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This is a plain text list of events, sorted by the general description of the overall content of the photograph(s). There are over 3,800 entries therefore the list is divided into two physical files. To view the photographs described below in the Library's archival collection, please note the Negative Number (Neg #) associated with the event.

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  • 1925 Football Wonder Team Champions
    Was undefeated football champions
    Neg# A56-00160


  • 1939 May Day Program
    Shots of May Day Court, program and audience
    Neg# A39-00001


  • 1953 Freshman Convocation
    264th Army Band; last Convocation for Col. Adna Clarke
    Neg# A53-00052


  • 1953 May Day
    Exhibits, Queen Weavy
    Neg# A53-00012


  • 1953 ROTC Graduation
    ROTC Graduation ceremonies
    Neg# A53-00058


  • 1954 Commencement Exercises
    George Barati, Charles Chillingworth receive honorary degrees
    Neg# A54-00026


  • 1954 Fashion Show Costumes
    Fashion show, Home Economics Department
    Neg# A54-00020


  • 1954 Homecoming

    Neg# A54-00041


  • 1954 Race Relations Conference Member
    Conference on Race Relations in World Perspective, Summer 1954
    Neg# A54-00045


  • 1954 Registration Day
    Students experiencing the registration process
    Neg# A54-00062


  • 1955 Commencement Exercises
    Honorary Degree to Walter F. Dillingham
    Neg# A55-00048


  • 1955 Homecoming Queen Candidates

    Neg# A55-00077


  • 1955 Pan Pacific Festival
    Hawaiian court, cultural programs, food booths, preparations
    Neg# A55-00114


  • 1955 Summer Session Students

    Neg# A55-00052


  • 1956 Commencement Exercises
    First student rep. delivered a message; husband/wife received M.A.
    Neg# A56-00077


  • 1956 Summer Session
    General pictures of summer session students
    Neg# A56-00083


  • 1956 Summer Session Faculty Reception
    Various shots of guests, Spalding, home
    Neg# A56-00082


  • 1957 Air Force Commissioning
    Photos of speakers, cadets, guests
    Neg# A57-00109


  • 1957 Commencement
    Program shots, reception
    Neg# A57-00050


  • 1957 Freshmen Convocation
    President's welcome Convocation for new students
    Neg# A57-00057


  • 1957 Mango Crop
    Hawaii Agricultural Experiment Station
    Neg# A57-00051


  • 1957 Public Administration Conference
    Views of panel, reception, outdoor shots
    Neg# A57-00056


  • 1957 Summer Session Faculty Reception
    Shots of reception line, small informal group shots
    Neg# A57-00053


  • 1957 United Nations Tea
    For United Nations Week; informal gathering
    Neg# A57-00071


  • 1959 ASUH Awards Convocation
    Class Activity: Horiuchi, Ruth; Ohara, Ralph
    Neg# A59-00038


  • 1959 ASUH Awards Convocation
    Students receiving awards
    Neg# B59-00020


  • 1959 Charter Day (Tree Planting)
    Charter Day ceremonies; tree planting on UH campus
    Neg# B59-00010


  • 1959 Commencement Exercises
    Events of commencement ceremonies; more names listed w/prints
    Neg# B59-00022


  • 1959 Pan Pacific Festival
    Cultural programs around campus; booths; exhibits
    Neg# B59-00048


  • 1960 Commencement Exercises
    Shots of graduating class, receiving diplomas, speakers, audience
    Neg# A60-00035


  • 1961 Commencement; ROTC Commissioning
    Commissioning and Commencement ceremonies
    Neg# B61-00019


  • 1961 Fulbright Scholarship Winners
    Group photos
    Neg# A61-00072


  • 1961 Fulbright Scholarship Winners
    Reception at Bachman Hall; candid shots
    Neg# B61-00026


  • 1961 Meteorology Class
    Group photos in front of Bilger Hall
    Neg# A61-00140


  • 1961 State Fair Booth
    Display booth with pictures, books
    Neg# A61-00122


  • 1961 Summer Session, Registration
    Photos of students registering for summer classes
    Neg# B61-00020


  • 1962 Army ROTC Sponsors
    Group photos, sponsors alone, with cadets
    Neg# A62-00205


  • 1962 Basketball Team
    Various group photos in the gym
    Neg# A62-00194


  • 1962 Commencement
    Commencement program, portrait unveiling, Bachman reception
    Neg# B62-00013


  • 1962 European Tour
    Luncheon shots
    Neg# B62-00019


  • 1962 Summer Research Participation Program
    Shots in laboratory setting
    Neg# A62-00122


  • 1962 Summer Session insurance Class
    Group photo
    Neg# A62-00142


  • 1962 Summer Tour
    Reception shots; Willard Wilson at microphone
    Neg# B62-00018


  • 1962 UH 50th State Exhibits
    Displays of various UH department activities and offerings
    Neg# A62-00124


  • 1963 Commencement
    Shots of graduates, Bachman Hall reception, individuals, speakers
    Neg# B63-00037


  • 1963 Kapalapala Beauty Queen Candidates
    Queen candidates posing
    Neg# B63-00011


  • 1963 Kapalapala Queens
    Group photos
    Neg# A63-00074


  • 1963 Summer Session
    Probably students, posing with Japanese paper lanterns
    Neg# B63-00073


  • 1964 Summer Session Registration
    Photos of students waiting in lines outside Bilger and Bachman
    Neg# B64-00036


  • 1964 UH Basketball Team
    Group photos
    Neg# A64-00054


  • 1965 Fullbright Students
    Group photos in front of the President's home
    Neg# A65-00032


  • 1965 Math Institute
    Looks like institute for younger school children
    Neg# B65-00058


  • 1965 Study Tour of the Orient
    Group photos
    Neg# A65-00030


  • 1966 University Concert Choir
    Group photos on stage
    Neg# A66-00014


  • 1966-67 Public Health Students, Copy
    Copy photo of collective student portraits
    Neg# A67-00013


  • 1967 Commencement
    Photos of ceremony, crowds, graduates, marching from Bachman
    Neg# C67-00041


  • 1967 Football Players Last name\number
    Edens, 64; Wong, 33; Smith, 26; Harrison, 20; Stafford, 62
    Hough, 14; Cole, 68; Goodrich, 23; Silva, 87; Bildro, 34;
    Coughlin, 52; Hensley, 86; Smith, 81; Kalila, 89; Drake, 10
    Kaspari, 31; Goodwin, 61; Holmes, 43; Rengel, 77; Williams, 80
    Seagrove, 50; Watkins, 40; Fukunaga, 65; Arnold, 12; Hrdlicka, 88
    Steele, 72; Simmen, 90; Stockey, 73; Bateman, 79
    Neg# C67-00084


  • 1967 Home Economics Fashion Tour to Japan
    Group photos
    Neg# C67-00040


  • 1967 Plymouth Trouble Shooting Contest
    Students fixing cars, outside, bleachers; awards ceremony, winners
    Neg# C71-00041


  • 1967-68 Public Health Students
    Identified individual portraits grouped together
    Neg# A68-00009


  • 1968 Athletic Awards
    Speakers, award recipients
    Neg# C68-00035


  • 1968 Basketball Team and Players
    Group photos; individual photos of players
    Neg# C68-00117


  • 1968 Commencement
    Graduation ceremonies at Andrews
    Neg# C68-00049


  • 1968 Dental Hygiene Students
    Group photos
    Neg# C68-00030


  • 1968 Entomology Staff
    Group photos
    Neg# A68-00004


  • 1968 Foundation Dinner
    Speaker, guests at tables; reception workers
    Neg# C68-00113


  • 1968 Fullbright Group
    Group photos
    Neg# A68-00005


  • 1968 Kapalapala Queens
    Group photos; individuals; dressing room makeup photos
    Neg# C68-00036


  • 1968 Public Health Graduates
    Identified individual portraits grouped together
    Neg# A68-00008


  • 1968-69 Administrative Charts
    Financial, program, enrollment charts for UH
    Neg# A68-00011


  • 1969 Agriculture Commencement
    Graduation ceremonies
    Neg# C69-00079


  • 1969 Commencement
    Graduation speakers; graduates receiving diplomas
    Neg# C69-00003


  • 1969 Commencement
    Graduation ceremonies, possibly Y. Kawabata, S. Sakamaki
    Neg# C69-00078


  • 1969 Fullbright Group
    Group photos
    Neg# A69-00005


  • 1969 Rainbow Relay Girls
    Photos of three women
    Neg# C69-00069


  • 1969 University of Hawaii - Manoa Map
    Map of UH
    Neg# A69-00009


  • 1969 Winter Commencement
    Speakers, BOR, guests on stage
    Neg# C69-00134


  • 1970 59th Commencement
    Photos of commencement activities on the Shell stage
    Neg# C70-00076


  • 1970 Asian Institute Group
    Group photos; Summer Session
    Neg# A70-00003


  • 1970 Kapalapala Pageant
    Group photos of contestants; casual shots
    Neg# C70-00065


  • 1970 Medical School Promotion Ceremony
    Promotion ceremony
    Neg# C70-00072


  • 1970 Summer ISO Faculty to the Orient
    Two men and two women
    Neg# C70-00048


  • 1970 Winter Commencement
    Graduation ceremonies, graduates
    Neg# C71-00017


  • 1971 Commencement at the Waikiki Shell
    Speeches; ceremony; graduating class photos; stage shots
    Neg# C71-00056


  • 1971 Fullbright Students
    Group photos
    Neg# A71-00003


  • 1971 Rainbow Queens
    Three women posing around Bachman Hall courtyard
    Neg# C71-00046


  • 1971 Registration
    Students registering in Klum Gym
    Neg# C71-00077


  • 1972 Commencement
    Speakers, guests on stage, audience
    Neg# C72-00041


  • 1972 Credit Union Annual Meeting
    Photos of people on stage; woman receiving flowers
    Neg# C72-00007


  • 1972 Dental Hygiene Girls, Identified
    Thorp, S; Hirano, H; Jarvis, J; Uehara, K; Gravois, S
    Neg# C72-00104a


  • 1972 Dental Hygiene Girls, Identified con't.
    Neg# C72-00104b


  • 1972 Kimono Group from Japan
    Group photos, members holding long banners in Japanese
    Neg# C72-00100


  • 1972 Plymouth Trouble Shooting Contest
    Students with truck; sitting in class; two outside building shots
    Neg# C72-00118


  • 1973 Commencement
    Photos of individuals on stage
    Neg# C73-00042

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  • 20th Century Music, George Barati
    Gathered around the piano; University Extension Division
    Neg# A56-00011


  • 25 Year Awards and Retirement Certificates
    Group photos
    Neg# B65-00019


  • 25 Year Service Medal Awards
    Mueller, Bertha; Murakami, Kazuo; Yoshihara, Gladys; Pres. Snyder
    Neg# A61-00155


  • 25 Year Veterans/Retirement Awards
    Retire: Townsley, S.; Hinton, F.; Vollrath, H.; Mrs. Kagihara
    Neg# A64-00020


  • 3 Island Educators Leaving for Thailand
    Education professors participating in SEATO/UH Thailand Project
    Neg# A59-00001


  • 3rd Summer Institute on Asian Studies
    Interdisciplinary study of Asian countries; secondary school teachers
    Neg# A61-00070


  • 442nd Scholarship

    Neg# A53-00086


  • 4-H Certificate Presentation to Baron Goto
    President Snyder presenting certificate to Dr. Goto
    Neg# B62-00032


  • 4-H Chapter Chicken Plucking
    Looks like the contestant winners
    Neg# A65-00022


  • 4-H Club Members Visiting Governor King

    Neg# A53-00007


  • 4-H Club Sending Leis to President Truman
    Flowers from Penny's Florist
    Neg# A52-00022


  • 4-H Clubs
    5 4-H members holding jars
    Neg# A61-00093


  • 4-H Fashion show, 1964
    Groups of women modeling clothes around campus
    Neg# B64-00059


  • 4-H Horse Club, Manoa
    Unidentified girl with horse
    Neg# A62-00230


  • 4-H Planting Trees

    Neg# A56-00094


  • 4-H Summer 1955 Fashion and Cow Judging
    Various shots of fashions; cow judging photos
    Neg# A55-00057


  • 50th Anniversary Luncheon of UH Grad Class
    Photos of attendees at luncheon
    Neg# C72-00040


  • 50th Anniversary Alumni Luau
    Entertainers, speakers, audience, informal group photos
    Neg# A57-00023g


  • 50th Anniversary Chinaware
    Plate with Hawaii Hall pictured, anniversary commemoration
    Neg# A57-00115


  • 50th Anniversary Convocation
    Major speakers, essay winners, full stage view
    Neg# A57-00023a


  • 50th Anniversary Essay Contest Winner

    Neg# A57-00018


  • 50th Anniversary Event: Anaina O Na Kumu
    Small, informal group pictures
    Neg# A57-00023o


  • 50th Anniversary Event: Birthday Cake
    Cutting and serving of 50th anniversary cake
    Neg# A57-00023k


  • 50th Anniversary Home Economics Tea
    Informal group pictures
    Neg# A57-00023d


  • 50th Anniversary Symposium: Agriculture
    McGuire, Donald, Agriculture; Rosenberg, Morton, Agriculture Experiment [Station?] Sta.
    Neg# A57-00023e


  • 50th Anniversary Symposium: Study of Man
    Hormann, Bernard, Sociology; Spoehr, Alexander, Anthropology
    Neg# A57-00023c


  • 50th Anniversary Symposium: The Humanities
    Morris, Richard, Carnegie Visiting Professor, Turnbull, Murray
    Neg# A57-00023f


  • 50th State Day at UH
    Students raising 50th star flag at Bachman flag pole
    Neg# A59-00016


  • 50th State Day at UH
    Students viewing and raising flag
    Neg# B59-00008


  • 50th State Fair UH Display
    Display of map showing UH and its international ties; publications
    Neg# B59-00023

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  • A P O Group Photo
    Group photos of men
    Neg# B67-00008


  • A. Morris, K. Kingrey, A. Korn

    Neg# B58-00007


  • A. W. S. May
    With Dr. Hardy
    Neg# A58-00055


  • A.H. Khan and B.A. Chohan
    Two individuals in photo both holding chalk board with name
    Neg# A01-00004


  • AAUP Panel

    Neg# A55-00069


  • Acceptance Ceremony, The Gate of Hope
    Speeches in auditorium, hula dancing by sculpture
    Neg# C72-00061


  • Accident on Maile Road, 8:00 AM
    Maile entrance guard shack damaged; car accident; body on ground
    Neg# C69-00126


  • Accident, Hemenway Hall

    Neg# B64-00040


  • Activities Workshop for the Preschooler
    Johnson, Harriet L. and Reddin, Mary E., Instructors in Education
    Neg# A56-00105


  • Administration Building
    Various views of Administration Building
    Neg# A56-00018


  • Administration Building
    Exterior views


  • Administration Building, Bachman Hall
    Different views of Bachman Hall
    Neg# A52-00008


  • Administrators for Government Courses
    Group photo, faculty unnamed
    Neg# A52-00023


  • Admiral J. F. Jelley
    ASCE Chapter, speech by Admiral J. F. Jelley
    Neg# A54-00034


  • Admiral Stump
    Conferring degree
    Neg# A58-00072


  • Adoracion Giron, Music Major

    Neg# A55-00080


  • Adult Education Conference
    Looks like luncheon workshop with speakers
    Neg# B63-00036


  • Advance Management
    Classroom, refreshment area, front of Castle Hall, outdoor shots
    Neg# B63-00042


  • Advance Management 1962
    Exterior, interior building; classroom, coffee, lounging areas
    Neg# B62-00023


  • Advance Management Class at Punahou School
    Exterior shots of building; lunch, class, groups
    Neg# B65-00070


  • Advance Management Faculty Members
    Four faculty members
    Neg# A60-00097


  • Advance Management Graduation, 1962
    Graduation; speeches; diplomas
    Neg# A62-00163


  • Advance Management Group
    Group photos
    Neg# A64-00031


  • Advance Management Program
    Group photos
    Neg# A65-00016


  • Advance Management Program
    Group photos
    Neg# A66-00013


  • Advance Management Program
    See A59-00105 for more information
    Neg# B59-00045


  • Advance Management Program
    Group in class, small groups, discussion shots, casual
    Neg# C66-00074


  • Advanced Management
    Photos of speakers, classroom shots
    Neg# B61-00046


  • Advanced Management Class
    Advanced Management classes held at Punahou School
    Neg# A54-00032


  • Advanced Management Program
    Instructors, students, formal classroom and informal groups shots
    Neg# A55-00062


  • Advanced Management Program
    Campus buildings; student days at Punahou Campus
    Neg# A55-00063


  • Advanced Management Program
    Workshop, conference type photos; large group photos
    Neg# C71-00063


  • Advanced Management Program (AMP)
    Group photos, class shots, reception; looks like office workers
    Neg# C67-00039


  • Advanced Management Program (AMP)
    Workshop groups in small room; speaker at podium in ballroom
    Neg# C72-00047


  • Advanced Management Program, 1873 (AMP)
    Group photos; conference workshop photos
    Neg# C73-00050


  • Advanced management, 1962
    Lecture photos
    Neg# A62-00132


  • Advanced Management, Graduation
    President Snyder handing out diplomas
    Neg# B60-00025


  • Aerial Campus View From Tantalus
    Views of the UH campus, surrounding community, Diamond Head
    Neg# A68-00001


  • Aerial Campus View from Tantalus
    Distant view of Diamond Head, UH campus, foreground
    Neg# C72-00005


  • Aerial Photo, Copy
    Old aerial photos
    Neg# A67-00006


  • Aerial View From Tantalus
    Distant view of UH, surrounding areas, Diamond Head background
    Neg# C70-00038


  • Aerial View Leahi Hospital, Copy
    Aerial view of hospital, St. Louis heights
    Neg# A70-00007


  • Aerial View Looking Into Manoa Valley
    Photos of UH looking toward Manoa Valley
    Neg# C71-00076


  • Aerial View Looking Toward University Ave.
    Low Aerial shots
    Neg# A82-00001


  • Aerial View of Campus
    Neg# A55-00110c


  • Aerial View of East West Center
    Aerial view of East West Center buildings
    Neg# A64-00040


  • Aerial View of Manoa Campus
    Distant view of campus; Diamond Head
    Neg# C66-00081


  • Aerial View of Manoa, 1967
    Looks like taken from Waahila or Tantalus slopes
    Neg# B67-00010


  • Aerial View of the Campus
    Aerial view of entire campus
    Neg# A62-00107


  • Aerial View of the UH Campus
    Views of the campus from a helicopter
    Neg# A66-00006


  • Aerial View of UH
    Campus and outlying areas; Waikiki high-rises, city areas
    Neg# C71-00059


  • Aerial View of UH Campus

    Neg# A52-00045


  • Aerial View of UH Campus Looking S.E.
    Aerial view of UH campus
    Neg# A66-00003


  • Aerial View of UH From Tantalus
    View of UH from Tantalus, Diamond Head background
    Neg# A66-00011


  • Aerial View, 1936, Copy
    Aerial view of UH campus 1936
    Neg# A71-00002


  • Aerial View, Tantalus
    View of UH; Diamond Head; Honolulu
    Neg# C69-00091


  • Aerial Views of UH Campus and EWC
    Aerial views of campus and East West Center
    Neg# A63-00076


  • Affandi, Charlot Mural Presentation to EWC
    Conference room audience; artists at mural
    Neg# C67-00062


  • Affandi's East Fresco
    Photos of his work, East
    Neg# C68-00110


  • Afro-Asian 1960, Trip to Hilo
    Group photo, planeside; picnic, volleyball, active volcano
    Neg# B60-00040a


  • Afro-Asian Graduation
    Graduation ceremony at Bachman Courtyard
    Neg# B60-00040b


  • Afro-Asian Group
    Group photo
    Neg# A60-00008


  • Afro-Asian, 1960
    Various Afro-Asian activities
    Neg# B60-00040c


  • AFROTC and ROTC Review for Burns and Hamilton
    Reviewing cadets, Gov. Burns receiving award
    Neg# B63-00028


  • AFROTC Drill Team Leaving for the Mainland
    Plane side photos
    Neg# B63-00007


  • AFROTC Review
    Looks like they are being honored at this review
    Neg# B63-00032


  • AFROTC Review - President Snyder and Deans
    Presentation of awards; cadets marching
    Neg# B59-00014


  • AFROTC Review for President Snyder
    Award for Melvin Hayashi
    Neg# B62-00042


  • Agency of Inter-Development, AID Program
    Looks like discussion meeting, 4 men, one at blackboard
    Neg# C66-00069


  • Agricultural Biochemistry Laboratory
    Photos of plants, equipment in lab, several women working
    Neg# C68-00001


  • Agricultural Conference
    Group photos, classroom shots
    Neg# C67-00094


  • Agricultural Delegates from India
    Representatives for India (International Cooperation Center)
    Neg# A55-00005


  • Agricultural Development Council
    Formal group and informal photos of attendees
    Neg# B65-00009


  • Agricultural Engineering Building
    Front exterior views
    Neg# B64-00021


  • Agricultural Engineering Building, Drawing
    Drawing dated October 1972
    Neg# A73-00002


  • Agricultural Engineering Building, Office
    Agricultural Engineering, shop photos; office photo
    Neg# A47-00001


  • Agricultural Engineering Conference
    Group photos
    Neg# B64-00013


  • Agricultural Experiment Station, Hawaii
    Drawing, HAES, Hawaii, Hilo Campus
    Neg# A61-00183


