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NEH National Digital Newspaper Project Grant Application
Digital Access to Hawai'i Newspapers 1880-1910
July 2007-June 2009

Narrative [pdf]
Appendix A    Historical Events [pdf]
Appendix B    Titles Considered [pdf]
Appendix C     UHM Digital Collections [pdf]
Appendix D    Sample Images [pdf]
Appendix F    Draft Job Description [pdf]
Appendix G Advisory Board [pdf]

Description of project

This project will digitize (image, convert to text, and mark-up) and submit to the Library of Congress National Digital Newspaper Project important English language newspapers that have historically provided statewide (and prior to annexation to the United States, country wide) coverage and which have had significant influence on the archipelago. An Advisory Board will review a history of Hawai'i newspapers, and make a final selection of newspapers to include in the NDNP project.

The collections of state newspapers that are the focus of this project were identified by the Hawaii Newspaper Project conducted in the 1980s, which completed a comprehensive inventory of all newspapers published in Hawai'i and locations of collections. The project also microfilmed and cataloged those titles identified as important and endangered.

The project is expected to cover approximately 130,000 microfilmed newspaper pages for the Honolulu Advertiser and microfilm on approximately 138 reels (estimated 97,000 pages) for the precursors to the Honolulu Star-Bulletin and may include other titles which had shorter publication runs during the 1880-1910 time period. Digitization is to Library of Congress specification for the project. Deliverables will include:

Principle activities include: selection for digitization; vended digitization and OCR text conversion; inspection and shipment of deliverables to the Library of Congress, creation of web site documenting project and providing local access. Additional activities include: tracking; creation of history and significance essays; and quality control.

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