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Hawaii Organic Act: Congressional debates on Hawaii Organic Act

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February 27, 1900 
Senate T. 33 (3) p. 
Mr. CULLOM. I ask the Chair to lay before the Senate the 
unfinished business.
The PRESIDENT pro tempore. The Chair lays before the Senate 
the unfinished business.
The Senate, as in Committee of the Whole, resumed the 
consideration of the bill (S. 222) to provide a government for the 
Territory of Hawaii.
The PRESIDENT pro tempore. The amendment before the 
Senate is the one offered by the Senator from North Carolina [Mr. 
BUTLER] , touching postal savings banks. Is the Senate ready for the 
Mr. PETTIGREW. It seems to me the Senator from North 
Carolina ought to be present before it is disposed of. I think 
probably he will be here very soon. I should not like to have a 
vote taken upon it in his absence.
Mr. CULLOM. I have no disposition to take snap judgment on the 
Senator from North Carolina.
The PRESIDENT pro tempore. The Senator from South Dakota 
asks unanimous consent that the amendment may be laid aside for 
the present.
Mr. PETT1GREW.   1 make that request.
The PRESIDENT pro tempore.   Is there objection?
Mr. CULLOM. I have no objection. I believe the Senator from 
Alabama [Mr. MORGAN] offered an amendment which he desires to 
have considered. It may be connected with the one that was laid 
Mr. BUTLER entered the Chamber.
Mr. CULLOM. Mr. President, the Senator from North Carolina 
has just come in.
Mr. BUTLER.   The Hawaiian bill is now before the Senate?
Mr. CULLOM. Yes, and we are waiting for the Senator from 
North Carolina.
The PRESIDENT pro tempore. The amendment pending is that 
offered by the Senator from North Carolina.
Mr. BUTLER. I beg leave to offer in lieu of the amendment 
offered yesterday the one I send to the desk.
The PRESIDENT pro tempore. The Senator from North Carolina 
withdraws the amendment offered yesterday and substitutes for it 
an amendment which will be read for information.
Mr. BUTLER. Before the amendment is read, I will state that it 
is the law of Hawaii modified to suit, to fit into the pending bill. 
As it is read those who are familiar with the law of Hawaii will see 
that I have changed the words "minister of finance" to "treasurer" 
and where there was any duty devolved upon the president of the 
Hawaiian republic it is devolved upon the governor, etc. It is the 
present law modified, which I offer as an amendment to the bill.
The PRESIDENT pro tempore. Where does the Senator pro-
pose that the amendment shall come in?
Mr. BUTLER.   At the end of section 84.
The SECRETARY. It is proposed to insert at the end of section 84 the 
following as new sections:
SEC.  - . That the laws of Hawaii relative to postal savings banks be modified 
and continued in force, as follows:
SEC.  - . That there shall be established as a part of the Hawaiian postal 
service a system of postal savings banks, to be known as the Hawaiian postal 
savings bank system, similar to the system now in operation, of which the 
postmaster of Honolulu shall be ex-officio manager.
SEC.  - . That it shall be lawful for the postmaster of Honolulu to authorize 
and direct each and every money-order office in the Territory of Hawaii to 
receive deposits and make returns to the central post-office at Honolulu, and to 
repay the same to depositors, together with the interest accrued thereon, 
under such rules and regulations as may be prescribed under the authority to 
this act: Provided always, That such deposits shall not be of less amount than 
10 cents or a multiple thereof: And provided, That no account shall be opened 
until at least $1 shall be deposited.
SEC.  - . That every deposit received by any officer so authorized by the 
postmaster of Honolulu snail be entered by him at the time in the depositor's 
book, and the entry shall be attested by the signature of the said officer.

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