  • Agricultural Experiment Station, Kauai
    Drawing HAES, Kauai Branch Laboratory, Wailua, Kauai
    Neg# A61-00182


  • Agricultural Experiment Station, Maui
    Drawing HAES, Maui Branch Laboratory, Kula Maui
    Neg# A61-00181


  • Agricultural Extension, Nutrition Program
    Cooking demonstration, lecture, group photos
    Neg# C69-00146


  • Agricultural Extension, South Oahu Office
    Training Session
    Neg# C72-00018


  • Agricultural Federal Inspectors
    President Snyder with unidentified federal agricultural inspectors
    Neg# A60-00015


  • Agricultural Luau
    Stage shots: Group photos, award winners, entertainers, speakers
    Neg# B64-00032


  • Agricultural Luau
    Speeches, trophy, award presentations, groups, entertainers
    Neg# C67-00034


  • Agricultural Luau, 1966
    Award winners, group shots on stage, audience
    Neg# C66-00073


  • Agricultural Scholarship Recipient
    Several views
    Neg# A58-00134


  • Agricultural Sprayer for Naka
    Different views of sprayer
    Neg# A59-00028


  • Agricultural Training for Okinawa Students
    Various group shots with students
    Neg# A53-00087


  • Agriculture - Kona, Hawaii
    Photos of various agricultural farms; products
    Neg# B61-00022


  • Agriculture Club
    Poultry, swine, floriculture, passion fruit sites; group shot
    Neg# A56-00056


  • Agriculture Club
    Carnival publicity pictures
    Neg# A59-00121


  • Agriculture Club
    Small group in corn field, nursery with anthuriums, plants
    Neg# A64-00014


  • Agriculture Club Pan Pacific Publicity
    Publicity shots; posing with agricultural produce, papayas
    Neg# A61-00033


  • Agriculture Club; Pan Pacific Publicity
    Students posing with seedlings; outdoor farm shots
    Neg# A62-00067


  • Agriculture Development Conference
    Group photos
    Neg# A64-00005


  • Agriculture Directors Conference
    Group gathered around food product table
    Neg# A63-00043


  • Agriculture Directors From India
    Agriculture directors possibly with President Hamilton
    Neg# A63-00047


  • Agriculture Engineering Ground Breaking
    Ground breaking ceremony, speakers
    Neg# C73-00013


  • Agriculture Experts from Japan
    Baron Goto with two agriculture experts from Japan
    Neg# A56-00143


  • Agriculture Faculty Going to Thailand
    Rosenberg, Morton M.; group photo around globe
    Neg# A61-00048


  • Agriculture Gavel. Club ?
    Group photos in garden; meeting room; trophy presentation
    Neg# B63-00002


  • Agriculture Hunger Fighter Club
    Group of students with Goto; group photos
    Neg# C70-00079


  • Agriculture Hunger Fighters
    Students meeting with Governor Burns
    Neg# C69-00034


  • Agriculture Hunger Fighters Club
    Group photos; looks like club meeting
    Neg# C70-00140


  • Agriculture Instructors-Kalihi Pork Center
    Cutting up pig carcass
    Neg# A59-00150


  • Agriculture Laboratory
    Various shots of people working in the lab
    Neg# A59-00019


  • Agriculture Luau
    Large luau setting, audience, agriculture staff, group awardees
    Neg# B65-00022


  • Agriculture Picnic Party
    Group photos, front steps; individuals seated around islands
    Neg# C73-00056


  • Agriculture Project, Hilo
    Looks like photos of papaya production
    Neg# C69-00004


  • Agriculture Speech Club
    Group shots with trophy; trophy, award presentations
    Neg# A62-00206


  • Agriculture Staff with Governor King
    Handing a copy of Diversified Agriculture Book to Governor King
    Neg# A53-00074


  • Agriculture Toast Masters Club
    Group photo of club members
    Neg# B64-00031


  • Agriculture Visitor from India
    Individual, group photos
    Neg# A60-00104


  • Agriculture, ETV
    Filming of program; interview format
    Neg# B66-00027


  • Agriculture, for Anita Povich
    Primarily a man in a lab setting
    Neg# C71-00039


  • Agriculture, Horticulture Students Working
    Students working in laboratory setting
    Neg# A65-00018


  • Agriculture, Hunger Fighters
    Looks like a luncheon
    Neg# C73-00092


  • Aiea Plantation Photos
    Photo of plantation complex; harvesting cane with crane
    Neg# A57-00143


  • Aikido Experts from Japan
    Group photos
    Neg# A63-00032


  • Aileen Takamiya, Dental Hygiene Student
    Neg# A65-00021j


  • Aina Haina School, Teaching
    Various photos of classes and activities at Aina Haina School
    Neg# A01-00067


  • Air Force Cadets
    Neg# A61-00091


  • Air Force Champion Drill Team
    Group photos with President Hamilton, trophies
    Neg# A65-00025


  • Air Force Parade with the Deans

    Neg# A57-00034


  • Air Force ROTC
    Group, several individual photos
    Neg# A57-00019


  • Air Force ROTC

    Neg# A57-00024


  • Air Force ROTC
    Air Power Speech finals, Tanimoto, Takara
    Neg# A57-00063


  • Air Force ROTC
    Two cadet officers, sponsors group shot
    Neg# A57-00070


  • Air Force ROTC
    Presenting Best Squadron Award
    Neg# A58-00049


  • Air Force ROTC
    5-man group photos; troop at attention, President Snyder speaking
    Neg# A61-00096


  • Air Force ROTC

    Neg# B58-00009


  • Air Force ROTC (varied)
    Various views, Provost Wilson, cadets
    Neg# A58-00096


  • Air Force ROTC Award
    Unidentified cadet receiving award
    Neg# A56-00132


  • Air Force ROTC Award of Merit
    Air Science Award Convair Cadet Award, Cadet Thomas Yoshida
    Neg# A57-00098


  • Air Force ROTC Cadet Ouye
    Neg# A64-00036


  • Air Force ROTC Cadets
    Neg# A63-00098


  • Air Force ROTC Commission
    Inside office shots of commissioning
    Neg# A61-00006


  • Air Force ROTC Commissioning
    Midterm graduates receive 2nd Lt. commissions
    Neg# A62-00019


  • Air Force ROTC Commissioning Ceremony
    Cadets commissioned into Air Force
    Neg# A64-00032


  • Air Force ROTC Distinguished Cadets

    Neg# A55-00073


  • Air Force ROTC Drill Team
    Formal group photos
    Neg# A57-00038


  • Air Force ROTC Drill Team
    Group photo
    Neg# A59-00031


  • Air Force ROTC Honoring President Snyder
    Parade honoring Snyder
    Neg# B61-00011


  • Air Force ROTC in Review
    Shots of marching unit, reviewing officials, lei presentation
    Neg# A56-00050


  • Air Force ROTC Parade
    Photos of unit, lei presentation, officials
    Neg# A56-00057


  • Air Force ROTC Parade

    Neg# A57-00033


  • Air Force ROTC Parade and Review
    Parade in honor of President Sinclair and the Deans
    Neg# A55-00018


  • Air Force ROTC Receiving Commissions

    Neg# A55-00041


  • Air Force ROTC Review

    Neg# A55-00028


  • Air Force ROTC Trophy
    Trophy won on the mainland by UH Drill Team
    Neg# A57-00113


  • Air Force ROTC, Change of Command
    Sponsor Gordean Lee; more info, newsprint caption
    Neg# A58-00011


  • Air Force ROTC, Dillingham Award 1965
    Captain H. Gaylord Dillingham Memorial Award
    Neg# A65-00024


  • Air Force ROTC, First Female Cadets

    Neg# A58-00081


  • Air Force ROTC, Speech Contest
    Unidentified officials, participants
    Neg# A58-00116


  • Air Force Speech Contestants

    Neg# A56-00163


  • Air Pollution Testing
    Outside by crosswalk
    Neg# C69-00107


  • Air ROTC Volleyball Champs

    Neg# A55-00039


  • Airplane Project, Teachers College

    Neg# A58-00067


  • Ala Wai Canal
    Photos of Ala Wai
    Neg# B66-00060


  • Ala Wai Canal
    Almost clear mauka views across the Ala Wai Canal
    Neg# C66-00088


  • Aldyth Morris, Samuel Elbert, OPI
    Office of Publications and Information news
    Neg# A61-00171


  • Aldyth Morris-Kenneth Kingrey-Alfons Korn
    Korn, English Professor
    Neg# A58-00078


  • Alexander Grocery Store For HAES
    Exterior and interior shots of the store; for Dr. Peters
    Neg# A62-00082


  • Alfalfa Yield Response Graph
    Graph, Alfalfa yield response to varying rates of phosphorus
    Neg# A61-00144


  • Alice Timble and Virginia Kunz

    Neg# A53-00002


  • Aloha Party
    Party for Mainland Students (Coeds)
    Neg# A54-00027


  • Aloha Project
    Individual at computer screen, two men looks on
    Neg# C68-00096


  • Aloha System Research, IBM
    Woman posing with the Aloha system
    Neg# C71-00074


  • Aloha Week Program, Teachers College
    Scenes from a play, group photo
    Neg# A56-00103


  • Alpha Phi Omega Guide 1965
    Group photos
    Neg# B65-00054


  • Alumnae Dinner, Country Club
    Looks like dinner reception
    Neg# B59-00021


  • Alumnae Scholarship Recipients

    Neg# A58-00075


  • Alumni Association Members
    Alumni Association of the University of Hawaii
    Neg# A55-00107


  • Alumni Benefit Show at Nippon Theater
    With Higa, Yamaoto(?); Christ in Bronze Japanese film spectacle
    Neg# A58-00025


  • Alumni Committee
    Group photo of four individuals
    Neg# C73-00043


  • Alumni Dinner
    Photos of speeches, center table
    Neg# B65-00023


  • Alumni Dinner, 1961
    Guests, speakers
    Neg# B61-00021


  • Alumni Executive Director, U. of Wisconsin
    Group photos
    Neg# B67-00002


  • Alumni Garden Tour
    Group shots at Bachman Hall; living room, garden
    Neg# A64-00002


  • Alumni Homecoming Resolution Committee
    President Snyder's office, unidentified individual
    Neg# A60-00086


  • Alumni Hostesses
    Various group photos
    Neg# A63-00021


  • Alumni Management ...
    People dining
    Neg# C72-00055


  • Alumni Registration
    Photos of registration personnel and some new alumni members
    Neg# A56-00104


  • Alumni Registration, Political Candidates
    Candidates are wearing ID tags
    Neg# B62-00043


  • Alumnis: Senator E. Forbes and Yamamoto
    Holding plaque or commendation
    Neg# C70-00034


  • Ambassador
    Unidentified ambassador signing guest book
    Neg# A62-00263


  • Ambassador from Indonesia
    Allison, Associate Director of Overseas Operations Program
    Neg# A63-00089


  • American Society for Public Administrators
    Neg# B64-00045


  • American University Field Staff, AUFS
    Group photo; smaller group shots
    Neg# A60-00069


  • AMP 1968
    Large group photos; conference, small informal group, office photos
    Neg# C68-00075


  • AMP, Night Discussion Meeting
    Group of individuals at meeting
    Neg# C68-00076


  • AMP, Night Sessions
    Long table session about 12 men; found with Neg# C70-00161
    Neg# C70-00162


  • Anatol Rapoport, Copy
    Copy, portrait; also one unidentified portrait, slightly larger
    Neg# A64-00090


  • Andre Kostelanetz, Conductor
    Kostelanetz and wife standing by tree he planted many years ago
    Neg# B61-00043


  • Andrew Inn, Orient Summer Tour
    Looking at globe with several students
    Neg# C66-00013


  • Andrews Outdoor Theatre

    Neg# A53-00027


  • Andrews Outdoor Theatre

    Neg# A54-00076


  • Animals and Insects
    Bees, Hornbill, Honey-Guide Bird, Guenons, Ratel
    Neg# A01-00062


  • Anita Moepono with Legislators
    Group standing by mural at Bachman Hall
    Neg# A63-00037


  • Announcing the Appointment of H. Cleveland
    Cushing announcing Harlen Cleveland as the new UH president
    Neg# C69-00045


  • Annual Home and Garden Tour of Alumni Assoc.
    Exterior and interior photos of several homes
    Neg# C65-00002


  • Ansel Adams
    Adams giving lecture demonstration; posing with camera outdoors
    Neg# A58-00045


  • Ansel Adams Exhibit
    Unidentified individuals with artwork
    Neg# A57-00062


  • Ansel Adams' Photo of a Class
    Photo of a section of a large auditorium-sized class
    Neg# A59-00141


  • Anthropology Fellowship Recipient and Family

    Neg# A54-00054


  • Antolina Rudimch
    More info in news clip
    Neg# A58-00115


  • Antonio Frasconi, Printmaking
    Photos of printmaking demonstration
    Neg# B64-00022


  • Aquarium Dedication
    University and Territorial Officials invited
    Neg# A55-00001


  • Arboretum
    Some views of the Arboretum
    Neg# C67-00028


  • Arboretum
    Photos of building structure; grounds of the arboretum
    Neg# C67-00042


  • Arboretum Meeting
    Five men at table
    Neg# C69-00036


  • Archaeologist, Dr. Solheim
    Three bearded men looking at chart
    Neg# C69-00035


  • Archaeology Finding in Thailand, Copy
    Copies of dig site, findings, unidentified male, map of Thailand
    Neg# A69-00010


  • Archaeology Students, South Point, Hawaii
    Probably students at outdoor worksite; group having meal
    Neg# B68-00005


  • Archery
    Girls practicing archery
    Neg# A54-00046


  • Architectural Women's Auxiliary
    Check presentation to Etherington
    Neg# C70-00090


  • Architecture
    Looks like a wooden structure built around Sinclair parking area
    Neg# C73-00004


  • Arizona Delegation with President Sinclair
    Arizona delegation visiting President Sinclair, Summer Session
    Neg# A52-00027


  • Army and Air Force Engineering Scholarship
    Group photo; awardees, Holmes, unidentified military official
    Neg# A63-00077


  • Army and Air Force ROTC Graduation
    Various shots of ceremony, reception
    Neg# A56-00076


  • Army Reserve
    Group photos of Army Reservists; for Dr. Shosuke Goto
    Neg# A65-00039


  • Army ROTC
    Presenting of Club 100 Trophy
    Neg# A54-00088


  • Army ROTC
    Distant, close-up shots
    Neg# A58-00117


  • Army ROTC Award to Alvin M. Takata
    Army-Navy Legion of Valor Award to outstanding senior in Army ROTC
    Neg# A61-00102


  • Army ROTC Awards
    Awarding of DMS badges and certificates by COL Boylan
    Neg# A61-00083


  • Army ROTC Parade for the President and Deans
    UH Army ROTC Parade in honor of the President and Deans
    Neg# A56-00047


  • Army ROTC Parade Honoring Governor Quinn
    Presentations of trophy, decorations, plaques
    Neg# A62-00069


  • Army ROTC Review

    Neg# A55-00023


  • Army ROTC Review
    Review in honor of President Sinclair and the Deans
    Neg# A55-00031


  • Army ROTC Review
    Review in honor of President and the Deans
    Neg# A55-00032


  • Army ROTC Review
    Various views of review
    Neg# A57-00039


  • Army ROTC Review
    Parade in honor of President Snyder and Deans
    Neg# A62-00042


  • Army ROTC Review, Governor William Quinn
    Governor Quinn one of the reviewing officials
    Neg# A60-00027


  • Army ROTC Sponsors with New Uniforms
    Group photos, other shots: receiving leis
    Neg# A58-00100


  • Army ROTC, Warrior of the Pacific
    Expert riflemen receiving Warrior of the Pacific medals
    Neg# A53-00032


  • Army ROTC, Warrior of the Pacific Award
    Snyder awarded the Warrior of the Pacific Trophy
    Neg# A62-00024


  • Arrival of US State Department People
    Airport greeting and welcoming
    Neg# B59-00036


  • Art Award

    Neg# A59-00024


  • Art Calligraphy Exhibition
    Group and individual shots of calligraphic works
    Neg# A57-00134


  • Art Class Silk Screening
    Students silk screening in class
    Neg# B62-00039


  • Art Class, Summer Session
    Summer session art class, students doing art projects
    Neg# A59-00062


  • Art Department
    Lecture, studio painting, sculpture, pottery, printing, textiles
    Neg# C67-00030


  • Art Display in Front of Bachman Hall
    Cranes hoisting telephone poles for art display into place
    Neg# C68-00112


  • Art Exhibit
    Photo of painting
    Neg# A59-00018


  • Art Exhibit
    Posing with artwork
    Neg# A62-00022


  • Art Exhibit
    Taken by D. Miles
    Neg# B58-00017


  • Art Exhibit
    Views of the exhibit in George Hall Art Gallery
    Neg# B59-00007


  • Art Exhibit
    Individual photos of art work
    Neg# B59-00057


  • Art Exhibit
    Hanging object; Others: Bearded man looking at Asian Perspectives
    Neg# C69-00023


  • Art Exhibit
    Neg# C69-00075


  • Art Exhibit Copies, Francis Haar
    Neg# A59-00022


  • Art Exhibit for Faculty and Guild
    Art faculty displaying their painting
    Neg# A58-00008


  • Art Exhibit Publicity Pictures
    Individual at weaving loom, with artwork
    Neg# A58-00053


  • Art Exhibit, Christmas Cards
    Various shots of exhibit, unidentified male in some photos
    Neg# A58-00101


  • Art Exhibit, Contemporary Textiles-Part II
    Close up and area shots of exhibit
    Neg# A59-00002


  • Art Exhibit, Textiles
    Shots of various textile displays
    Neg# A58-00112


  • Art Exhibits
    Women looking at pictures
    Neg# A58-00086


  • Art Faculty Judging Pictures
    Shot of Art faculty judging painting; 2 shots of students working
    Neg# A53-00056


  • Art in Music Building
    Photos of artwork by the entrance of Orvis Auditorium
    Neg# C72-00095


  • Art of the Pacific (Summer course)
    1956 Summer Session course; Professor with several students
    Neg# A56-00093


  • Art Student at Easel

    Neg# A52-00044


  • Art Students and Exhibit
    Art students at exhibit
    Neg# A57-00045


  • Art Work

    Neg# A58-00149


  • Art: Painting, Fiber
    Paintings displayed; rug
    Neg# A62-00038


  • Art: Nude Models
    Looks like 2 models, students drawing, outside
    Neg# C70-00008


  • Arthur Keller Hall Groundbreaking Ceremony
    Edwin M. Tani, contractor; Wilfred J. Holmes - from news clip
    Neg# A58-00102a


  • Arthur Keller Hall Groundbreaking Ceremony
    Various views of ceremony; using ancient Hawaiian spade, 'o'o halo
    Neg# A58-00102b


  • Arthur Lyman Dean Prize Winners, 1962
    Prize for best thesis in any field of undergraduate research
    Neg# A62-00136


  • Arts and Crafts of Pakistan Exhibit
    Negative no. 5,6: Elsner, Louise with hand embroidered textiles
    Neg# A62-00189


  • Arturo Frondizi, President of Argentina
    Looking at East West Center models, convocation
    Neg# B61-00035


  • Artwork of Dr. J. Halley Cox
    Photos of his artwork
    Neg# A54-00083


  • Asian Institute Group Pictures
    Various receptions, Asian artifacts, temples, costumes
    Neg# B60-00044


  • Asian Institute Group, 1969
    Group photos
    Neg# A69-00006


  • Asian Orientation
    Looks like reception gathering
    Neg# B58-00016


  • Asian Orientation Group Picture
    Group picture; informal talks
    Neg# A59-00063


  • Asian Orientation Program
    Large formal group picture; culturally diverse group from Asia
    Neg# A60-00046


  • Asian Orientation, Summer 1962
    Reception, auditorium group shots; Fullbright Scholarship
    Neg# B62-00029


  • Asian Students Orientation, Summer
    Reception for Asian students; milling around Bachman; classroom
    Neg# B59-00028


  • Asian Studies, NEA Group
    Group photo
    Neg# A59-00064


  • Asian Studies-Dr. Ayakawa and Dr. Smith
    Oriental instrument demonstration
    Neg# B61-00053


  • Asian Tour Group
    Looks like a reception
    Neg# B60-00022


  • ASPA Meeting
    Looks like conference meeting photos
    Neg# B65-00026


  • ASPA Public Administrators
    Awards presented; breakfast meeting; group photos
    Neg# A64-00024


  • Assembly for India
    Informal group photos
    Neg# B62-00041


  • Assistant Secretary of the Army Milton
    With President Bachman
    Neg# A55-00086


  • Astrophysicists at the Solar Observatory
    Exterior views of observatory; men at work
    Neg# B66-00045


  • ASUH Carnival
    Photos of carnival grounds
    Neg# B59-00038


  • ASUH Carnival, 1960
    Carnival overview, individual booths
    Neg# B60-00043


  • ASUH Election
    Election scenes, lanai area, inside
    Neg# A58-00036


  • ASUH Election
    Students electioneering; waiting to vote
    Neg# C68-00134


  • ASUH International Festival, Big Show
    Entertainers on stage
    Neg# B61-00031d


  • ASUH International Festival Carnival
    Carnival shots, rides booths; Rainbow Mardi Gras
    Neg# B61-00031a


  • ASUH International Festival Exhibits
    Exhibits and displays, group photos
    Neg# B61-00031c


  • ASUH International Refreshment Hour
    Dances and exhibits; student activities
    Neg# B61-00005


