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442nd Volunteers 1943

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The Japanese American Veterans Collection documents the rich heritage of Hawaii's Japanese American veterans and their families. AJA veterans served with distinction during World War II as members of the 100th Infantry Battalion, Hawaii Territorial Guard, Varsity Victory Volunteers, 442nd Regimental Combat Team, 1399th Engineers, and the Military Intelligence Service. For additional information, please see the Japanese American Veterans Collection brochure.


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Signal Corps photographs
National Archives documents relating to the 442nd RCT
Chaplain Hiro Higuchi correspondence



442nd RCT Veterans Club Collection pdf file

This collection of materials from the 442nd RCT Veterans Club in Honolulu, includes photographs, memorabilia, materials documenting the 442nd RCT, and copies of National Archives documents relating to Japanese American veterans.

Hiro Higuchi Paperspdf file

Hiro Higuchi served as a chaplain in the 442nd RCT during World War II. The collection includes wartime correspondence documenting Higuchi's activities and impressions of the war, as well as life on the homefront in Hawaii.

William T. Hiraoka Papers

William Hiraoka was drafted into the war on November 14, 1941, before the bombing of Pearl Harbor and the classification of Japanese Americans as 4-C (Enemy Aliens). He was transferred to the Counter Intelligence Corps (CIC) in April 1942 where he served for the remainder of the war.

JAVC Reference Filespdf file

The Japanese American Veterans Collection Reference Files consist of newspaper clippings, publications, and other documents collected by librarians. They document topics related to Japanese American veterans in Hawaii.

Japanese Internment and Relocation Files: The Hawaii Experience, 1942-1982

The Japanese Internment and Relocation Files: The Hawaii Experience (JIRHE) includes government and private documents, oral histories, and photographs that document the experiences of Japanese internees from Hawaii during World War II.

Katsugo Miho Papers

Katsugo Miho served in the 522nd Field Artillery. The collection contains wartime and postwar newspapers documenting the unit, speeches Miho gave in Germany in 2001, and oversized photographs of the early state legislature.

MIS Oral History Project Collectionpdf file

Over 6,000 Japanese Americans worked for the Military Intelligence Service (MIS) during World War II in every combat theater, translating vital intelligence for the U.S. Army. MIS veteran James Tanabe conducted these interviews.

Hideo Nakamine Paperspdf file

Hideo Nakamine served in the 522nd Field Artillery Battalion of the 442nd RCT during World War II. His papers contain photographs and printed materials documenting the history of the 522nd FAB.

John Adrian Rademaker Paperspdf file

John Adrian Rademaker, a Professor of Sociology, published These Are Americans: The Japanese Americans in Hawaii During World War II in 1951 to document the contributions made to the war effort by of people of Japanese ancestry living in Hawaii, including the Varsity Victory Volunteers, the 100th Infantry Battalion, and the 442nd RCT. His papers contain photographs, correspondence, and research materials related to the book.

Kiyoshi Sasaki Papers pdf file

Kiyoshi Sasaki served in the Military Intelligence Service. The collection consists of a book of dedications and photographs of his classmates during MIS training in Minnesota, and a scrapbook containing military documents and ephemera covering both the training period and his service in China and in post-war, occupied Japan.

Claude Takekawa Papers pdf file

Claude Takekawa is a veteran of the Varsity Victory Volunteers and the 442nd RCT. His papers document the postwar activities of the Varsity Victory Volunteers.

Ted Tsukiyama Paperspdf file

Ted Tsukiyama is a veteran of the Varsity Victory Volunteers, 442nd RCT and the Military Intelligence Service (MIS). His papers collect research on the Hawaii Territorial Guard, the Varsity Victory Volunteers, the 100th Infantry Battalion, the 442nd RCT, the Military Intelligence Service, the 522nd Field Artillery Battalion, the 1399 engineers, and the Office of Strategic Service.

Bishop M. Tottori Paperspdf file

Bishop Mitsumyo Tottori is believed to be the only Buddhist minister in Hawaii who was not interned during World War II. The collection contains notebooks Tottori created containing the names of the Nisei soldiers he prayed for during World War II as well as the Vietnam and Korean conflicts. His family has provided translations for the World War II notebooks and various prefatory materials to the collection.

VVV Oral History Projectpdf file

This collection includes interviews of former Varsity Victory Volunteers members done by Dr. Franklin Odo. The interviews are the basis of Odo's book, No Sword to Bury.

Shiroku "Whitey" Yamamoto Papers

Whitey Yamamoto served in the 442nd RCT. The collection, consisting largely of newspapers and other publications, documents the post-war activities of the veterans, and post-war media coverage of the war.

Chaplain Israel Yost Papers

Israel Yost was chaplain to the 100th Infantry Battalion. His collection includes personal and official letters, photographs, and other wartime materials.

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