execution of this act shall be paid out 
of the appropriations for the general post-office.

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