  • ASUH Int'l Festival Carnival, Fashion Show
    Students modeling fashions on stage and around Bachman Hall
    Neg# B61-00031b


  • ASUH Songfest
    Group photo; presenting trophy; audience, trio
    Neg# A62-00065


  • Atherton House
    Exterior photo of building
    Neg# A61-00037


  • Athletic Department, Shriners Hospital
    Football players visit Shriners Hospital
    Neg# B66-00050


  • Athletic Department/Gov. John Burns Office
    Photos of foursome in Burns' office; individual photo of Hall
    Neg# A64-00046


  • Athletic Dept. Presentation to Gov. Burns
    Presenting Burns with jacket and football
    Neg# C69-00013


  • Athletics Staff
    Individual portraits of about 12 staff members
    Neg# B68-00004


  • Atomic Energy Conference
    Group photos
    Neg# C68-00061


  • Australian Aboriginal Photos
    Art, runner, foot
    Neg# A01-00085


  • Authors Reception
    Photos taken by Miles
    Neg# B58-00013


  • Award to Dr. Shosuke Goto From FFA
    Goto posing with award flanked by two men
    Neg# C70-00123

    Top of Page

  • B. Norris/ S. Sakamaki; Summer Tour Mexico
    Looking at Mexican figurine
    Neg# C66-00008


  • Baby at Kaiser Hospital
    Photos of baby, nurse
    Neg# B65-00031


  • Bachman Hall
    View of Bachman from Dole Street
    Neg# C68-00094


  • Bachman Hall
    Exterior photos, courtyard
    Neg# C70-00169


  • Bachman Hall Mural
    Wide shot of second floor mural
    Neg# A59-00160


  • Bachman Hall, Founders' Gate
    Distant view of Bachman Hall, Founders' Gate up close
    Neg# A60-00084


  • Bachman Hall, Music Building with Students
    Students milling around new Music Building and at Bachman Hall
    Neg# B59-00053


  • Banana Conference
    Group photos; publicity picture for Agriculture Department
    Neg# C68-00013


  • Banana Field of Mr. A.J. Campbell
    Shows offshoots of Cavendish variety set September 8, 1924
    Neg# A58-00151


  • Banana Packing
    Ladies packing bananas in trays; for HAES
    Neg# B61-00016


  • Banana Tree, Technical Plates
    Copy; various plates of banana plant parts; other leaf samples
    Neg# A58-00153


  • Bananas
    Neg# A01-00065


  • Bananas
    Photos of bananas
    Neg# A59-00128


  • Bananas for Hawaii Farm Science
    Examples of packaging bananas
    Neg# A58-00133


  • Band Leaders Music Clinic
    Group photo
    Neg# A62-00128


  • Band Leaders Music Clinic
    Instructor addressing a group of people in Orvis Auditorium
    Neg# B62-00022


  • Band Picture, 12:00 Rally
    Band leader, musicians playing
    Neg# A01-00073


  • Banyat Soonsinpai and Busbok Bandhitwong
    Two individuals in photo holding chalk board with name; birthdate?
    Neg# A01-00006


  • Barack Obama from Africa
    Scholarship winner; Phi Beta Kappa; portraits
    Neg# A62-00099


  • Barbara Dinsmore, Dental Hygiene Student
    Neg# A65-00021a


  • Barbara Smith
    Sitting at desk taping music
    Neg# B60-00013


  • Barbara Smith at Piano

    Neg# A56-00002


  • Barbara Smith Playing the Koto
    With another koto player
    Neg# A55-00088


  • Bartow Award and Warrior of the Pacific
    Major D.M. Bartow Rifle Plaque; Warrior of the Pacific Trophy
    Neg# A62-00186


  • Basketball
    Individual photos of players; one photo, group of 5, coach(?)
    Neg# A60-00091


  • Basketball Team
    Individual and group photos of players
    Neg# B66-00030


  • Basketball Team
    Group photos
    Neg# B69-00001


  • Basketball Team, 1962
    Individual shots of players in Klum Gym
    Neg# B62-00046


  • Basketball Team, 1963
    Individual photos of basketball players
    Neg# B63-00065


  • Basketball Team, 1966
    Group photos
    Neg# B66-00064


  • Basketball Team, Passport Pictures
    Portraits, unidentified
    Neg# C71-00034


  • Basketball, 1966
    Group photos, individual photos of players, coaches
    Neg# B66-00047


  • Basketball, 1967
    Individual and group photos
    Neg# B67-00009


  • Bass Mural, by Sculptor Edward M. Brownlee
    Bass Mural in front of auditorium
    Neg# A62-00001


  • Batik and Printmaking
    Students working
    Neg# C70-00030


  • Battery Run Automobile
    Photos of car; given to UH by Hawaiian Electric
    Neg# C70-00125


  • Beauty Pageant at Hemenway Hall
    Group pose; with flowers; entertainment group
    Neg# A61-00175


  • Beauty Queens
    Group photo
    Neg# A01-00027


  • Bee Keeping, Joseph Carriera
    Working with beehives; Science Club
    Neg# A62-00156


  • Bennett Cerf and Thomas Nickerson
    Bennett Cerf lectured at Farrington Hall, 02/04/55
    Neg# A55-00009


  • Bennett Cerf, Henry Kaiser, Pres. Sinclair

    Neg# A55-00010


  • Beta Sigma Phi
    Giving money to speech clinic
    Neg# A55-00043


  • Beta Sigma Phi
    Photo of members at sausage tree, Food Processing Plant
    Neg# A55-00071


  • Beta Sigma Phi
    Gift check to Speech Department
    Neg# A57-00017


  • Beta Sigma Phi at Speech Clinic
    Beta Sigma Phi group, Dr. Ansberry with children
    Neg# A56-00067


  • Beta Sigma Phi Ladies

    Neg# A55-00024


  • Beta Sigma Phi Ladies
    With unidentified man and woman
    Neg# A56-00042


  • Beta Sigma Phi Ladies
    Group photo of ladies
    Neg# A56-00069


  • Beta Sigma Phi Members
    Equipment donated by the Beta Sigma Phi
    Neg# A54-00014


  • Beta Sigma Phi Representatives
    Check passing
    Neg# A55-00025


  • Biafra Fund Raising
    Group photo; Biafra banner
    Neg# C68-00118


  • Bice Hall Dedication
    Dedication photos; reception, chicken barbecue photos
    Neg# B62-00010


  • Bilger Hall
    Photos of building
    Neg# C68-00136


  • Bilger Hall Back
    Exterior photos of annex
    Neg# C73-00064


  • Bilger Hall Dedication
    Building named in honor of Dr. Leonora Bilger; President Snyder
    Neg# A59-00003


  • Bilger New Wing
    Exterior views, probably from the top of Kuykendall Hall tower
    Neg# C72-00114


  • Bill Ichinose, Ceramics

    Neg# A55-00081


  • Bio Med. Building
    Exterior views of building construction
    Neg# C70-00032


  • Biochemistry Group, Summer Session
    Group photos
    Neg# A64-00049


  • Biomedical Building
    Exterior views, auditorium
    Neg# C71-00023


  • Biomedical Building Floor Plan
    2nd and 5th floor plan of the Biomedical Building
    Neg# A01-00083


  • Biomedical Building Taken From MidPac
    More distant exterior shots of the Biomed Building from MidPac
    Neg# C72-00108


  • Biomedical Building, Artist Drawing
    Neg# A68-00010


  • Biomedical Groundbreaking
    Ceremony, speeches, ground breaking under tent
    Neg# C68-00034


  • Bio-Medical Health Week Exhibit
    Exhibit booth, displays
    Neg# C65-00009


  • Bishop Museum Book Presentation
    Mrs. E.P. Sterling; 2 shots of book presentation
    Neg# A62-00007


  • Bishop Museum Observatory
    Exterior shots of building
    Neg# A61-00115


  • Bizen Ware Exhibit from Japan
    Various photos of exhibit wares, close-up, room
    Neg# A57-00080


  • Board of Governors Student Activities
    Haircut, public relations, coffee hour, ping pong
    Neg# A57-00097


  • Board of Health, Radiation Biology
    Classroom shots; instructor explaining equipment usage to group
    Neg# B62-00017


  • Board of Regent Party for Dr. Hamilton
    Cocktail party for Dr. Hamilton
    Neg# B63-00008


  • Board of Regents
    Neg# A57-00108


  • Board of Regents
    Group photo; working shots
    Neg# A58-00129


  • Board of Regents
    Group photo, seated at conference table
    Neg# A60-00083


  • Board of Regents
    Looks like a meeting of the BOR
    Neg# C66-00011


  • Board of Regents
    Group photos; conference sessions
    Neg# C71-00069


  • Board of Regents Island Inspection Tour
    Around the island inspection tour
    Neg# B63-00067


  • Board of Regents Meeting With SDS
    Sit-in, police, speakers at Bachman; students marching; meeting EWC
    Neg# C68-00042


  • Board of Regents Tour, Mauna Kea Observatory
    Group touring inside; photos of building exterior
    Neg# C69-00100


  • Body Plaster Casting, ETV
    Photos preparing body casting for ETV
    Neg# C70-00063


  • Bomb Shelter in Front of Hawaii Hall

    Neg# A43-00001


  • Bon Dance, Summer Session
    Bon dance, drummers
    Neg# C66-00036


  • Book About Captain Cook
    Captain Cook and his Officers; Canoe of the Sandwich Islands
    Neg# A56-00072


  • Book Covers by UH Press
    Chinese, Fruits of Hawaii, Hawaii People, Race Issues
    Neg# A57-00122


  • Book Donation by Japan Ikebana Teachers
    Group photos
    Neg# A63-00057


  • Book Exhibit Materials at Library
    Photos of pages from books
    Neg# A56-00044


  • Book Presentation Ceremony By Dr. Lau Wang
    Photos of several people, probably family; he presenting books
    Neg# C71-00079


  • Book Presentation to Governor King
    Drs. Tuttle and Saunders presenting books to Governor King
    Neg# A54-00019


  • Book Store
    Exterior shots of Book Store
    Neg# A63-00009


  • Book Store
    Exterior views of Book Store
    Neg# A63-00017


  • Book Store Staff in Uniform
    Group photo
    Neg# A55-00011


  • Books
    UH Press books
    Neg# A57-00013


  • Books Donated by Korea
    President Snyder with two unidentified men
    Neg# A59-00077


  • Books on Ping Pong Table
    Stacks of books on a ping pong table
    Neg# B63-00071


  • Bookstore
    Outside views of Bookstore
    Neg# A56-00131


  • Bookstore (Inside)
    Shoppers in the bookstore; office area
    Neg# C68-00053


  • Boys and Girls Week
    Dean Bitner, Acting Dean of Student Personnel w/ school student
    Neg# A53-00011


  • Brackbill, Martin V.
    Identification chalkboard: Department of Chemistry
    Neg# A57-00101


  • Brass, Woodwinds, Band, String Quartet
    Photos of groups and sections
    Neg# B67-00004


  • Broken Furniture in Hemenway Hall

    Neg# A57-00040


  • Broken Packages Through the Mail

    Neg# A53-00043


  • Broken Pipe Under the Library

    Neg# A52-00028


  • Broken Pipeline in Administration Building
    Frank Hinton, Superintendent of Buildings and Maintenance
    Neg# A53-00054


  • Broken Water Pipe Front of Bachman Hall
    Construction area; looks like broken water main, geyser-like shots
    Neg# B65-00047


  • Brussels Candidates Leaving
    Group photos of candidates, airport scenes
    Neg# A58-00006i


  • Brussel's Dinner at Country Club
    Looks like reception line greeting
    Neg# B59-00040


  • Brussels World Fair Candidates
    sitting, Carmen Torres; with President Wilson; outside Bachman
    Neg# A58-00006a


  • Bubpachart Amnuay
    Portrait; individual holding chalk board with name
    Neg# A01-00001


  • Buddhist Bishop with President Sinclair
    President Sinclair, Buddhist Bishop from Japan and others
    Neg# A52-00013


  • Buddhist Priest from Cambodia
    Portrait, group pictures
    Neg# A56-00154


  • Building Inventory A-1
    Negatives found grouped together as A-1
    Neg# C67-00104a1


  • Building Inventory A-2
    Negatives found grouped together as A-II
    Neg# C67-00104a2


  • Building Inventory B
    Various parking areas; negatives found grouped together labeled B
    Neg# C67-00104b


  • Building Inventory C
    Negatives found grouped together labeled C
    Neg# C67-00104c


  • Building Inventory D
    Negatives found grouped together labeled D
    Neg# C67-00104d


  • Building Inventory E
    Mainly smaller structures, unidentified; grouped together labeled E
    Neg# C67-00104e


  • Building Inventory F
    Group F
    Neg# C67-00104f


  • Building Inventory, Temporary
    Exterior photos of the temporary building structures on campus
    Neg# C68-00003


  • Building Model, Bio-Medical
    Simple model of what would become the Biomedical Science Building
    Neg# A64-00093


  • Building of Crawford Hall
    Beginning of construction; views from site
    Neg# A00-00008


  • Buildings (New Buildings)
    Hale Aloha looking complete; Holmes and Chemistry almost complete
    Neg# C71-00080


  • Bumpei Akaji Working on Wall Mosaic

    Neg# A52-00041


  • Bureau of Testing and Guidance
    With Edward Chang
    Neg# A57-00065


  • Burma Young, Dental Hygiene Student
    Neg# A65-00021o


  • Burns Signing Vocational Week Proclamation
    Burns signing proclamation as others watch
    Neg# C71-00022


  • Bus Gift to Leahi Hospital
    Photos of bus; patients being exercised in pool, tended to
    Neg# C70-00147


  • Business Administration
    Neg# A62-00074


  • Business Administration Building
    Many exterior views of Business Administration Building
    Neg# C71-00108


  • Business Administration Building Model
    Building model of College of Business Administration
    Neg# A66-00016


  • Business Administration Luncheon
    Business Administration luncheon at Waioli Tea House
    Neg# A52-00026


  • Business Administration Students
    Various shots of students in class, using equipment, casual groups
    Neg# A52-00021


  • Business Administration, Gullander Meeting
    Gullander meeting with foreign students
    Neg# C69-00140


  • Business Economics
    Classroom, computers
    Neg# C69-00072


  • Business Office Group Picture
    Group picture for Joseph Skorpen, Treasurer
    Neg# A59-00129

    Top of Page


  • Cadets from Japan Visiting UH

    Neg# B58-00010


  • Caesar Augustin
    Civil service worker, Zoology
    Neg# A61-00139


  • Cafeteria Group
    Group of individuals looking at books
    Neg# A62-00224


  • Calligraphy
    Foreign words
    Neg# A58-00146


  • Camp Craft Class

    Neg# B66-00053


  • Camp Exhibit
    For Health; large display, American Indian theme
    Neg# A62-00020


  • Campus
    Photos of students in class, about campus, crowds; prob. for pub.
    Neg# C68-00109


  • Campus
    Open lawn areas
    Neg# A59-00161


  • Campus and Building With Students
    Photos of students around the campus
    Neg# C68-00135


  • Campus Action Shots
    Student-life type photos taken around the campus
    Neg# C66-00058


  • Campus Aerial View
    Aerial photo of campus
    Neg# B61-00052


  • Campus Buildings with Students
    Photos of buildings, students about
    Neg# C68-00137


  • Campus Candid Shots, Mike Tamaru Photos
    Bicycles, carrels, students walking, studying, lounging, sideburns
    Neg# C71-00106


  • Campus Conference - Religion, Billy Graham
    Billy Graham, two other speakers; some audience shots
    Neg# B65-00004a


  • Campus General
    Scenic photos of campus buildings, students
    Neg# C70-00113


  • Campus Guide
    Group photos of guides
    Neg# B65-00045


  • Campus Guides
    Group photos
    Neg# B65-00053


  • Campus Inspection Tour by Board of Regents
    Inspection Tour of campus by BOR; primarily education department
    Neg# B61-00048


  • Campus Mall
    Views from The Mall: trees, students, Bilger, Hamilton Library
    Neg# C72-00107


  • Campus Map

    Neg# A57-00131


  • Campus Model

    Neg# A54-00061


  • Campus Orientation Program Feature
    Group of students on campus tour
    Neg# A56-00155


  • Campus Shots
    Photos of students, personnel, activities on UH campus
    Neg# B60-00037


  • Campus Shots
    Posing at Bachman Hall; with others at Hawaii Hall
    Neg# B60-00038


  • Campus Shots (Students), Taken by Mike
    Candid shots of students about the campus, in class, library
    Neg# C71-00114


  • Campus Shots by Mike Tamaru
    Krauss pond, The Mall by Snyder, old Gilmore Hall, Kuykendall
    Neg# C72-00008a


  • Campus Shots by Mike Tamaru
    More shots from Neg# C72-00008a
    Neg# C72-00008b


  • Campus Shots by Mike Tamaru
    Photos of various buildings, open landscape areas
    Neg# C72-00008c


  • Campus Shots by Mike Tamaru
    Students studying; walking by BusAd; many close-up shots
    Neg# C72-00008d


  • Campus Shots I
    Shots of buildings, students, personnel
    Neg# C67-00087


  • Campus Shots II
    Mostly students studying, working - art, music, library, language
    Neg# C67-00088


  • Campus Shots, By Mike
    Shots of students around the area; library carrels
    Neg# C71-00101


  • Campus Tour
    Photos of a group of students being given a tour of the campus
    Neg# C66-00023


  • Campus Trees
    Photos of plants and trees on campus
    Neg# C67-00060


  • Campus, General, Students
    Students walking about the campus, Sinclair, The Mall, etc.
    Neg# C70-00155


  • Campus, Students
    Photos of students around the campus
    Neg# C70-00165


  • Campus, With Students
    Building shots, The Mall, EWC, Varsity Theatre areas with students
    Neg# C69-00145


  • Cancer Lab Dedication for Mrs. Lau Kun
    Named for Foodland founder, Mrs. Lau Kun, grandchildren present
    Neg# C70-00145


  • Candidate: Lind, Karen
    Neg# A58-00006c


  • Candidate: Matsuda, Robert
    Neg# A58-00006g


  • Candidate: Nagata, Harritte
    Neg# A58-00006f


  • Candidate: Sproat, Gustaf
    Neg# A58-00006d


  • Candidate: Sur, Julian
    Neg# A58-00006h


  • Candidate: Torres, Carmen
    Neg# A58-00006e


  • Candidates with Governor William F. Quinn
    Group photos
    Neg# A58-00006b


  • CAPT Harry H. Rahr, Night School Graduate
    Graduate from College of General Studies; portraits
    Neg# A61-00032


  • Captain Cook's Monument, Kings Party
    Copy of photo
    Neg# A62-00123


  • Captain Daniel C. Perkins
    In flight suit, posing next to Air Force jet plane
    Neg# A60-00043


  • Career Day Exhibit, Dental Hygiene/Nursing
    Students browsing at booths
    Neg# B64-00005


  • Career Day Exhibits
    Job display booths at Hemenway Hall
    Neg# B63-00009


  • Carey D. Miller Hall Naming Ceremony
    Program speakers, audience, reception photos
    Neg# A58-00099


  • Carl Woltz, Dance
    Dance class
    Neg# C71-00002


  • Carl Wolz
    Wolz dancing with three unidentified women
    Neg# B66-00048


  • Carnations and Anthuriums
    Nursery shots, floral display shots
    Neg# A57-00052


  • Carnival Publicity, Homecoming Queen
    Sitting in carnival rides
    Neg# A59-00124


  • Carol Ann Jay
    Also won Carl F. Knobloch Prize in Government
    Neg# A62-00030


  • Carol Nakaganako, Music
    Senior piano recitalist
    Neg# A62-00061


  • Carolyn Harting, Dental Hygiene Student
    Neg# A65-00021b


  • Castle Kindergarten
    Class activities; children in class
    Neg# C69-00037


  • Castle Memorial Hall, University Preschool
    Exterior view, play yard
    Neg# A56-00145


  • Castle Preschool Children
    Looking at helicopter
    Neg# A58-00052


  • Catalog Picture, Campus
    Students walking on campus; buildings; parking area
    Neg# C72-00073


  • Catamaran in Waikiki, Copy
    Copy photo of catamaran at Waikiki Beach
    Neg# A61-00167


  • Catherine Naito, Dental Hygiene Student
    Neg# A65-00021e


  • Cattle Feeding House
    Hawaii Agricultural Experiment Station
    Neg# A56-00099


  • Cement Pipe
    Taken for Hinton, Frank, Construction and Maintenance
    Neg# A59-00034


  • Ceramic, Toyo Kaneshige of Japan
    Photographed with his pottery
    Neg# B67-00006


  • Ceramics
    Picture for Christian Science Monitor
    Neg# A51-00002


  • Ceramics
    Various individual shots of Dr. Horan and students working
    Neg# A52-00009


  • Ceramics
    Instructors pictured with their work
    Neg# A53-00077


  • Ceramics
    Students at the potters wheel
    Neg# B66-00051


  • Ceramics Lab
    Students making, posing with pots
    Neg# C69-00062


  • Ceramics Pieces
    Photos for publication in Mainland magazine
    Neg# A56-00124


  • Certificate Presentation to Helen MacNeil

    Neg# A55-00091


  • Ceylon Parliamentary Delegation
    Wearasekera, Rajapakse, R.L.; Deraniyagala, Ralph; Snyder, L.
    Neg# A61-00163


  • Chaminade, Manhattan College Presidents
    Group photos
    Neg# A63-00088


  • Chan Wing-Tsit
    Copy portrait
    Neg# A59-00163c


  • Change of Administration
    President Sinclair and Dr. Paul Bachman changing administration
    Neg# A55-00050


  • Charles H. Edmondson Hall Dedication
    Dedication ceremony, speeches, group photos
    Neg# A62-00187


  • Charles R. Gilbert Boat
    The boat, Charles R. Gilbert moored; for Community College use
    Neg# C71-00097


  • Chart Copies, Agricultural Extension Service
    Fabric charts, terminology charts
    Neg# A61-00160


  • Charter Day Convocation
    With President Sinclair; receiving degree; group shots
    Neg# A50-00001


  • Charter Day Convocation
    1954 Charter Day Convocation at Andrews Outdoor Theatre
    Neg# A54-00009


  • Charter Day Convocation
    Tree planting ceremony
    Neg# A55-00022


  • Charter Day Convocation
    Carnegie Visiting Professor of Zoology; various faculty, program
    Neg# A56-00048


  • Charter Day Convocation
    Program, dressing shots, tree planting ceremony, audience
    Neg# A58-00030


  • Charts for Chemistry
    Neg# A63-00105


  • Check From Crown Prince Akihito, Adachi
    Group photos of check passing; Akihito is not present in photo
    Neg# C67-00031


  • Check Passing
    Beta Sigma Phi women presenting check to Speech Clinic
    Neg# A54-00006


  • Check Passing, Dr. Das; President Sinclair
    Dr. Das presenting check to President Sinclair
    Neg# A52-00037


  • Check Passing, Ed Chen to President Snyder
    UH Chapter Hawaii Government Employees Association (HGEA)
    Neg# A60-00001


  • Check Presentation
    Dr. McGuire presenting $500 to UH Foundation
    Neg# A55-00093


  • Check Presentation
    Half Century Club presentation of check to the UH Foundation
    Neg# A55-00094


  • Check Presentation, Athletic Scholarship
    Old timers presenting check for athletic scholarship
    Neg# A62-00201


  • Check to Travel Industry Management
    Group of five men; check passing from Japanese Tourist Bureau
    Neg# C73-00016


  • Chem Lab and Biomedical, Large Microscope
    Individuals photographed using equipment; conducting research
    Neg# B66-00058


  • Chemistry Award to Dr. Paul Scheuer
    Dr. Scheuer receives Chemistry Award plaque
    Neg# A55-00015


  • Chemistry Award Winner
    Photo of them in Chemistry Lab
    Neg# A56-00147


  • Chemistry Building (Bilger Hall)
    Building completed in 1/51, President Snyder renamed it in 1959
    Neg# A51-00010


  • Chemistry Building (Bilger Hall)
    Students sitting at Chemistry Building
    Neg# A54-00052


  • Chemistry Building (Bilger Hall)
    External views of Chemistry Building
    Neg# A54-00053


  • Chemistry Building Interior
    Various shots of offices, classrooms, laboratory, equipment, etc.
    Neg# A51-00011


  • Chemistry Building, 1948
    Exterior, interior shots
    Neg# A48-00002


  • Chemistry Building, Bilger Hall
    Front view


  • Chemistry Building, Construction
    Probably late 1950, early 1951; many different views
    Neg# A51-00012


  • Chemistry Department
    Exterior building views; Chemistry personnel
    Neg# C72-00054


  • Chemistry Graduate Bulletin
    Students using various types of equipment, charts
    Neg# C71-00071


  • Chemistry Graduate Student
    For a cover picture; working with equipment
    Neg# A62-00222


  • Chemistry Lab
    Hawaii Agricultural Experiment Station
    Neg# A56-00117


  • Chemistry Lab
    Students working in the lab
    Neg# B60-00011


  • Chemistry lab
    Shots of various individuals working in the chemistry lab
    Neg# B63-00051


  • Chemistry Lab Graduate Students
    Graduate students in the lab, group discussion
    Neg# C69-00090


  • Chemistry Labs, Dr. Inskeep
    Various personnel posing/working with equipment
    Neg# B66-00029


  • Chemistry Mural
    Several murals above the entrance's of one of the lecture halls
    Neg# C72-00096


  • Chemistry Research
    Two students, unidentified
    Neg# C69-00092


  • Chemistry; Graduate Bulletin
    Exterior building photos, students researching, group photos
    Neg# C72-00068


  • Chenistry Lab
    Individuals working in lab
    Neg# B61-00036


  • Cherry Blossom Finals
    Groups of Cherry Blossom candidates
    Neg# A01-00072


  • Chester Bowles
    Bowles, convocation speaker; informal group shot, Synder's office
    Neg# B60-00049


  • Chester Caton

    Neg# A55-00103


  • Chicken Manure

    Neg# A57-00138


  • Chicks
    For poultry department, Dr. Ernest Ross
    Neg# A57-00135


  • China Officials with President Hamilton
    Photo taken with President Hamilton
    Neg# A63-00039


  • Chinese Cookbook by Mary Sia
    Photos of book cover
    Neg# A57-00011


  • Cholera Conference
    Large group photos, c/o Dr. Albert Sabin
    Neg# A65-00002


  • Chorus Group
    Various group photos
    Neg# A58-00009


  • Christmas Party
    University Agricultural Extension Service Christmas Party??
    Neg# A52-00040


  • Chrysanthemums, Dahlia, Roses
    Taken for news release cover page
    Neg# A53-00060


  • Church of the Crossroads Luau
    Food preparation, pig, flowers, people eating, entertainment
    Neg# B61-00025


  • Circle Island, Polynesian Center
    Sightseeing at the Cultural Center; pineapple station
    Neg# C67-00044e


  • Citation Presentation to President Snyder
    Snyder and Kamins holding citation, signatures border citation
    Neg# A62-00236


  • Cities on the Sea
    Photos of building, floor plans
    Neg# A73-00001


  • City Mill Scholarship
    Group photo
    Neg# A56-00088


  • City of Tacoma Trophy Won at Ft. Lewis
    ROTC Summer camp, Army ROTC
    Neg# A58-00125


  • Civil Service Employee ID Portraits

    Neg# C66-00054a


  • Civil Service Employee ID Portraits
    EWC Press; Gum, Darleen, CBA; Nakamura, Sharon, CBA
    Neg# C66-00054b


  • Civil Service Employee ID Portraits
    Yamada, June, Graduate Division
    Neg# C66-00054c


  • Civil Service Employee ID Portraits
    Financial Aids; Nagaishi, Mitsuko, Steno, Institutional Research
    Neg# C66-00054d


  • Civil Service Employee ID Portraits
    Teruya, Janet T., Admissions/Records; Ishikawa, Marjorie O., A/R
    Neg# C66-00054e


  • Civil Service Employee ID Portraits
    Goo, Carol, College of General Studies
    Neg# C66-00054f


  • Civil Service Employee ID Portraits
    Kwock, Harold W.L., College of General Studies
    Neg# C66-00054g


  • Civil Service Employee ID Portraits
    Sueno, Leimomi, Honors Program
    Neg# C66-00054h


  • Civil Service Employee ID Portraits
    Muramoto, Lena, Educational Psychology
    Neg# C66-00054i


  • Civil Service Employee ID Portraits
    Foley, Elizabeth, Budget Office
    Neg# C66-00054j


  • Civil Service Employee ID Portraits
    Padeken, Pauline, Telephone Operator
    Neg# C66-00054k


  • Civil Service Employee ID Portraits
    Miura, Joanne, University Foundation
    Neg# C66-00054l


  • Civil Service Employee ID Portraits

    Neg# C66-00054m


  • Civil Service Employee ID Portraits

    Neg# C66-00054n


  • Civil Service Employee ID Portraits
    Geography Dept.; Honma, Helen, Dept. of Education
    Neg# C68-00037a


  • Civil Service Employee ID Portraits
    Keoluanui, G., Facilities Mgmt.; Brown, Angeline, Facilities Mgmt.
    Neg# C68-00037b


  • Civil Service Employee ID Portraits
    Mansho, Charlotte, Business Office
    Neg# C68-00037c


  • Civil Service Employee ID Portraits

    Neg# C68-00037d


  • Civil Service Employee ID Portraits
    Muraoka, Linda, Genetics
    Neg# C68-00037e


  • Civil Service Employee ID Portraits
    Admissions and Records
    Neg# C68-00037f


  • Civil Service Employee ID Portraits

    Neg# C68-00037g


  • Civil Service Employee ID Portraits
    College of Tropical Agriculture
    Neg# C68-00037h


  • Civil Service Employee ID Portraits

    Neg# C68-00037i


  • Civil Service Employee ID Portraits
    Yogi, Marjorie, Business Office
    Neg# C68-00037j


  • Civil Service Employee ID Portraits
    Nishiki, Karen, Public Health; Nakasato, Jean, HIG
    Neg# C68-00037k


  • Civil Service Employee ID Portraits
    Facilities Mgmt.; Snedeker, Helen, Religion
    Neg# C68-00037l


  • Civil Service Employee ID Portraits

    Neg# C68-00037m


  • Civil Service Employee ID Portraits

    Neg# C68-00037n


  • Civil Service Employee ID Portraits

    Neg# C68-00037o


  • Civil Service Employee ID Portraits

    Neg# C68-00037p


  • Civil Service Employee ID Portraits

    Neg# C68-00037q


  • Civil Service Employee ID Portraits

    Neg# C68-00037r


  • Civil Service Employee ID Portraits

    Neg# C68-00037s


  • Civil Service Employee ID Portraits

    Neg# C68-00037t


  • Civil Service Employee ID Portraits:

    Neg# C67-00033a


  • Civil Service Employee ID Portraits:
    Iwanaga, Frances, Student Health Services
    Neg# C67-00033b


  • Civil Service Employee ID Portraits:
    Kunishi, Cornelia, Arts and Sciences
    Neg# C67-00033c


  • Civil Service Employee ID Portraits:
    Fujimoto, Herbert; Physical Plant; Katahira, Glenna, Physics
    Neg# C67-00033d


  • Civil Service Employee ID Portraits:
    Nagata, Stephany K., CGS
    Neg# C67-00033e


  • Civil Service Employee ID Portraits:
    Ide, G., Library
    Neg# C67-00033f


  • Civil Service Employee ID Portraits:
    Kosaki, J., Admissions and Records
    Neg# C67-00033g


  • Civil Service Employee ID Portraits:
    Naauao, Jacqueline, Library
    Neg# C67-00033h


  • Civil Service Employee ID Portraits:

    Neg# C67-00033i


  • Civil Service Employee ID Portraits:

    Neg# C67-00033j


  • Civil Service Employee ID Portraits:
    Takao, J., Math; Sato, D., Library
    Neg# C67-00033k


  • Civil Service Employees

    Neg# C69-00028a


  • Civil Service Employees
    Neg# C69-00105a


  • Civil Service Employees
    Neg# C69-00105b


  • Civil Service Employees
    Neg# C69-00105c


  • Civil Service Employees
    Neg# C69-00105d


  • Civil Service Employees
    Neg# C69-00105e


  • Civil Service Employees
    Neg# C69-00105f


  • Civil Service Employees
    Neg# C69-00105g


  • Civil Service Employees
    Neg# C69-00105h


  • Civil Service Employees
    Neg# C69-00105i


  • Civil Service Employees
    Neg# C69-00105j


  • Civil Service Employees
    Neg# C69-00118a


  • Civil Service Employees
    Neg# C69-00118b


  • Civil Service Employees
    Neg# C69-00118c


  • Civil Service Employees
    Neg# C69-00118d


  • Civil Service Employees
    Neg# C69-00118e


  • Civil Service Employees Identified
    Nishita, Dorothy, PPMO
    Neg# C70-00091a


  • Civil Service Employees Identified
    Unidentified women, 1970
    Neg# C70-00091b


  • Civil Service Employees Identified
    Rodrigues, J., Library; Mori, E.A., Library; Ajirogi, T., Library
    Neg# C70-00091c


  • Civil Service Employees Identified
    Arieta, A. Julia, Facilities
    Neg# C70-00091d


  • Civil Service Employees Identified

    Neg# C70-00091e


  • Civil Service Employees Identified

    Neg# C70-00091f


  • Civil Service Employees Identified
    Zakami, Kikue, Facilities
    Neg# C70-00091g


  • Civil Service Employees Identified

    Neg# C70-00091h


  • Civil Service Employees Identified
    Suza, Emely R., Facilities; Arieta, Lawrezo, Facilities
    Neg# C70-00091i


  • Civil Service Employees Identified
    Housing; Saiki, Sue T., Economic Education; Sui Tim Len
    Neg# C70-00091j


  • Civil Service Employees Identified

    Neg# C70-00091k


  • Civil Service Employees Identified
    Dung, Yvonne, Admissions; Hakikawa, Marcia, GSLS
    Neg# C70-00064a


  • Civil Service Employees Identified
    Kamikawa, Lynn, Chemistry; Kim, Marilyn, Biochemistry
    Neg# C70-00064b


  • Civil Service Employees Identified
    Asian/Pac Lang; Gonsalves, Pilialoha, AuxServ; Takara, Gail, BusEcon
    Neg# C70-00064c


  • Civil Service Employees Identified
    Masatoshi and Fukuhara, Melvin, Groundskeepers; Yee, Betty, Treas. Off.
    Neg# C70-00064d


  • Civil Service Employees Identified
    Personnel; Morita, Marilyn, Personnel
    Neg# C70-00064e


  • Civil Service Employees Identified

    Neg# C70-00064f


  • Civil Service Employees Identified
    Takara, Gail, Business Economics
    Neg# C70-00064g


  • Civil Service Employees, Continued

    Neg# C69-00028b


  • Civil Service Employees, Continued

    Neg# C69-00028c


  • Civil Service Employees, Continued

    Neg# C69-00028d


  • Civil Service Employees, Continued

    Neg# C69-00028e


  • Civil Service Employees, Continued

    Neg# C69-00028f


  • Civil Service Employees, Continued

    Neg# C69-00028g


  • Civil Service Employees, Continued

    Neg# C69-00028h


  • Civil Service Employees, Continued

    Neg# C69-00028i


  • Civil Service Employees, Identified
    Neg# C71-00048a


  • Civil Service Employees, Identified
    Rodrigues, Priscilla; Chun, Mary
    Neg# C71-00048b


  • Civil Service Employees, Identified
    Nagasaki, Hatsue;
    Neg# C71-00048c


  • Civil Service Employees, Identified
    King, Gloria; Hawes, Alice
    Neg# C71-00048d


  • Civil Service Employees, Identified
    Ikeda, Cynthia; Suzuki, Sunao
    Neg# C71-00048e


  • Civil Service Employees, Identified

    Neg# C71-00048f


  • Civil Service Employees, Identified
    Terakawa, Margaret
    Neg# C71-00048g


  • Civil Service Employees, Identified

    Neg# C71-00048h


  • Civil Service Employees, Identified

    Neg# C71-00048i


  • Civil Service Employees, Identified
    Crayton, Joyceleane; Umeda, Esther
    Neg# C71-00064a


  • Civil Service Employees, Identified
    Ching, Carolyn; Kauahikawa, Shigeno T.
    Neg# C71-00064b


  • Civil Service Employees, Identified
    Pruden, Jo M.; Sage, Rory
    Neg# C71-00064c


  • Civil Service Employees, Identified

    Neg# C71-00064d


  • Civil Service Employees, Identified
    Kina, Ethel; Viela, Joewella
    Neg# C71-00064e


  • Civil Service Workers
    Chong, Jane, Business Office; Masuno, Nancy, Business Office
    Neg# C69-00007a


  • Civil Service Workers
    Gibo, Stella, Arts and Sciences; Ichimasa, Haruo, Waikiki Aquarium
    Neg# C69-00007b


  • Civil Service Workers
    Public Health; Kepilino, Florence, Kapiolani Library
    Neg# C69-00007c


  • Civil Service Workers

    Neg# C69-00007d


  • Civil Service Workers
    Tanaka, Vivian, Personnel Department
    Neg# C69-00007e


  • Civil Service Workers

    Neg# C69-00007f


  • Civil Service Workers

    Neg# C69-00007g


  • Civil Service Workers

    Neg# C69-00007h


  • Clara Manuel
    Civil service worker; student personnel
    Neg# A61-00136


  • Clark Shaughnessy Trophy, 1965
    Hamilton, two others with trophy
    Neg# B65-00059


  • Class Lecture in Bilger Hall, Copy
    Students listening to lecturer in Bilger Hall
    Neg# A60-00100


  • Class of 1941 Presentation of Painting
    Presenting Isami Doi's painting and $1,000.00
    Neg# C66-00063


  • Classroom and Labs (students)
    Photos of classes in textiles/sewing and science lab
    Neg# C72-00112


  • Classroom (students)
    Photos of students in class, group and close-up; walking, Old Quad
    Neg# C72-00115


  • Classroom A and B Construction
    Shot of building construction, students crossing street
    Neg# A61-00003


  • Classroom Building A - Webster Hall
    Exterior view of Webster Hall
    Neg# B62-00006


  • Classroom Construction (Webster Hall)
    Mid construction; photo includes Varney Circle fountain
    Neg# A60-00082


  • Classroom shots By Mike Tamaru
    Students studying
    Neg# C72-00009


  • Cleveland's 1st Visit to Leeward CC
    Photos of Cleveland touring LCC; meeting with LCC admin., students
    Neg# C69-00149


  • Cloth, Recopied Negative
    Photo copies of cloth
    Neg# A62-00247


  • Clothes Collection at Elementary School
    Students collecting boxes of clothes; group photo
    Neg# A56-00033


  • Clothes Drive by College of Nursing
    For Kaneohe Hospital; students loading truck
    Neg# A58-00065


  • Cloud Research, Copy
    Copy photos taken of researchers, equipment
    Neg# A65-00033


  • Clouds
    Cloud formations
    Neg# A62-00161


  • Club 100 Carnival Tickets
    President Sinclair and Dr. Murphy receiving tickets to carnival
    Neg# A55-00040


  • Coach Soichi Sakamoto
    Sakamoto with Hamilton and unidentified person
    Neg# C66-00046


  • Coconut Island
    Copy photos of, net fishing from boat, lab, experiment station
    Neg# A01-00061


  • Coconut Island
    Views on and around Coconut Island; lab work
    Neg# B59-00004


  • Coconut Island
    Shots of lecture, lab work area, exterior areas
    Neg# C65-00006


  • Coconut Island
    Probably Smith, another individual by specimen tank
    Neg# C73-00058


  • Coconut Island - Poison Fish Research
    Photos of various workers in lab settings
    Neg# B61-00054


  • Coconut Island Dedication
    Posing by plaque; reception; outside views
    Neg# C66-00033


  • Coconut Island- Marine Lab
    Marine Lab cornerstone laying ceremony
    Neg# B65-00035


  • Coconut Island Marine Lab Open House

    Neg# A55-00019


  • Coconut Island, (Possible Copy)
    Distant view of Coconut Island; man, woman in lab
    Neg# A63-00078


  • Coconut Island, Dr. Banner and Dr. Tester
    Shots with specimens, working; various location shots
    Neg# A59-00012


  • Coconut Island, H.I.M.B. Program
    Looks like students working, studying on projects
    Neg# C67-00047


  • Coconut Island, Summer 1965
    Photos of people working on various projects
    Neg# B65-00028


  • Coeds Modeling Clothes for Magazine
    Standing around Bachman Hall waiting
    Neg# A62-00185


  • Coffee Demucilaging Machine
    Re-photographed from HAES Bulletin No. 115 of Dec. 1957
    Neg# A62-00264


  • Coffee Hand Harvester
    Unidentified coffee bean harvester
    Neg# A01-00081


  • Coffee Leaves
    Normal and zinc deficiency; for Hawaii Extension Service
    Neg# A58-00033


  • Coffee Machinery
    Photos of coffee equipment
    Neg# A62-00003


  • Col. Richard Weller and President Sinclair

    Neg# A55-00026


  • Col. Richard Weller and President Bachman

    Neg# A55-00065


  • Colin Morikawa, Business Administration
    Photos in cap and gown; 06/17/62 Commencement date
    Neg# A62-00233


  • Collage Mural by Ben Norris
    Pattern of Chinese newspaper by Norris in the lanai of his home
    Neg# A58-00148


  • College Hill
    Exterior photos of College Hill
    Neg# C64-00013


  • College Hill
    Exterior photos; Santa on roof
    Neg# C66-00065


  • College of Business Administration
    Shots of instructors and students; small groups, studying, advising
    Neg# A56-00060


  • College of Education, Industrial Arts
    Industrial Arts, leathercraft classroom workshop, students
    Neg# A61-00130


  • College of Gen. Studies; Speech Conference
    Lecture group
    Neg# B65-00071


  • College of General Studies Classes
    Photos of various classes in session
    Neg# B64-00048


  • College of Hawaii Seal, Copy
    Seal says culture - service, College of Hawaii, 1907
    Neg# A72-00005


  • College Opportunities
    Looks like a workshop/seminar; portraits of local woman
    Neg# C72-00056


  • College Opportunities
    Group photos of several individuals; portrait of one woman
    Neg# C73-00044


  • Colonel Edward Greene, Retiring
    Greene and Snyder shaking hands
    Neg# B60-00031


  • Colonel G. Clarke Memorial Plaque

    Neg# A53-00033


  • Colonel Vu Ngoc Hoan Visiting University
    Touring facilities: computer, chem, press office, planning, meetings
    Neg# C67-00076


  • Comet, Antenna, Noise Recorder

    Neg# A57-00001


  • Commencement Exercises

    Neg# A51-00008b


  • Commencement Exercises
    General MacArthur receives Honorary Doctor of Civil Law Degree
    Neg# A51-00008a


  • Commencement, 1964
    Looks like Burns receiving honorary degree
    Neg# C64-00004


  • Commencement, 1965
    Photos of commencement speakers and audience
    Neg# C65-00004


  • Commencement, 1966
    Mostly distant photos of the filled amphitheater; graduates, speakers
    Neg# C66-00027


  • Commencement/Convocation ?
    Probably mid 1940's; program, speakers, group shots, wives photos
    Neg# A00-00009


  • Commissioning Ceremony, Edwin J. Gayagas
    Commissioned into regular Army; receiving 2nd LT's bars
    Neg# A62-00153


  • Commissioning Ceremony, ROTC
    Three cadets sworn in; receiving commissions
    Neg# A60-00048


  • Committee of Women's Campus Club
    Photos of several women together
    Neg# C69-00016


  • Committee on Ocean Engineering
    Photos of committee meeting; several portrait photos; group shots
    Neg# C66-00049


  • Communication Center, TV
    Shots of Burns and Everly with TV camera crew in action on stage
    Neg# B64-00027


  • Communication Class
    Classroom setting; several persons with display instruments
    Neg# C68-00021


  • Community College Teachers Conference
    Group photos
    Neg# C72-00048


  • Community College Tour
    Baking, automotive, industrial type settings
    Neg# C66-00018


  • Composite Photos (HAES)
    Composite collage of Hawaiian agricultural product advertisements
    Neg# A60-00055


  • Computer
    Woman operating large computer; man sitting at desk
    Neg# C72-00117


  • Computer Aloha System
    Workers using computer system; about 4 men walking outside
    Neg# C71-00066


  • Computer Center
    Interior photos
    Neg# C71-00028


  • Computing Center
    Interior shots of Computing Center; personnel with IBM 7040
    Neg# A63-00055


  • Computing Center, Information Science
    Photos of computers and personnel working in the center
    Neg# C70-00130


  • Con Con
    Meeting of delegates
    Neg# C68-00091


  • Con Con Constitutional Convention
    Large panel of Con Con delegates gathered
    Neg# C68-00071


  • Concert Choir
    Group photos
    Neg# A62-00077


  • Conducting Psychology Test
    Giving test to three unidentified persons
    Neg# A57-00010


  • Conference Center Model
    Photos of model
    Neg# C68-00059


  • Conference Member Constantin Regamey
    Neg# A64-00030


  • Conference on Race Relations
    Conducted jointly with UH, Universities of Chicago/California
    Neg# A54-00051


  • Conference on Scholarly Publishing
    Conference attendees, coffee break, discussion, group photo
    Neg# B62-00015


  • Conference with H.E.S. Department Heads

    Neg# A53-00008


  • Congressmen Visiting University of Hawaii
    Informal group photos in library; board room in Bachman Hall
    Neg# A58-00105


  • Conn. Commander and Mrs.
    Getting out of car; walking up stairs
    Neg# A56-00010


  • Connie Danielson
    Summer session T.G. Play; portraits
    Neg# A59-00059


  • Constance Ng, Dental Hygiene Student
    Neg# A65-00021f


  • Construction of Biomedical Building
    Exterior views of construction
    Neg# C70-00040


  • Construction of Chemistry Building
    Various views of construction in progress
    Neg# A50-00003


  • Construction of Class IV and Food Science
    Construction in progress
    Neg# C68-00083


  • Construction of Faculty Housing
    Construction in progress of faculty housing
    Neg# A60-00051


  • Construction of New Engineering Building
    Construction photos, first floor
    Neg# C70-00111a


  • Consumer Informational Meeting
    Agricultural Extension Service; group photo
    Neg# A56-00054


  • Contacts - Hilo Branch, Ground Breaking
    Shots of area, ground breaking ceremony
    Neg# B61-00041


  • Contemporary Photography Exhibition
    Neg.# 7-8, Toyooka, Doris, Speech Pathology; Charlot, Jean, Art
    Neg# A63-00018


  • Continuing Education
    Group of four people; individual portrait, male, probably Head
    Neg# C72-00084


  • Continuing Education Conference
    Photos of conference
    Neg# C69-00070


  • Continuing Education Conference
    Looks like conference attendees sitting in small groups
    Neg# C69-00125


  • Continuing Education Display
    Six individuals posing by display board
    Neg# C73-00034


  • Continuing Education for Women
    Saiki speaker; some group shots of people with Saiki
    Neg# C69-00127


  • Continuing Education For Women Conference
    Speaker Taylor, audience
    Neg# C69-00011


  • Continuing Education Governor's Conference
    Conference on Immigration; speakers, head table, large audience
    Neg# C69-00131


  • Continuing Education Office and Committee Mtg.
    Committee meeting; viewing equipment in Continuing Ed Office
    Neg# C69-00109


  • Continuing Education Registration
    Line of students waiting to register; students at counter
    Neg# C72-00087


  • Continuing Education, Doctors Conference
    Conference photos; one man in wheelchair
    Neg# C69-00115


  • Continuing Education, Head Start Program
    Graduation photos; ceremonies, graduates, relatives, entertainment
    Neg# C70-00085


  • Continuing Education, Springler Conference
    Looks like speakers, demonstrations, display, small audience
    Neg# C69-00117


  • Continuing Education, Tilt Art Show
    Group of people sitting on the floor
    Neg# C69-00136


  • Contractor's Assoc. Engineering Donation
    Photos of four men; check passing
    Neg# C73-00083


  • Convair Award ROTC

    Neg# A55-00034


  • Convention
    Agricultural Experiment Station
    Neg# A53-00057


  • Convocation
    Keynote speaker at Convocation, Sir Robert Hadow
    Neg# A54-00035


  • Convocation
    Views of officials, Garcia, audience
    Neg# B58-00004


  • Convocation, President Carlos P. Garcia
    Snyder conferring honorary degree on Philippines President
    Neg# A58-00068


  • Cooking Bananas
    Posing with bananas in banana patch
    Neg# A56-00066


  • Cooking Class, Summer Session, 1965
    Students preparing food; finished food table display
    Neg# C65-00005


  • Cooking Demonstration, Extension Service
    University Extension Service Demonstration in Home Economics
    Neg# A53-00073


  • Copies for Dr. Cutting, Medical School
    Photo copy: buildings, group photos, surgery, dentistry, hospitals
    Neg# C71-00012


  • Copy: 1907 College of Hawaii Seal
    Looks like copy taken from a student publication cover, May 1907
    Neg# C72-00119


  • Copy: UH Seals
    Various UH seals
    Neg# C72-00120


  • Cora DuBois, Carnegie Visiting Professor
    Visiting professor for 50th Anniversary
    Neg# A57-00023n


  • Corn Leaf Specimens
    Photos of corn leaf specimens
    Neg# A62-00228


  • Corn Scene (?), Pear for Hamilton
    View of fruit, whole and half
    Neg# A60-00077


  • Corn, Cover Picture
    Cover picture
    Neg# A63-00062


  • Corp Maze
    Looks like three men conducting a study/experiment
    Neg# C66-00003


  • Costume Design Class

    Neg# A54-00001


  • Counciling and Testing
    Looks like counselors administering tests
    Neg# C68-00045


  • Counseling and Testing Room
    Taken for Dental Hygiene
    Neg# C70-00073


  • Countdown for Peace, Wernher von Braun
    Dr. Wernher von Braun sitting in audience
    Neg# B59-00025


  • Cover for Non-Credit Catalog
    Various ideas; for College of General Studies
    Neg# A57-00124


  • Cover Picture
    Girl eating ice cream
    Neg# A55-00108


  • Cover Picture for 4-H Convention
    Unidentified woman
    Neg# A58-00120


  • Cover Shots of Chicks for Joan Gutierres
    Girl with chicks


  • Cow Feeding
    Hawaii Agricultural Experiment Station, Farm Science
    Neg# A58-00023


  • Cows Feeding

    Neg# A57-00025


  • Cows From Color to BandW
    Bulletin 118
    Neg# A58-00066


  • Crawford Hall
    Exterior view
    Neg# A57-00103


  • Crawford Hall Crowd Shot
    View from top of first floor stairs
    Neg# A61-00166


  • Credit Classes, Fall 1955
    Students Leong, Rose; Au, Callman; Neals, Dudley; Arciero, Robert
    Neg# A55-00115


  • Credit Union Annual Chop Sui Dinner
    Dragon dance on stage, in dinner crowd; woman w/shawl
    Neg# C73-00005


  • Credit Union Coffee Hour
    Look like teller and patron; coffee hour outside area
    Neg# C69-00099


  • Crews of the Golden Rule
    Group of men on steps in front of large audience
    Neg# A58-00043


  • Crossing Between Gilmore and Bilger Halls
    Students walking between buildings
    Neg# B61-00003


  • Crossroad Program Students
    Group and portrait photos
    Neg# C69-00031


  • Crowd Shot at Andrews Outdoor Theatre
    Neg# A59-00155


  • Cultural Programs, Activities
    Ethnic musical demonstrations, language, foods, groups, children
    Neg# B61-00058


  • Culture and Mental Health Conference
    Semi-circular conference tables; participants, speaker
    Neg# C69-00022


  • Culture and Mental Health Conference III
    Attendees seated around circular table; outside group photos
    Neg# C71-00038


  • Curriculum and Inst.: Hawaii Pacific College
    Orientation meeting
    Neg# C70-00056


  • Curriculum and Instruction
    Speaker, looks like informational meeting; U-shaped sitting, overhead
    Neg# C70-00088


  • Curriculum and Instruction, Education
    Looks like a lunch meeting
    Neg# C70-00066


  • Curriculum Education: HCC
    Group photos; conference/workshop photos
    Neg# C70-00099


  • Curriculum Education: Job Corp, Seniors
    Looks like job corps program and senior citizen program activities
    Neg# C70-00096


  • Curriculum Education: Oahu Prison
    Posing with equipment; group sitting at table; looking at blackboard
    Neg# C70-00095


  • Cynthia Barnes
    Neg# A65-00006

    Top of Page

  • D.P.I. Principals Workshop
    Summer Session, unidentified individuals
    Neg# A58-00124


  • D.T. Suzuki, Philosopher's Conference
    Suzuki, authority on Zen Buddhism, senior member of conference
    Neg# A59-00163b


  • Damage Done to ROTC Building 2:00pm 4/29/70
    Neg# C70-00062


  • Damage on Roof of PBRC
    Looks like interior damage
    Neg# C67-00029


  • Dance Class, Mary Scott
    Group photos
    Neg# C66-00032


  • Dance Class, Summer Session, Jean Erdman
    Dance shots, holding mask, at blackboard, with unidentified male
    Neg# A62-00140


  • Dance Studio
    Shots of several dancers; looks like practice
    Neg# C71-00043


  • Danforth Award Winner
    College of Agriculture
    Neg# A57-00048


  • Danforth Summer Fellowship Award Winners
    Winners posing together outside Bachman Hall
    Neg# A60-00037


  • Danforth Summer Fellowship, James Nogawa
    Announced during 1961 academic year; portraits
    Neg# A62-00048


  • Dean Farid S. Hanania
    Signing guestbook as President Snyder looks on
    Neg# B61-00010


  • Dean Hall
    Mauka view of Dean Hall
    Neg# A61-00164


  • Dean Hall Looks like Crawford Hall
    Front of building
    Neg# B66-00065


  • Dean of Music, Philippine Women's College
    Group photo with President Hamilton
    Neg# A63-00023


  • Dean Wachter Back on Campus
    Back from leave
    Neg# A59-00008


  • Dean Wadsworth with Mr. Sigh
    Dean Wadsworth and Mr. Sigh from India
    Neg# A55-00033


  • Debate Team
    Group photos
    Neg# C68-00023


  • Debate Team
    Portraits, group photos; 3 individuals
    Neg# C70-00045


  • Debate Team, Dr. Dean Ellis
    Neg# C71-00102d


  • Debate Team, Group Photos
    Group photos
    Neg# C71-00102a


  • Debate Team, Jenny Yara
    Neg# C71-00102c


  • Debate Team, Ron Harris
    Neg# C71-00102b


  • Decorated Christmas Packages
    Pictures of Christmas packages
    Neg# A55-00044


  • Dedication Biophysics Lab - Leonora Bilger
    Dedication at plaque
    Neg# C68-00081


  • Dedication Ceremonies, EWC Tea Garden
    Ribbon cutting, Shinto blessing, dedication plaque, audience
    Neg# C72-00058


  • Dedication Ceremony, Arboretum
    Also Englecke, John; Photos of speakers
    Neg# B67-00003


  • Dedication Holmes Hall
    Speeches, audience, blessing, could be Rev. Akaka
    Neg# C73-00022


  • Dedication of Biomedical Building
    Auditorium ceremonies; speeches, audience, blessing
    Neg# C71-00035


  • Dedication of Financial Aid Building
    Dedication, ribbon cutting, skit, entertainment
    Neg# C68-00119


  • Dedication of KANA KEOKI Boat
    Dedication photos dockside; speeches, audience
    Neg# C71-00037


  • Dedication of Kenichi Watanabe Building
    To men looking at dedication plaque
    Neg# C71-00090


  • Dedication of Library
    Spalding, Stroven, Sinclair, Bachman; tree planting, dedication
    Neg# A56-00063


  • Dedication of Louis A. Henke Hall
    Public address, officials, audience, dedication, choir, group
    Neg# A57-00023j


  • Dedication of Moore Hall
    Looks like dedication, speeches in Moore courtyard
    Neg# C72-00045


  • Dedication of Physical Education Buildings
    President Willard Wilson, others
    Neg# A58-00007


  • Dedication of Senior Citizen Center
    Ceremonies, building front; inside, entertainment, audience
    Neg# C69-00148


  • Dedication of Snyder Hall
    Snyder and wife with Hamilton; dedication plaque; reception
    Neg# C68-00025


  • Dedication of Social Research Laboratory
    Name changed from Hawaii Social Research Laboratory, 04/20/55
    Neg# A55-00046


  • Dedication of St. John
    Speeches, audience, tree planting
    Neg# C71-00091


  • Dedication of Webster and Spalding Halls
    Dedication ceremonies, speeches; at plaque
    Neg# B64-00011


  • Dedication, Bilger Hall
    Dedication at plaque; reception in Bilger courtyard
    Neg# C66-00034


  • Dedication, Hale Laulima
    Dedication speakers, small audience, demonstration shot, students
    Neg# C69-00020


  • Dedication, Ralph Kuykendall Building
    Ceremony, group photos
    Neg# B65-00020


  • Delegate Joe Farrington
    Joe Farrington's Speech on Statehood
    Neg# A53-00041


  • Della Ewing-Chow, Dental Hygiene Student
    Neg# A66-00002c


  • Demolishing Army Shacks Next to Old Gym
    Boarded shacks, students, workers, building being dismantled
    Neg# B59-00043


  • Demolition of Old Gym
    Exterior views of the Old Gym; demolition shots
    Neg# B59-00049


  • Demolition of Old Music Building
    Cranes dismantling building
    Neg# B60-00005


  • Demolition of ROTC Building
    Building being torn down
    Neg# C68-00078


  • Demonstration of Esophageal Speech
    Demonstration given by Colonel to Speech class during Cancer Week
    Neg# A57-00035


  • Dental Class Picture
    Group picture
    Neg# A59-00007


  • Dental Clinic
    Portraits, group shots, with Teachers College Elem. students
    Neg# A56-00024


  • Dental Clinic

    Neg# A58-00041


  • Dental Equipment
    Unidentified male with equipment
    Neg# A56-00161


  • Dental Hygiene
    Unidentified group photo of dental hygiene students
    Neg# A56-00144


  • Dental Hygiene
    Individual students with patients at dental chair
    Neg# A61-00011


  • Dental Hygiene
    Group photos, children's waiting room area
    Neg# A62-00011


  • Dental Hygiene
    Group photos
    Neg# A64-00004


  • Dental Hygiene
    Group photos, single shots of one student, one copy of group shot
    Neg# A65-00003


  • Dental Hygiene
    Photos of dental students, with patients, instructing children
    Neg# B60-00002


  • Dental Hygiene
    Student nurses with patients
    Neg# B63-00004


  • Dental Hygiene
    Student taking X-ray, cleaning teeth
    Neg# B63-00023


  • Dental Hygiene
    Group photos; students working on patients
    Neg# B66-00014


  • Dental Hygiene
    Individual and group photos of students
    Neg# C66-00009


  • Dental Hygiene
    Dental hygiene students at work
    Neg# C66-00017


  • Dental Hygiene
    Various group photos
    Neg# C67-00015


  • Dental Hygiene
    Looks like student working on a patient as someone looks on
    Neg# C67-00019


  • Dental Hygiene
    Check passing; group photo of three persons
    Neg# C69-00060a


  • Dental Hygiene
    Group photos; students studying, using lab equipment, assisting
    Neg# C70-00081


  • Dental Hygiene
    Group photos; other photos
    Neg# C72-00027


  • Dental Hygiene
    Looks like dental hygiene student with a patient
    Neg# C73-00032b


  • Dental Hygiene 1969 Graduates
    Group photos
    Neg# C69-00043


  • Dental Hygiene Capping
    Individual, group photos; capping ceremony, speeches
    Neg# B63-00059


  • Dental Hygiene Capping Ceremony
    Group photos; print made of negative #11
    Neg# A59-00070


  • Dental Hygiene Class of 1953
    Group photo
    Neg# A53-00042


  • Dental Hygiene Class of 1961
    Group photo
    Neg# A61-00027


  • Dental Hygiene Clinic
    Student working on patient
    Neg# A57-00002


  • Dental Hygiene Cover Picture
    Looks like student with patient
    Neg# C73-00032a


  • Dental Hygiene Field Project
    Looks like dental hygiene students in the community; luncheon
    Neg# C69-00141


  • Dental Hygiene Girls
    Horn, Helen; Lum-Kee, Stella ; Lawrence, Linda Lou; Ferrier, Gayle A.
    Neg# C68-00014


  • Dental Hygiene Girls
    Neg# C69-00008


  • Dental Hygiene Girls
    Cadinha, D.; Damron, A.; Nathan, J.; Chiha, J.; portraits
    Neg# C72-00003a


  • Dental Hygiene Girls
    Kop, J; Uyehara, S; Hundter, K; Kennao, S
    Neg# C72-00003b


  • Dental Hygiene Girls Few Identified
    Chiarini, Shirley; Cagle, Dena;
    Neg# C70-00042


  • Dental Hygiene Girls, con't.
    All portraits
    Neg# C71-00014


  • Dental Hygiene Girls, continued
    Zydel, Marilyn J.; Inanod, Kathleen
    Neg# C68-00014


  • Dental Hygiene Girls, Identified
    Chow, C; Nishimura, S; West, K; Humphries, P; Pierceall, P
    Neg# C71-00014


  • Dental Hygiene Lab
    Looks like student working on a patient as instructor looks on
    Neg# C68-00029


  • Dental Hygiene Open House
    Various shots, group, working, puppet play
    Neg# A54-00036


  • Dental Hygiene Scholarship Students
    3 dental hygiene scholarship winners posing with Provost Wilson
    Neg# A58-00095


  • Dental Hygiene Seniors
    Group photos
    Neg# C69-00060b


  • Dental Hygiene Seniors

    Neg# A51-00001


  • Dental Hygiene Students
    Group photo
    Neg# A57-00073


  • Dental Hygiene Students
    Group photos
    Neg# A63-00073


  • Dental Hygiene Students identified
    Neg# C70-00041a


  • Dental Hygiene Students identified
    Neg# C70-00041b


  • Dental Hygiene Students identified
    Neg# C70-00041c


  • Dental Hygiene Students identified
    Neg# C70-00041d


  • Dental Hygiene Students identified
    Neg# C70-00041e


  • Dental Hygiene, 1968
    Group photos
    Neg# C68-00089a


  • Dental Hygiene, 1st and 2nd Year Students
    Group photos
    Neg# C71-00055


  • Dental Hygiene, Capping Ceremony
    Various group photos of students
    Neg# A61-00097


  • Dental Hygiene, Copy
    Fluoride application for children's teeth
    Neg# A60-00098


  • Dental Hygiene, Individual Portraits
    Mizuguchi, Hyla; Ashimine, Lorraine; Scott, Claudia; Laue, Katherine
    Neg# C68-00089b


  • Dental Hygiene, Individual Portraits

    Neg# C68-00089b


  • Dental Hygiene, Open House
    Group photos of 6 ladies; reception, open house shots
    Neg# C69-00048


  • Dental Hygiene, Video Tape Machine
    Women's Auxiliary presenting video tape machine to Dental Hygiene
    Neg# C72-00044


  • Dental Hygiene: Chun, Robin
    Neg# C67-00009b


  • Dental Hygiene: Johnson, Jacqueline
    Neg# C67-00009a


  • Dental Refresher Course
    Dental students with patient
    Neg# A55-00092


  • Dental Research Team
    Population studies of oral diseases in Hawaii
    Neg# C68-00056


  • Dental Scholarship
    With President Wilson, check passing
    Neg# A58-00040


  • Dentist Seminar for Japan
    Group photos
    Neg# C71-00016


  • Design In Nature, Art Exhibit
    Looking at art exhibit; exhibit of negative prints
    Neg# A62-00197


  • Diagnostic Copies for Dr. Crowell
    Charts, graphs
    Neg# A62-00047


  • Dialogue on Vietnam
    Speakers at Orvis; exterior shots of George Hall, Sinclair
    Neg# C65-00007


  • Diamond Head From Library
    Probably taken from makai balcony, unobstructed view
    Neg# C69-00066


  • Diversified Agriculture

    Neg# A53-00078


  • Dixie Simon, Dental Hygiene Student
    Neg# A66-00002j


  • Doctors at Children's Hospital
    Group photos; doctors; students
    Neg# C67-00064


  • Doctors Conference at St. Francis Hospital
    Group photos
    Neg# C67-00002


  • Doctor's Group at Queens Hospital
    Group outdoor photos
    Neg# B67-00005


  • Doctor's Group at Queen's Hospital
    Group photos
    Neg# C67-00021


  • Dolores Corona, Dental Hygiene Student
    Neg# A66-00002b


  • Donald Kawahara
    Posing with bonsai plants
    Neg# A56-00007


  • Donation of EWC Theatre Curtain
    Curtain donation from Tokyo Rotary
    Neg# A63-00065


  • Donations of Pictures to Library
    Women sitting on sofa admiring picture
    Neg# A63-00026


  • Door Glass Broken in Bachman Hall
    Photos of broken door
    Neg# B64-00047


  • Doris Niiyama, Dental Hygiene Student
    Neg# A66-00002i


  • Doris Tamanaha, Electrical Engineering
    Posing with equipment
    Neg# B66-00024


  • Douglas McConnell, Plant Quarantine Center
    Removing tomatoes from fumigator
    Neg# A62-00246


  • DPI Economic Seminar
    Photos of speaker at the podium, audience
    Neg# C68-00038


  • Dr. and Mrs. Neal Bowers with Governor Quinn
    Presenting map of Hawaiian Islands to Governor Quinn
    Neg# A62-00044


  • Dr. and Mrs. William Angus
    For Office of Publications and Information
    Neg# A56-00034


  • Dr. A. J. Salle, Bacteriology
    Dr. A.J. Salle, University of California, visiting Summer 1953
    Neg# A53-00018


  • Dr. Abrar Khan with Dr. S. Goto
    Posing together by Bachman Hall, Sinclair Library background
    Neg# A63-00006


  • Dr. Albert Tester, Zoology
    With shark teeth; Science Club
    Neg# A62-00137


  • Dr. Allan Saunders with Former Students
    Dean Saunders with several unidentified former students
    Neg# A60-00075


  • Dr. Alvin Saake With Tennis/Golf Students
    Posing with tennis students, golf students
    Neg# A62-00226


  • Dr. Arthur Lange
    In papaya grove
    Neg# A58-00028


  • Dr. C. Chang, Agriculture
    With two other unidentified individuals
    Neg# A59-00055


  • Dr. Carl Haney, USC

    Neg# A54-00074


  • Dr. Carl Stroven and Dr. A. Grove Day

    Neg# A59-00036


  • Dr. Charles F. Lindsley, Speech
    Dr. Charles F. Lindsley, Occidental College, visiting Summer 1953
    Neg# A53-00020


  • Dr. Charles Moore Signing Book
    Book entitled, Philosophy and Culture--East and West edited by Moore
    Neg# A62-00198


  • Dr. Charles Moore, Retirement Party
    Speeches, audience, head table photos
    Neg# C66-00021


  • Dr. Clarence E. Glick and Family
    Just returned from world tour (Star Bulletin)
    Neg# A56-00080


  • Dr. Clements with Foreign Students
    Dr. Clements with students looking at sugar cane plants
    Neg# A63-00036


  • Dr. Cleveland and Governor of Samoa
    Sitting on sofa
    Neg# C69-00129


  • Dr. Cleveland Planting Tree on Campus
    Tree planting; possibly Mrs. Cleveland helping
    Neg# C69-00108


  • Dr. Cleveland Signing Up for Credit Union
    Cleveland signing up as man, women look on
    Neg# C70-00103


  • Dr. Cleveland's Luncheon
    Round table luncheon, six men; group photos
    Neg# C69-00133


  • Dr. Cornelia Moore Presents Dutch Books
    Moore presenting Dutch books to West at Hamilton Library
    Neg# C72-00021


  • Dr. Cutting and Mrs. H. K. Lemmek
    Looking at library files; students studying
    Neg# C69-00077


  • Dr. Cutting Receiving a Check
    Check passing
    Neg# C68-00018


  • Dr. Cutting, Dr. Gundersen, Microbiology
    Working with microscope; with unidentified student
    Neg# C68-00028


  • Dr. D. Elmo Hardy with John Murphy
    Unidentified woman
    Neg# C66-00083


  • Dr. Dael Wolfe At Airport
    Shots taken at airport gate of old airport
    Neg# B59-00009


  • Dr. Daniel W. Tuttle Lecturing
    Photos of Dr. Tuttle lecturing to a class
    Neg# A60-00006


  • Dr. DWane Collins, Psychology, TV
    Teaching class
    Neg# C66-00031


  • Dr. DWane Collins, Psychology, TV
    Photos of filming interview, probably Collins and a child
    Neg# B66-00028


  • Dr. Earl Bilger, Dedication
    Presentation of plaque
    Neg# C66-00030


  • Dr. Edith Doi and George Fujii
    Office photos; outside bench shots
    Neg# A58-00020


  • Dr. Edward Teller's Class
    Group photos
    Neg# A66-00015


  • Dr. Elwood Murray, Speech
    Dr. Elwood Murray, University of Denver, visiting Summer 1953
    Neg# A53-00019


  • Dr. Folsome Lab
    Working in lab with unidentified person
    Neg# C67-00008


  • Dr. G. Raymond Nunn
    Oriental Library bookshelves
    Neg# A62-00258


  • Dr. George Lundberg, Sociology
    Dr. George Lundberg, University of Washington, visiting Summer '53
    Neg# A53-00021


  • Dr. Georgean Adams
    With unidentified individual; outdoor single shots
    Neg# A58-00010


  • Dr. Goto and Dr. Yoshio Hashioka
    Hashioka, rice disease expert
    Neg# A61-00126


  • Dr. Goto and Sears Vice President
    Group photos, dining; occasion possibly Sears scholarship winners
    Neg# B64-00026


  • Dr. Hamilton Press Conference
    Being interviewed at several locations
    Neg# B62-00034


  • Dr. Harlan Cleveland Press Conference
    Sitting at his desk, unidentified individual
    Neg# C73-00086


  • Dr. Harold Roberts and Student
    With student and charts
    Neg# A57-00142


  • Dr. Hayes, Noelani Elementary Class
    Storytelling in class; Hayes, teacher, students
    Neg# C71-00088


  • Dr. Henry A. Bess and Dr. J. M. Franze
    Franze from Germany; Hawaii Agricultural Experiment Station
    Neg# A56-00109


  • Dr. Herbert Stellmacher and Mr. Davis
    Holding several boxes of film together, background of books
    Neg# A62-00199


  • Dr. Hilberry, Alternative Sources of Energy
    Interim Session event; photos of him speaking at podium
    Neg# C71-00008


  • Dr. Hilker With Harold Yamate
    Dr. Hilker showing the high school student various equipment
    Neg# C66-00022


  • Dr. Ira Hiscock and Dr. Donald McGuire
    McGuire, Donald, Associate Olericulturalist, HAES
    Neg# A60-00026


  • Dr. Iwao Miyake
    With HI-Fidelity sound system
    Neg# A56-00081


  • Dr. Jacquil Borel's Birthday Party
    Looks like head table, guests, presenting leis
    Neg# C68-00121


  • Dr. Jean Charlot and Family

    Neg# A54-00048


  • Dr. Jean Charlot's Fresco Class
    First step in mural painting, copies of drawings
    Neg# A49-00001a


  • Dr. John C. Ripperton
    College of Agronomy
    Neg# A57-00047


  • Dr. John Hanessian, Political Science
    Looks like class lecture; panel discussion; with several students
    Neg# B65-00048


  • Dr. Johnson and Guests
    Small group photos, speakers
    Neg# C71-00026


  • Dr. Kawase Lecture
    Small pagoda, scroll, lecture shots
    Neg# C73-00010


  • Dr. Kenneth Otagaki
    With pineapple plants
    Neg# A60-00012


  • Dr. Kiyoshi Hosoi with President Wilson
    Presenting prints to UH in memory of his father Isamu Hosoi
    Neg# A57-00078


  • Dr. Kuno and State Senator Lyman
    Studying maps of Big Island
    Neg# A61-00127


  • Dr. L. Winter and Dean M. Wermel
    Looking at Bureau of Business Research chart
    Neg# A61-00086


  • Dr. Laurence Snyder
    To be Charter Day speaker, 03/23/56
    Neg# A56-00016


  • Dr. Leonard Mason
    With unidentified person
    Neg# A56-00052


  • Dr. Leonora Bilger and Scholarship Students
    Dr. Bilger with two scholarship students
    Neg# A54-00015


  • Dr. M. White's Radio Production Class

    Neg# A51-00004


  • Dr. M.F. Chandraratna, Ceylon (HAES)
    Director of Agriculture, en route home after 6 weeks on mainland
    Neg# A60-00101


  • Dr. MacDonald with President Snyder

    Neg# A59-00076


  • Dr. Martin Glaeser, Economics
    University of Wisconsin Economics Professor, visiting Summer 1953
    Neg# A53-00017


  • Dr. Martin Luther King Convocation
    Audience; probably King at podium
    Neg# C64-00011


  • Dr. Maxwell S. Doty
    Working in lab
    Neg# A58-00139


  • Dr. McConnell
    Fumigation of bell pepper
    Neg# A62-00059


  • Dr. Moore
    Looks like posing with magazine and scarf, plate in background
    Neg# C67-00014


  • Dr. N. Bammate, Philosopher's Conference
    Gave lecture at Bilger Hall on Islamic Cultural Tradition and West
    Neg# A59-00163d


  • Dr. Norman Rian
    Group photos
    Neg# A01-00051


  • Dr. Oliver Wayman
    Inspecting new pig
    Neg# A57-00029


  • Dr. P. Koteswaran (Indian)
    Portrait photos; standing by a map with an unidentified person
    Neg# B61-00055


  • Dr. Paul Scheuer, Chemistry
    Received grant from National Health Institute; with Craig machine
    Neg# A58-00082


  • Dr. Phillip A. Wright
    From New South Wales, Australia; for Hawaii Extension Service
    Neg# A60-00053


  • Dr. Porter and Group
    Group looking at negative
    Neg# B65-00032


  • Dr. Richard Alm and George D. Spache
    Spache, of University of Florida
    Neg# A62-00009


  • Dr. Richard Armour
    Photos taken in conjunction with 50th Anniversary
    Neg# A57-00023i


  • Dr. Richard Clark
    National coordinator of cow breeding program, assisted UH program
    Neg# A53-00031


  • Dr. Robert B. Crawford
    Sitting at desk; Summer Session, 1964
    Neg# C64-00006


  • Dr. Robert Hiatt Retirement Party
    Shots from Dr. Hiatt's retirement party
    Neg# C69-00055


  • Dr. Roberts Library Exhibit
    Photos of items in display case
    Neg# C67-00006


  • Dr. Rogers' Students
    Group photos of students
    Neg# C70-00108


  • Dr. Sakamaki's Retirement Party
    Head table, speeches, reception line, family, guests
    Neg# C71-00081


  • Dr. Saksena's Class
    Group photo on steps of Hawaii Hall
    Neg# A52-00025


  • Dr. Scheuer and Dr. Ihrig

    Neg# A58-00135


  • Dr. Shosuke Goto and Others
    Trio photographed; Goto far right
    Neg# A65-00012


  • Dr. Sidney Hook
    Copy portrait
    Neg# A59-00163e


  • Dr. Sidney Hsiao's Laboratory Equipment
    Photos of equipment; see A62-00227
    Neg# A62-00008


  • Dr. Snyder and Dr. Hamilton
    Hamilton sitting at desk while Snyder looks on; shaking hands
    Neg# B63-00001


  • Dr. Snyder Being Interviewed at Airport
    Return trip from mainland
    Neg# A58-00104


  • Dr. St. John with Hala Tree

    Neg# A55-00096


  • Dr. T. Thomas Hale Hamilton
    Photos of him looking at lab equipment
    Neg# B66-00008


  • Dr. Teller's Class, High School Students
    Group photos
    Neg# A61-00066


  • Dr. Thomas Hamilton
    Outside portrait photos; pictures for annual report
    Neg# C66-00026


  • Dr. Tuttle's Government Class
    Informal class shots
    Neg# A57-00139


  • Dr. Wechsler, Psychologist, Dr. Weaver
    Photos together, lecturing to a group
    Neg# C69-00041


  • Dr. Willard Wilson's Retirement Party
    Head table, reception line, speakers
    Neg# C69-00063


  • Dr. Wilson, Dean Holmes and President Snyder
    Presenting work to President Laurence Snyder
    Neg# A58-00128


  • Dr. Wilson, President Sinclair, Dr. Holmes
    Wilson, Dean of Arts and Sciences; Holmes, Dean of Applied Sciences
    Neg# A53-00030


  • Dr. Yasunobu
    With unidentified woman in lab setting
    Neg# B66-00011


  • Dr. Yasunobu with Milanae Loo
    Working in the lab
    Neg# C66-00072


  • Drama: Arms and the man
    Drama, play; posing outside
    Neg# C70-00159


  • Drawing Copy of Geophysics Institute
    Preliminary study done of proposed Geophysics Institute
    Neg# A59-00017


  • Drawing Copy, New Art Building
    Drawing of Art Building, old Gilmore Hall site
    Neg# A73-00006


  • Drawing Copy, New Music Building
    Possibly taken early 1/72
    Neg# A71-00006


  • Drawing of 500 Room Dorm
    Photos of drawings
    Neg# A69-00007a


  • Drawing of Agriculture Building
    Blackboard sketch of proposed agriculture building
    Neg# A53-00082


  • Drawing of Book Store

    Neg# A53-00071


  • Drawing of Kuykendall Hall
    Drawing of Kuykendall Hall
    Neg# A63-00087


  • Drawing of Mosquito
    Copy of mosquito drawing; Entomology
    Neg# A62-00110


  • Drawing of Provost Wilson
    Cartoon drawing of Provost Wilson playing a guitar
    Neg# A58-00155


  • Drawing Photo of Princess Ruth
    Drawing from Jean Charlot
    Neg# A59-00149


  • Drawing, Hawaii Marine Laboratory
    Neg# A64-00083


  • Drawing, Honolulu Community College
    Drawing of one building
    Neg# A70-00012


  • Drawing, Honolulu Community College
    Neg# A72-00006


  • Drawing, Leeward Community College Theatre
    Neg# A72-00003


  • Drawing, Multi-Purpose Building
    Drawing of Multi-purpose building by the Division of Public Works
    Neg# A62-00139


  • Drawing, Music Auditorium
    Neg# A61-00149


  • Drawing, Music Building
    Proposed drawing of Music Building
    Neg# A61-00152


  • Drawing, New Student Union Building
    Exterior, interior drawings
    Neg# A71-00001


  • Drawing, New Swimming Pool
    Copy of drawing; construction commenced 09/09/63
    Neg# A62-00249


  • Drawing, Oceanographic Research Center
    Possibly Kewalo Oceanographic Research Center building plan
    Neg# A64-00067


  • Drawing, Remodeled Food Science Building
    Drawings of existing and remodeled Food Science Building
    Neg# A64-00047


  • Drawing: New Snack Bar
    Drawing of Snack Bar
    Neg# A63-00075


  • Drawings
    Drawing in Oriental Library for Miss Warriner
    Neg# A55-00074


  • Drawings, Copies
    Woman by de Kooning; L'Arlesienne by van Gogh
    Neg# A59-00127


  • Dress Design
    Students modeling clothes
    Neg# C70-00152


  • Dressmaking and Sewing, Home Economics
    Students in sewing, dressmaking class
    Neg# A61-00053


  • Drill Team (Review)
    Various group shots, award presentations, some with sponsor
    Neg# A56-00004


  • Drs. Carl Stroven and Robert Stauffer
    Sitting at desk together looking at a book
    Neg# A62-00073


  • Drs. H. Kamemoto and R. Hamilton
    Going to South East Asia
    Neg# A59-00037


  • Drs. Khan and Laurila, Geosciences
    Photographed together looking at globe, at desk
    Neg# C67-00092


  • Drs. McKinney and Haney

    Neg# A54-00073


  • Dwarf Angus
    Dr. Wayman, others with Dwarf angus, Animal Science Department
    Neg# A57-00141

    Top of Page


  • E.C. Jones
    Science Club program, Fish and Wild Life; pointing to Alaska, map
    Neg# A62-00181


  • Earthquake Charts, Australia
    Graph and map chart, 1960
    Neg# A01-00078


  • East West Building, Administration
    Drawing view from Kennedy Theatre
    Neg# A60-00116


  • East West Buildings, Auditorium
    Kennedy Theatre drawing, view from Jefferson Hall
    Neg# A60-00115


  • East West Buildings, Drawing Copies
    Drawings of buildings
    Neg# A60-00114


  • East West Center Building
    Views of East West construction at various times
    Neg# A62-00172


  • East West Center Building (Jefferson Hall)
    Exterior photos, arches
    Neg# C73-00030


  • East West Center Buildings
    Hale Manoa, Kennedy, Jefferson, Lincoln, Hale Kuahine
    Neg# A63-00013


  • East West Center Buildings
    Exterior shots of East West Center buildings, completed
    Neg# A63-00056


  • East West Center Buildings
    Exterior photos of buildings
    Neg# A64-00009


  • East West Center Buildings
    Various views of the EWC buildings; looking Waikiki
    Neg# C66-00082


  • East West Center Buildings from Afar
    Photos of EWC buildings from grassy hill, St. Louis heights
    Neg# B62-00008


  • East West Center Construction
    View of East West Center construction in progress
    Neg# A62-00025


  • East West Center Construction
    Shots of building construction
    Neg# A62-00054


  • East West Center Construction
    Shots of exterior building progress; structures nearing completion
    Neg# A62-00121


  • East West Center Construction
    Some buildings nearing completion; others midway
    Neg# A62-00168


  • East West Center Construction
    Views of Hale Manoa, Kennedy Center, Jefferson Hall
    Neg# A62-00183


  • East West Center Construction Site
    Honolulu Chamber of Commerce members visiting construction site
    Neg# A62-00162


  • East West Center Dormitories, Copy
    Pictures of East West Center dormitories at the time
    Neg# A61-00177


  • East West Center Drawing
    Drawing of all the East West buildings
    Neg# A60-00117


  • East West Center Drawing, Hale Manoa
    Hale Moana, drawing view from Japanese garden
    Neg# A60-00118


  • East West Center Drawings, Dormitories
    1 - View of Hale Kuahine and Lincoln Halls 2 - Hale Manoa
    Neg# A60-00119


  • East West Center Group
    Group photos, about a dozen people
    Neg# C70-00069


  • East West Center Japanese Garden
    Photos of the garden
    Neg# C72-00098


  • East West Center Japanese Garden Plaque
    Shots of plaque and garden
    Neg# A64-00017


  • East West Center Kitchen
    Photos of the kitchen, cafeteria and seating areas
    Neg# A64-00087


  • East West Center Kitchen
    More photos of the kitchen, cafeteria area
    Neg# A64-00088


  • East West Center Lounge
    Interior photos of lounge on the first floor
    Neg# C67-00075


  • East West Center Site

    Neg# A60-00113


  • East West Center Students at Iolani School
    Panel discussion
    Neg# A62-00045


  • East West Center Students by Bachman Hall
    Group sitting on grass; picture for Land Grant book
    Neg# A62-00221


  • East West Center Tea House
    Exterior, interior photos; tea ceremony inside
    Neg# C72-00099


  • East West Center Theatre Training Program
    Photos of technical personnel in training
    Neg# B63-00068


  • East West Center, Construction
    Various views of construction in progress
    Neg# A61-00092


  • East West Center, Grounds and Buildings
    Exterior views of buildings
    Neg# C69-00116


  • East West Center, Jefferson Hall
    Exterior, front views
    Neg# C72-00069


  • East West Center, Lounge and Cafeteria
    People dining in cafeteria; people lounging on first floor
    Neg# C72-00072


  • East West Center; Kyle, Wenken, B. Goto
    Group photos
    Neg# C67-00012


  • East West Model
    East West Center model and displays
    Neg# A61-00089


  • East West Philosophers' Conference
    Various shots
    Neg# A49-00002a


  • East West Philosophers' Conference
    Conference in session, 3 shots, 1 print
    Neg# A49-00002b


  • East West Philosophers' Conference
    Group shot
    Neg# A49-00002c


  • East West Philosophers' Conference

    Neg# A49-00002d


  • East West Philosophers' Conference
    Program, guest speakers, invited guests, seminars
    Neg# B59-00055a


  • East West Philosophers' Conference
    Conference groups; filled auditorium audience; speakers; reception
    Neg# C69-00086


  • EastWest Center Japanese Garden Dedication
    Ishizaka presenting garden to EWC; planting; speeches; Koi release
    Neg# B63-00060


  • East-West Philosopher's Conference
    Conference occurs every 10 years
    Neg# A59-00163a


  • Economic Education
    General audience photos, close-up of speaker
    Neg# C69-00033


  • Economic Education Library
    Library and study area
    Neg# C68-00088


  • Economic Research Center
    Photo of men with district map
    Neg# A61-00153


  • Economics Education Class
    Instructor lecturing to class
    Neg# C72-00053


  • Edgar Ervin Degenhardt
    First College of General Studies graduate (?)
    Neg# A61-00114


  • Editor-in-Chief, Tokyo University Press
    With Mr. S. Minoa, editor-in-chief of Tokyo University Press
    Neg# A62-00006


  • Editors from India
    4 editors from India, other personnel
    Neg# A57-00128


  • Editors: Food Processing
    Looking and sampling foods; editors milling around tables
    Neg# A62-00058


  • Edmondson Hall
    Exterior shots of finished building
    Neg# A62-00184


  • Edmondson Hall, Construction
    Construction photos
    Neg# A62-00033


  • Education Class
    In discussion circle; at blackboard
    Neg# A61-00113


  • Education TV Experts
    Reed- UH Director of Educational TV in Communication
    Neg# A63-00007


  • Education: Ford Foundation Projects
    High school students in math, chemistry, biology classes
    Neg# A62-00068


  • Educational Communications
    Demonstration of learning materials
    Neg# C69-00059


  • Educational Credentials, NAFSA Conference
    Conference room meeting photos
    Neg# C67-00072


  • Educational TV
    Photos of camera crew filming speaker
    Neg# B66-00052


  • Educational TV - KHVH
    Program theme: Do you have a hand in things to come?
    Neg# B62-00005


  • Educational TV Class
    Students in class watching TV monitor
    Neg# C66-00057


  • Educational TV ETV
    Filming a program
    Neg# C66-00087


  • Educational TV Ground Breaking
    Daniels speaking; Cleveland, Daniels, another w/building model
    Neg# C70-00107


  • Educators From Okinawa Visiting
    Group photos
    Neg# C68-00116


  • Edward A. Stasack's Prize Winning Print
    Photo of print, Knight, won Burr Memorial Medal for graphics
    Neg# A62-00195


  • Edwina Siu, Scholarship Winner
    Winner of Alfred Apaka Scholarship, at piano
    Neg# A61-00080


  • Eggs, Department of Agriculture
    Photos of eggs
    Neg# A61-00172


  • Electrical Engineering Lab
    In lab with equipment
    Neg# A59-00138


  • Elementary School, Violin Class
    Landsman teaching, orchestrating young students
    Neg# B66-00020


  • Elementary Students Painting Pictures
    Painting Christmas pictures on windows
    Neg# A53-00062


  • Elementary Teachers College Scholarship
    Group photos of orchestra; presentation
    Neg# A59-00156


  • Ellen L. Moline, East Oahu County Agent
    With unidentified man, bonsai plant
    Neg# A56-00036


  • Ellesmere Chaucer, Copy

    Neg# A55-00111


  • Elsie Boatman's Retirement Party
    Retirement party scenes, group photos; students w/leis, gifts
    Neg# C66-00020


  • Employees, UH Identified
    Special/Professional Programs; Hamamoto, Kathleen, Student Affairs
    Neg# C70-00116a


  • Employees, UH Identified
    Hashimoto, Karen, Procurement and Prop. Mgt.; Mizuta, Judy, Procurement and Prop. Mgmt
    Neg# C70-00116b


  • Employees, UH Identified
    Westervelt, George, Disbursing; Nishida, Karen, Hamilton Library
    Neg# C70-00116c


  • Employees, UH Identified
    Legislative Reference Bureau
    Neg# C70-00116d


  • Employees, UH Identified
    Ishii, Phyllis L., Duplicating Services.
    Neg# C70-00116e


  • Employees, UH Identified

    Neg# C70-00116f


  • Employees, UH Identified
    Peleholani, Leonora, Facilities Mgt., Cust.; Agena, Kathleen, Phy/Astro
    Neg# C70-00116g


  • Employees, UH Identified

    Neg# C70-00116h


  • Employees, UH Identified
    Cablay, Rose, Facilities Mgt.
    Neg# C70-00116i


  • Employees, UH Identified
    Yamamoto, Bertha, Personnel
    Neg# C70-00116j


  • Employees, UH Identified

    Neg# C70-00116k


  • Employees, UH Identified

    Neg# C70-00116l


  • Employment Office Class

    Neg# B64-00070


  • Engineer Testing for Water Level
    Three men next to testing equipment
    Neg# A61-00145


  • Engineering
    Looks like presentation of plaques to students; portraits; work site
    Neg# C66-00051


  • Engineering
    Publicity shots for Engineering week; display, building, lab shots
    Neg# C73-00009


  • Engineering
    Various individuals using equipment, at desk, class, discussions
    Neg# C73-00027


  • Engineering
    Both watching individual using equipment
    Neg# C72-00116


  • Engineering (Gift Presentation)
    Probably accepting gift from Engineering Club
    Neg# C70-00080


  • Engineering Art; Gate of Hope
    Alexander Liberman's cylindrical steel sculpture, Gate of Hope
    Neg# C72-00094


  • Engineering Association Meeting
    Group photo of unidentified individuals; auditorium shot
    Neg# A58-00004


  • Engineering Award
    Chi Epsilon Award to outstanding Freshman, Civil Engineering
    Neg# A57-00091


  • Engineering Building
    Construction photos, pillars; negs. found w/Neg# C70-00111a
    Neg# C70-00111b


  • Engineering Building (Quonset Hut)
    Exterior, interior shots
    Neg# A48-00001


  • Engineering Building Drawing, Model
    Drawing and copy photos of Engineering Building model
    Neg# A67-00002


  • Engineering Check Passing Slogan Contest
    Check presenting in front of Holmes Hall sculpture
    Neg# C73-00020


  • Engineering Check Presenting
    Check passing
    Neg# C70-00084


  • Engineering Class Field Trip
    Students touring facility, various views of station
    Neg# A58-00035


  • Engineering Conference
    Group photos
    Neg# C70-00131


  • Engineering Equipment
    Photos of engineering equipment
    Neg# C69-00132


  • Engineering Group at The Willows
    Group photos
    Neg# C70-00036


  • Engineering Hugh Scholarship
    Five-man group photos; looks like a student shaking hands w/Dean
    Neg# C71-00058


  • Engineering Labs
    People using equipment, computers
    Neg# C69-00044


  • Engineering Labs
    Photos of computers and personnel working in the center
    Neg# C70-00134


  • Engineering Labs
    Photos of individuals working in the lab; looks like a group tour
    Neg# C72-00080


  • Engineering Meeting
    Three men
    Neg# C73-00072


  • Engineering Students
    Students working with, viewing various equipment
    Neg# B66-00035


  • Engineering Students
    Approximately 37 male students identified; check negs. for names
    Higa, R.T.; Imada, S.K.; Au, K.Y.K.; Aono, Stanley; Nishioka A.
    Yoshimoto, C.; Camarillo, T.A.; Nakasone, H.; Nogawa, E.
    Neg# C65-00011


  • Engineering Students Building Ramps
    Engineering students building ramp at Bilger; wheelchair student
    Neg# C66-00052


  • Engineering Students from Japan Visiting
    Audience, speakers
    Neg# C72-00015


  • Engineering Surveying
    Surveying on campus
    Neg# B59-00044


  • Engineering Technology
    Entitled waste glass on Oahu 63 tons a day; bottles, artifacts
    Neg# C72-00105


  • Engineering, Look Lab
    Looks like photos of viewing equipment
    Neg# C66-00091


  • Engineering, Testing Cement Beam (BIM?)
    Alfred Yee and Associates; material testing vulcanite; 4 testings
    Neg# A61-00010


  • Engineering, Testing Cement Beam (BIM?)
    Alfred Yee and Associates; material testing vulcanite; no. 2
    Neg# A61-00021a


  • Engineering, Testing Cement Beam (BIM?)
    Alfred Yee and Associates; material testing vulcanite; no. 3
    Neg# A61-00021b


  • Engineering, Testing Cement Beam (BIM?)
    Alfred Yee and Associates; material testing vulcanite; no. 4
    Neg# A61-00021c


  • English Language Institute
    Students in a language lab-like setting
    Neg# A64-00037


  • Ensemble Recital
    Shots of Mr. and Mrs. Hamilton in reception area; Japanese music
    Neg# B63-00019


  • Entomology
    Group photos; probably Entomology Department staff
    Neg# A65-00019


  • Entomology
    For Entomology, possible students or faculty
    Neg# A62-00216


  • Entomology Staff
    Group photos on steps below HAES sign
    Neg# A65-00001


  • Entomology Student, Scholarship Winner
    Group of four students; National Science Foundation Scholarship
    Neg# A61-00061


  • Entomology, Drs. Best and Nishida
    Photos of them posing with specimens, equipment
    Neg# C68-00123


  • Equipment
    Part of Indian Ocean Exposition
    Neg# A65-00038


  • Equipment, Agricultural Engineering
    Photos of machinery equipment
    Neg# A62-00252


  • Ernest Akamine, Isotope Lab
    Working in lab
    Neg# B65-00043


  • ETV, Opening Night
    Opening night festivities, speeches, crowds
    Neg# B66-00016


  • ETV, Robert Reed and Donald Wood

    Neg# B66-00006


  • Ever-Ware Scholarship
    Posing with certificates; group photos; others unidentified
    Neg# C68-00022


  • EWC-Institute of Technical Interchange
    Agriculture Delegate to Okinawa
    Neg# B65-00012


  • Exhibit at Gartley Hall
    Dr. Hiatt at the exhibit
    Neg# A54-00037


  • Exhibits in Educational Communication
    Looks like the candidates viewing the exhibit
    Neg# C68-00040


  • Exhibits of Korea and Philippines
    Display of Korean and Filipino costumes; Home Economics
    Neg# A61-00019


  • Experiments on Rabbits
    Students conducting experiments on rabbits
    Neg# B60-00008

    Top of Page

  • F.S.C. Northrup
    Bilger Hall lecture on Comparative Philosophy and World Law
    Neg# A59-00163h


  • Faculties in Charge of Foreign Students
    Group photos, four unidentified individuals
    Neg# C69-00038


  • Faculty Art Displays in New Gallery
    Several photos of faculty artwork; unidentified personnel
    Neg# A56-00121


  • Faculty Art Exhibit
    Photos of several paintings
    Neg# A61-00015


  • Faculty Art Exhibits
    Ceramics, abstracts
    Neg# A60-00002


  • Faculty Art Show
    Displaying artwork in George Hall Art Gallery
    Neg# A58-00039


  • Faculty Concert
    Various faculty performing on Orvis stage; woodwinds, piano, flute
    Neg# A64-00005


  • Faculty Concert, String
    Looks like a practice session
    Neg# C66-00014


  • Faculty Counselors
    Interviewing in offices, small group photos
    Neg# A57-00006


  • Faculty for Thailand Program
    Group photo
    Neg# A59-00023


  • Faculty House Construction
    Exterior views of construction
    Neg# B58-00001


  • Faculty Housing
    Just about completion; exterior shots
    Neg# A61-00034


  • Faculty Music Group
    Various group poses on stage
    Neg# A64-00062


  • Faculty Music Publicity
    Unidentified faculty: female at piano, male with violin
    Neg# B59-00001


  • Faculty Music Recital
    Trio practicing
    Neg# A57-00100


  • Faculty of 1909-10
    3-Mildred Yoder-Frank Dillingham-Minnie Chipman-John Gilmore
    Neg# A58-00140


  • Faculty of School of Medicine
    Group photos
    Neg# C67-00001


  • Faculty Reception at Philip Spalding Home
    Shots of reception line, small groups
    Neg# B59-00032


  • Faculty Signatures for Dr. Holmes
    Signatures of faculty and staff honoring Dr. Wilfred Holmes
    Neg# A59-00131


  • Faculty Staff Retirement Ceremony, 25 Yrs.
    Group photos
    Neg# C69-00073


  • Faculty Tea

    Neg# B58-00008


  • Family Workshop
    Home Economics Department, Workshop in Family Life Education
    Neg# A52-00036


  • Farm Fair Pictures; Agriculture
    Probably taken for Farm Fair publicity shots; Gean Gutierres
    Neg# B66-00038


  • Farm Pigs, University of Hawaii

    Neg# A53-00047


  • Farrington Hall
    Exterior views
    Neg# A56-00111


  • Farrington High School
    Students in various classes: auto, library, news, science, etc.
    Neg# C72-00002


  • Farrington High, Printmaking
    Looks like students working in printmaking class
    Neg# C70-00071


  • Fashion Design Class, Home Economics
    Design classroom, students, models
    Neg# C69-00001


  • Fashion Design Class, Night Class
    Women in fashion design class
    Neg# C68-00066


  • Fashion Picture, Home Economics
    Group and individual shots
    Neg# B67-00001


  • Fashion Pictures at the Girls Dormitory

    Neg# A52-00029


  • Fashion Show
    Woman modeling on ramp; large audience
    Neg# A60-00120


  • FAST
    Group photos
    Neg# C73-00048


  • FAST Group, Summer Institute
    Group photos
    Neg# C72-00046


  • FAST Institute (Summer)
    Group photos
    Neg# C71-00078b


  • FAST Program
    Group photos
    Neg# C71-00078a


  • FAST Program
    Group photos, steps
    Neg# C73-00023


  • FAST Program, 11-16
    Group photos on stairs
    Neg# C73-00017


  • Fausto Mariota, University of Puerto Rico
    With President Snyder
    Neg# A59-00041


  • Female Engineering Student
    Surveying; informal shots
    Neg# A57-00090


  • Ferdinand Marcos, Honorary Degree
    Conferring honorary degree to Marcos; protest demonstration
    Neg# C66-00041


  • Fern Plants
    Unidentified woman by large fern plant
    Neg# A63-00060


  • Fernhurst Residence
    Exterior shots of building
    Neg# A61-00038


  • Festival of Music and Art of This Century
    Photos and article in Malamalama 4/64 ; Arrival shots on 120's
    Neg# A64-00044


  • Festival of Music and Art of This Century
    Visiting architects
    Neg# C65-00003


  • Festival of Music and Dance, Copies
    Copies of dancers, portraits
    Neg# C70-00157


  • Festival of the Arts, 1973
    Photos of him conducting; with two other men
    Neg# C73-00053


  • Festival of the Arts; Copies
    Portrait of bearded male, dancers
    Neg# C73-00047


  • FFA Home Economics High School Students
    Group photos in front of Miller Hall
    Neg# B60-00012


  • Field of Corn
    Close-up shot of young corn plants, unidentified man; field shot
    Neg# A61-00112


  • Fiftieth State Tree Planting
    Blessing, tree planting in rain
    Neg# B59-00039


  • Fijian Troop; Fire Walkers
    Preparing fire; crowds; firewalkers
    Neg# C73-00065


  • Filipino Costumes, Home Economics
    Women modeling Filipino costumes
    Neg# B59-00027


  • Filipino Dancers
    Students dancing in ethnic costumes, music, other countries
    Neg# B59-00029


  • Filipino Play
    Group photos, individual portraits, scenes from the play
    Neg# C72-00083


  • Film Review Board, Audio Visual
    Group of 4 people
    Neg# C70-00051


  • Fire Damage at Hale Kuahine
    Photos of interior damage
    Neg# C73-00019


  • Firefighting Class
    Views of classwork, fighting fire, inspection, officials, students
    Neg# A57-00086


  • Fireman Replacing New Rope to Flag Pole
    Fireman on extended fire engine ladder replacing flag pole rope
    Neg# B60-00015


  • First Air Force Company Flag

    Neg# A53-00081


  • First Ceramic Lab
    Art Department, interior shot
    Neg# A48-00004


  • First Community College Graduates
    Group photos; students with diplomas
    Neg# C67-00004


  • First Graduates in Psychiatric Nursing
    Nagai presenting bouquets
    Neg# C67-00003


  • First Medical Students (Portraits)
    Portrait photos, unidentified
    Neg# C67-00050


  • First Pacific Science Publication
    Neg# A55-00110b


  • First ROTC Assembly
    Group photo at steps, raising flag
    Neg# A58-00080


  • First UH Football Team, Copy
    Copy photo of the team in practice
    Neg# A79-00002


  • First UH Observatory
    Several exterior views of building
    Neg# A56-00112


  • First Year Medical Students
    Group photos
    Neg# C69-00130


  • First Year Medical Students
    Group photos
    Neg# C70-00059


  • Fish for Dr. Philip Helefrich
    Copies of various fish
    Neg# A62-00105


  • Flood in Lower Field (Quarry)
    Pool of water surrounding Physical Education Buildings
    Neg# A58-00018


  • Floor Plan
    House floor plan
    Neg# A01-00057


  • Florists Short Course
    Flower demonstration, speaker at podium, audience
    Neg# C68-00068


  • Flower Arrangement Book to Sinclair
    Miss M. Nakagami from Japan presenting book to Carl Stroven
    Neg# A64-00033


  • Flower Arrangement Class
    Flower arrangement demonstration, class participation
    Neg# B63-00041


  • Flower Arrangement Display
    Flower arrangement displays
    Neg# B63-00043


  • Flower Arrangement for Jean Guterries
    Copy of flower arrangement, carnations
    Neg# A62-00100


  • Flowers for President Bachman
    Frear Hall girls presenting President Bachman with flowers
    Neg# A55-00100


  • Food and Nutrition
    Looks like nutrition instruction
    Neg# C71-00015


  • Food Nutrition Science Conference
    Conference, community people
    Neg# C72-00034


  • Food Preparation Photos, Home Economics
    Photos showing food preparation; cooking, table, cafeteria
    Neg# A61-00054


  • Food Processing
    Photos of individuals working, using various equipment
    Neg# A62-00041


  • Food Processing Lab (Cover Picture)
    Fish processing, canning, papaya, Hawaiian dancers
    Neg# A59-00137


  • Food Processing Laboratory
    Testing food; shots of staff working, looking at food samples
    Neg# A61-00001


  • Food Processing Open House
    Lecture at Bilger; Food Processing inside shots, displays, crowds
    Neg# A60-00103a


  • Food Processing Open House
    Making green papaya chutney, newly developed processed product
    Neg# A60-00103b


  • Food Science and Technology
    Probably shots of students, personnel at work
    Neg# A63-00064


  • Food Science and Technology
    Photos of people touring the facility; speakers, auditorium
    Neg# B63-00052


  • Food Science Lab Equipment
    Photos of equipment, large vats
    Neg# C69-00054


  • Food Science New Equipment, Papaya Machine
    Papaya machine
    Neg# C69-00029


  • Food Science, New Fruit Machine
    Photos of fruits in processing; papaya and mango machines
    Neg# C71-00062


  • Food Science/Dedication Ceremony/Cobalt-60
    Dedication ceremony, speeches, tour of machinery
    Neg# B65-00002


  • Food Service Groundbreaking
    Ground breaking participants; Rev. Akaka giving blessing
    Neg# A62-00119


  • Food Service Processing Building Drawing
    See A62-00119
    Neg# A62-00131


  • Food Service, Gateway
    Cafeteria food service area, students dining; lounge area
    Neg# C66-00056


  • Foodland Supermarket
    Exterior and interior shots of supermarket; for HAES
    Neg# A62-00108


  • Football Team
    Group and individual shots of football players
    Neg# B60-00042


  • Football Team, 1968
    Group photos
    Neg# C68-00125


  • Football, Spring Training
    Photos of football players at practice
    Neg# A59-00164


  • Ford Foundation Committee on Education
    Group photos
    Neg# A62-00104


  • Ford Foundation, Teachers College
    UH education; Kaimuki Intermediate music; UH art, music
    Neg# A62-00071


  • Foreign Agricultural Students
    Outdoor group photo
    Neg# A55-00098


  • Foreign Student Encampment for Citizenship
    Indonesia; Kiyatake, Nathaniel, Okinawa -- group photos
    Neg# A63-00044


  • Foreign Student Program
    Group shots around campus
    Neg# A53-00037


  • Foreign Students
    Shots of foreign students at Administration Building
    Neg# A54-00022


  • Foreign Students
    Foreign students, summer 1955
    Neg# A55-00055


  • Foreign Students
    Various classes of foreign students
    Neg# A58-00087


  • Foreign Students
    Shots of 2 women; possible identification slip mix-up w/other negs.
    Neg# C66-00071b


  • Foreign Students

    Neg# C66-00071c


  • Foreign Students
    Photos of three women sitting at a table
    Neg# C66-00071d


  • Foreign Students
    Akhar, Mohammad, Afghanistan; Corba, Nicholas B., Prof.(left)
    Neg# C66-00071e


  • Foreign Students
    Female; looking at books
    Neg# C66-00071f


  • Foreign Students
    Three women sitting on the lawn by Bachman Hall
    Neg# C66-00071g


  • Foreign Students

    Neg# C66-00071h


  • Foreign Students
    Foreign students, unidentified
    Neg# C66-00071i


  • Foreign Students at Mr. Riggs' House
    Various informal group photos of individuals chatting
    Neg# A59-00140


  • Foreign Students Camp Committee
    Pointing to Hawaii on a world map
    Neg# A01-00053


  • Foreign Students Camp Committee
    Informal group photos of students working
    Neg# B64-00003


  • Foreign Students on Campus
    Small groups of students at various campus locations
    Neg# B64-00053


  • Foreign Students with Opera Singers
    Foreign students with opera singers at reception
    Neg# B63-00014


  • Foreign Students, Neg# C66-00071a-i
    Mrs. Phichani Bodharamik of Thailand; Gordon Elliot, instructor
    Neg# C66-00071a


  • Forty-seventh Annual Commencement
    In gym, Andrews, audience, reception at Bachman Hall, speakers
    Neg# A58-00062


  • Foucault Pendulum
    Neher, Gorter by pendulum
    Neg# C69-00083


  • Foundation Breakfast
    Looks like check passing, panel, speakers, audience
    Neg# C70-00047


  • Foundation Fund Drive Kickoff
    Photos of gathering, head table, speakers
    Neg# C68-00019


  • Foundation Presenting Check, Tokioka/Damon
    Group photos of check passing
    Neg# C71-00095


  • Founders' Gate
    Photos for admission booklet cover
    Neg# A53-00076


  • Founders' Gate
    Founders' Gate, 12/62
    Neg# A62-00209


  • Founders Gate Construction, Copy
    Dedication 09/11/33; history of Gate in Building A Rainbow
    Neg# A00-00010


  • Founders' Gate Photos for 4H Cover
    Students walking through Founders' Gate; sitting by columns
    Neg# B59-00054


  • Founders Gate, 1962
    Several views


  • Founders Gate, Copy
    Looks like copy of drawings


  • Fountain at Kuykendall Hall
    Fountain of clay cylinders decorated with red and yellow flowers
    Neg# C67-00032


  • Four Men Posing in Bachman Hall Squares
    Students sitting in the squares outside facing University Ave.
    Neg# A01-00050


  • Four-legged Chicken
    Various views of a four-legged chicken
    Neg# A61-00174


  • Fourth East-West Philosophers Conference
    Conference at auditorium; Group photos at East West Center
    Neg# A64-00028


  • Francis Bowers
    With macadamia nut machine
    Neg# A62-00018


  • Francis Haar's Photo Exhibit Reception
    Looks like Francis Haar with models in his photos
    Neg# B61-00038


  • Frear Hall
    Various exterior views
    Neg# A56-00017


  • Frear Hall and Faculty Housing
    Exterior photo of Frear Hall, Faculty housing from Gateway House
    Neg# A64-00052


  • Frear Hall Activities
    Routine, daily activities of dorm life
    Neg# A59-00153


  • Frear Hall Christmas Decorations
    Various shots of student residents and decorations
    Neg# A54-00038


  • Frear Hall Dedication
    Various shots of dedication, Xmas decoration winners and groups
    Neg# A53-00040


  • Frear Hall Girls
    Various small groups of girls in Frear Hall lounge areas
    Neg# A55-00076


  • Frear Hall Tea for Visiting Faculty
    Informal group shots of professors
    Neg# A57-00023p


  • Frear Hall, Christmas Decorations
    Photos of decorations from the outside
    Neg# B65-00049


  • Frear Hall, Gateway House, Johnson Hall
    View from the top of Hale Manoa
    Neg# A62-00171


  • French Scholarship Winners
    Portraits; together in several photos
    Neg# C66-00012


  • Fresco Work, Chemistry Building
    Fraser and Kimura working; Leonora Bilger helping
    Neg# A53-00025


  • Freshman in Hemenway Hall
    Freshman lined up in Hemenway Hall stairs
    Neg# A57-00015


  • Freshman Orientation

    Neg# A54-00064


  • Freshman Week, 1959
    Photos of student crowds at Andrews
    Neg# B59-00031


  • Freshmen Orientation Leaving for Camp
    Students waiting to enter bus leaving for camp
    Neg# B61-00029


  • Froelish, Bruechuer and Bernreuter

    Neg# A54-00080


  • Front of Sinclair Library
    Front garden area of Sinclair Library
    Neg# C70-00153


  • Fruit Fly, Copy
    Copies of fruit fly photos
    Neg# A66-00001


  • Fruit Photos for Carey D. Miller
    Photos of fruits and leaves
    Neg# A63-00003


  • FSEA Scholarship Presentation
    Looks like male student receiving check
    Neg# C73-00033


  • Fulbright Reception
    Looks like international mix of people at Bachman reception
    Neg# B65-00067


  • Fulbright Scholar from India, Datta
    Neg# A60-00106


  • Fulbright Scholarship Winners, 1961
    Reception photos


  • Fullbright Asian Orientation, Summer 1962
    Group photos
    Neg# A62-00154


  • Fullbright Group, 1973
    Group photos
    Neg# C73-00057


  • Fullbright Participants
    Group photos
    Neg# A66-00009


  • Fullbright Students
    Group photos
    Neg# A64-00050


  • Fullbright Students
    Group photos
    Neg# A67-00003


  • Fumigation of Faculty House

    Neg# A52-00030

    Top of Page


  • Gamelan Music Instrument
    Instructor with Gamelan instruments lecturing to class
    Neg# C71-00003


  • Gamma Phi Beta Scholarship Award
    Scholarship award to Mrs. Fukunaga
    Neg# A60-00033


  • Gamma Phi Beta Sorority
    Neg# A55-00102


  • Garden Fronting Sinclair Library
    November 1962 Malamalama cover photo, negative # 11
    Neg# A62-00169


  • Gartley Hall
    Several exterior views
    Neg# A57-00104


  • Gartley Hall
    Exterior shots of Gartley Hall; one slide copy
    Neg# A69-00001


  • Gartley Hall
    Exterior view of Gartley Hall
    Neg# A50-00004


  • Gartly Hall
    Exterior photo of building
    Neg# B64-00071


  • Gateway Dormitory and Part of Hale Aloha
    Exterior photos primarily of Gateway
    Neg# C73-00076


  • Gateway House
    Picture of proposed building
    Neg# A61-00134


  • Gateway House
    Exterior views of Gateway House
    Neg# A63-00004


  • Gateway House Dedication
    Dedication ceremony, speeches, audience shots
    Neg# B63-00057


  • Gateway House Dinner
    Formal speeches, dinner
    Neg# B65-00038


  • Gateway House, Night Photos
    Views of Gateway at night; completed in 1962; graduate dorm
    Neg# A64-00059


  • Gateway House, Women's Wing
    Mostly interior shots of women's wing at Gateway
    Neg# A63-00005


  • GEM Scholarship
    Group photos; 1 name card, Ben Gorospe, Public Relations, GEM
    Neg# A64-00064


  • General J.E. Theimer-25th Division US Army
    With President Snyder; at ROTC Building, others unidentified
    Neg# A59-00004


  • General Lindeman

    Neg# A54-00084


  • General Mark Clark
    Trio looking At magazine
    Neg# A62-00125a


  • General Mark Clark, Tree Planting Ceremony
    Tree planting
    Neg# A62-00125b


  • General Motors Scholarship
    Posing in front of UH building model; sitting at conference table
    Neg# A61-00004


  • General Motors Scholarships
    Group photos
    Neg# B65-00044


  • General Studies, Night School Course
    Course in clothing
    Neg# A60-00092


  • Genetic Department Exhibit For Dr. Snyder
    Interior photos; Snyder at display; students viewing displays
    Neg# C67-00005


  • Geology Class Field Trip
    Photos of instructor showing class various land and rock formations
    Neg# A56-00058


  • Geophysics
    Looks like students posing with or working on some equipment
    Neg# C68-00105


  • Geophysics Institute, Drawing
    Drawing; for earth sciences and meteorology
    Neg# A62-00151


  • Geophysics, Copy negatives
    Negative copies of various lab sites, machinery
    Neg# A64-00051


  • George and Hawaii Halls, Quadrangle
    Exterior views
    Neg# C66-00079


  • George Chu and Wallace Chock
    program for teachers
    Neg# A61-00076


  • George Hall
    Interior and exterior views, exhibit room, hallway, painting room
    Neg# A56-00157


  • George Hall
    Frontal view
    Neg# B69-00002


  • George Hall
    Exterior building photos; one gallery photo
    Neg# C66-00038


  • George Hall
    Exterior shots, front of building
    Neg# C71-00105


  • George Hall and Distant View of Hawaii Hall
    Exterior front facade view of George Hall, Hawaii Hall at distance
    Neg# A64-00041


  • George Hiu, Campus Police

    Neg# A58-00091


  • George Ikeda, Taraknath Das Prize
    Receiving check from Snyder; best senior paper on Asian topic
    Neg# A62-00135


  • George Kish, Carnegie Visiting Professor
    Part of 50th Anniversary (2nd semester)
    Neg# A57-00023m


  • George Oda, College of General Studies
    George Oda graduating from the College of General Studies
    Neg# A65-00009


  • George Tahara: Movies of Choir
    Group photos of choir; shots of Tahara filming choir, director
    Neg# A62-00255


  • Geothermal
    Photos of geothermal site area
    Neg# A01-00082


  • Giant Squid, Copy
    Workers holding giant squid
    Neg# A80-00001


  • Gift Book from Trail Organization
    Looking at gift book; other individuals unidentified
    Neg# B60-00030


  • Gift from Beta Sigma Phi
    Donors of check
    Neg# A57-00027


  • Gift of Books from Temple Emanue-El
    Rabbi Rosenberg presenting books to Stroven and Wilson
    Neg# A61-00013


  • Gift of Books to Okinawa University
    Group, with books
    Neg# A57-00112


  • Gift of Polish Books to Hamilton Library
    Two men holding a stack of books
    Neg# C73-00011


  • Gilmore Hall

    Neg# A54-00044


  • Gilmore Hall
    Exterior photos of front columns, arched facade of building, trees
    Neg# C71-00052


  • Gilmore Hall
    Exterior front shots
    Neg# C72-00065


  • Gilmore Hall Lab
    Photos of lab; banner across front arches
    Neg# C73-00040


  • Gilmore Hall Shots for Malamalama
    Exterior shots of Gilmore Hall's front stairs and arches
    Neg# B64-00025


  • Girl Scout Meeting
    Sitting in a circle, on school grounds
    Neg# A57-00042


  • Girl Scouts at Campus Club Bazaar
    Girls performing puppet show, Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs
    Neg# A56-00045


  • Girls Dorms
    Interior photos of dorm areas: rooms, study, lounge, laundry
    Neg# C69-00032


  • Girls Practicing Golf
    Group, individual shots
    Neg# A56-00139


  • Girls Under Mock Orange Tree
    Girls under Mock Orange tree
    Neg# B66-00049


  • Glass Blowing
    Photos of glass blowing
    Neg# B66-00044


  • Gordon Cooper, Astronaut
    Cooper presented with Regents Medal by Hamilton (22 orbits)
    Neg# C63-00001


  • Government Career Day
    Shots of government agency display booths; speakers; audience
    Neg# B63-00049


  • Government Department Panel
    Long distance interviews w/national political figures
    Neg# A56-00064


  • Governor Quinn and Morton Gordon
    Shaking hands, posing together; Convocation participants
    Neg# A58-00156


  • Governor's Committee
    Group of men and woman posing with TV camera
    Neg# B62-00027b


  • Governor's Conference, Continuing Education
    Conference room photos
    Neg# C69-00113


  • Grace Unemori
    With child in arm; Agricultural Economics bulletin #19
    Neg# A62-00098


  • Graduate Chemistry Lab
    The Graduate Chemistry Lab; Looks like students working
    Neg# C70-00094


  • Graduate Library Construction
    Exterior construction photos
    Neg# C67-00045


  • Graduate Library Hamilton Library
    Exterior photos
    Neg# C68-00129


  • Graduate Library, Drawing (Hamilton)
    Renamed 3/70 for Thomas Hamilton, 7th UH President
    Neg# A64-00055


  • Graduate Students and Art Exhibit
    Photos of various art objects exhibited in Gallery
    Neg# A64-00076


  • Graduation of Thai Contract Project
    With President Snyder; group photos; receiving certificates
    Neg# A62-00134


  • Grapefruits
    Specimen slices, trees
    Neg# A63-00067


  • Graph and Drawing of Hilo Tsumani Gage
    Neg# A62-00165


  • Graph for Charles Alender
    Graph reading
    Neg# A61-00176


  • Graphs for Martin Sherman, Entomologist
    Graphs for Entomology
    Neg# A62-00084


  • Grass Conference
    Looking at specimens at Kuykendall; small group shots
    Neg# B66-00039


  • Gregg Sinclair and Leon Edel (English)
    Both at Henry James book display from Sinclair's personal library
    Neg# C71-00051


  • Grolier Americana Scholarship
    Zane, Patricia K.J.; Library Scholarship; group photo
    Neg# A61-00044


  • Ground Breaking - Access Road
    Shots of the blessing, under canopy, with shovels
    Neg# A61-00018


  • Ground Breaking - Gateway House
    Speeches; candid shots of audience; tented area
    Neg# B61-00033


  • Ground Breaking - McCarthy Mall
    Unidentified individuals with shovels and jackhammers
    Neg# B61-00024


  • Ground Breaking Garden at Hamilton Library
    Several individuals participating in ceremony; group photos
    Neg# C72-00102


  • Ground Breaking Hale Aloha
    Cleveland speaking; ground breaking group photos
    Neg# C70-00055


  • Ground Breaking Sand Island (Snug Harbor)
    Ceremony, various speakers; Honolulu Harbor area
    Neg# C73-00062


  • Ground Breaking, Campus Center
    Ground breaking ceremonies; many speakers, audience in tented area
    Neg# C71-00072


  • Ground Breaking, Chemistry Building Wing
    Speeches under tented area; ground breaking ceremonies
    Neg# C71-00006


  • Ground Breaking, Engineering Building
    Ground breaking ceremonies, speeches
    Neg# C69-00110


  • Ground Breaking, Graduate Library
    Photos of speeches, ground breaking, audience
    Neg# B65-00007


  • Ground Breaking, Health Institute
    Group photos, using shovels and picks, blessing, tented area
    Neg# B61-00023


  • Ground Breaking, Institute for Astronomy
    Speakers, guests, ground breaking ceremony participants
    Neg# C73-00012


  • Ground Breaking, Leeward Community College
    Ground breaking ceremonies, speeches, tractor, tent, model
    Neg# C67-00038


  • Ground Breaking, Moore Hall
    Speakers, ground breaking ceremonies
    Neg# C67-00052


  • Ground Breaking, Music Building
    Ceremony under tented area; speeches; audience; chorus
    Neg# C73-00041


  • Ground Breaking, Plant Science Building
    Ground breaking Shinto blessing; bulldozer shots
    Neg# B68-00003


  • Ground Breaking, Plant Science Building
    Shinto priest; ground breaking ceremony
    Neg# C68-00132


  • Ground Breaking, Social Science Building
    Speeches, ground breaking ceremonies
    Neg# C72-00052


  • Groundbreaking Ceremony for Men's Dorm
    Ceremony and blessing for Veterans' Memorial Men's Dormitory
    Neg# A56-00096


  • Groundbreaking Ceremony, New Gymnasium
    Photos of groundbreaking, blessing, officials
    Neg# A56-00120


  • Groundbreaking for Agricultural Hall

    Neg# A56-00022


  • Groundbreaking for Building and Maintenance
    Groundbreaking participants with shovels
    Neg# A62-00179


  • Groundbreaking for New Dispensary
    Participants with shovels and picks; under tent; looking at drawing
    Neg# A62-00210


  • Groundbreaking Haleakala Observatory
    Shots of groundbreaking ceremonies; Regents, minister present
    Neg# B62-00003


  • Groundbreaking, Classroom Building I
    Groundbreaking ceremony; possibly Webster, Spalding Halls
    Neg# A60-00009


  • Groundbreaking, Low Rise Girls Dorm
    Groundbreaking participants with shovels; probably Hale Kahawai
    Neg# A62-00178


  • Groundbreaking, Multi-Purpose Building
    Groundbreaking participants; officials; blessing; crowds
    Neg# A62-00120


  • Groundbreaking, Waahila Faculty Apartments
    Mauka area of existing apartments; participants with shovels
    Neg# A63-00058


  • Group of 1925 UH Alumni Members
    Group photos
    Neg# A62-00250


  • Group of 3 Men; One Being Interviewed
    3 men; one being interviewed and filmed
    Neg# A01-00074


  • Group of 4 Men; Agriculture
    Group photos
    Neg# A01-00037a


  • Group of Four Men
    Looks like check passing in group photo
    Neg# A01-00029a


  • Group of Seven Men
    Group photo; 4 more men joins A01-00026a group
    Neg# A01-00026b


  • Group of Seven People
    Unidentified male signing guestbook as others look on
    Neg# A01-00045


  • Group of Six Men
    Sitting around conference table
    Neg# A01-00037b


  • Group of Three Men
    Group sitting at table looking at paper
    Neg# A01-00026a


  • Group of Three Men
    3 men, possibly faculty behind a desk looking at paper/picture
    Neg# A01-00049


  • Group of Three Men; Dr. John Stalker
    Looks like some kind of rehearsal or practice session
    Neg# A01-00036


  • Group Photo by Henke Hall
    Group photo of 14 men outside Henke Hall
    Neg# A66-00017


  • Group Photo of UH Band
    Group photo
    Neg# A62-00101


  • Group Shots of Home Economics Doings
    Group photos around food table display; sitting at dining table
    Neg# A61-00049


  • Guam Party: Dr. Sosuke Goto
    Party, presenting leis, guests, head table
    Neg# A62-00004


  • Guernica
    Copies made from book
    Neg# A61-00121


  • Guidance Workshop - College Bound Students
    Various group shots; Muriel Thomson and President W. Wilson
    Neg# A57-00099


  • Gutenberg Bible Exhibit
    Books, gifts from Mrs. Alfred L. Castle
    Neg# A62-00034

    Top of Page

  • H. L. Lyon Arboretum
    Dr. St. John with students on Arboretum grounds, views
    Neg# A58-00013


  • H.M.P., Ilikai
    Looks like workshop/meeting photos
    Neg# C67-00048


  • Hakeakala Tracking Station
    Exterior, interior photos
    Neg# B65-00072


  • Hale Aloha
    Several exterior views
    Neg# A57-00105


  • Hale Aloha
    Stairs, lounging area
    Neg# C72-00033


  • Hale Aloha
    Exterior photos, some closer
    Neg# C73-00014


  • Hale Aloha and Frear Hall
    Exterior distant views of mostly Hale Aloha towers
    Neg# C73-00007


  • Hale Kahawai
    View of almost completed girls dorm
    Neg# A63-00045


  • Hale Kahawai Dedication
    Dedication ceremonies, reception
    Neg# B64-00049


  • Hale Kahawai Library
    Students reading, studying in library
    Neg# C66-00067


  • Hale Kahawai, East West Center
    Construction shots of Hale Kahawai
    Neg# A62-00196


  • Hale Kahawai, Hale Kuahine
    Copy drawing of Hale Kahawai and Hale Kuahine
    Neg# A62-00188


  • Hale Laulima
    Exterior shots of Hale Laulima
    Neg# A63-00046


  • Hale Laulima
    Exterior photos of Hale Laulima, separate photos of College Inn
    Neg# C63-00003


  • Hale Laulima Dorm, New Coed-Dorm
    Students lounging, playing guitars
    Neg# C70-00031


  • Hale Manoa Dormitory
    Distant exterior photos of building
    Neg# C73-00075


  • Hale Manoa, East West Center, Night Photo
    Exterior views of Hale Manoa at night
    Neg# A64-00073


  • Haleakala Observatory Dedication
    Ceremony, speeches outside; Steiger, crowds, views, building
    Neg# C64-00001


  • Haleakala Observatory, Drawing
    Copy of drawing
    Neg# A61-00179


  • Haleakala Tracking Station
    Photos of the station
    Neg# B63-00064


  • Haleakala Tracking Station, Copy Negatives
    Exterior views of C.E. Kenneth Mees Solar Laboratory
    Neg# A64-00042


  • Haleakala, Copy
    Looks like an aerial copy of observatory
    Neg# A72-00002


  • Halla Huhm, Korean Dance Instructor
    Posing in Korean costume
    Neg# A62-00002


  • Hamilton Hall and Moore Hall
    Mostly photos of Hamilton, interior/exterior; Moore almost complete
    Neg# C69-00005


  • Hamilton Library
    Exterior shots of the front, Mall, stairs area; students walking
    Neg# C72-00113


  • Hamilton Library
    Exterior views of Hamilton
    Neg# C73-00063


  • Hamilton Library Annex Drawing
    Drawing of annex
    Neg# A75-00001


  • Hamilton Library, Inside
    Card catalog, reference area, first floor, book return
    Neg# C69-00012


  • Hamilton Library, Top View
    Looks like exterior views of Hamilton taken from Moore Hall
    Neg# C69-00018


  • Hamilton's Press Conference
    Group sitting around conference table; Admiral ?
    Neg# C66-00089


  • Hanessian, DuBois, Dupree
    Copy made from photos
    Neg# A63-00103


  • Harlan Cleveland's Inauguration
    Various views of inauguration ceremonies
    Neg# C70-00049a


  • Harlan Cleveland's Inauguration
    Crowds at Bachman Hall courtyard; George Hall gallery, panel group
    Neg# C70-00049b


  • Harlan Cleveland's Inauguration
    Reception line photos
    Neg# C70-00049c


  • Harlan Cleveland's Inauguration
    Luau in the gym, entertainment, speeches, crowds
    Neg# C70-00049d


  • Harvard Management Class
    Speakers, attendees in class; group photos
    Neg# C70-00161


  • Harvey M. Vollrath

    Neg# A54-00043


  • Harvey Wish
    Neg# A56-00040


  • Hawaii Community College
    Building photos; various department photos: auto, nursing, food prep
    Neg# C70-00142


  • Hawaii Curriculum Center
    Photos of children
    Neg# C71-00054


  • Hawaii Extension Service
    Group shots of men; for S. Goto
    Neg# A62-00063


  • Hawaii Extension Service and Branch Workers
    Hawaii Extension Service branch workers; conference table shots
    Neg# A61-00041


  • Hawaii Guides to the New York Worlds Fair
    Group photos
    Neg# B64-00018


  • Hawaii Hall
    Varney Circle view
    Neg# A61-00154


  • Hawaii Hall
    Exterior view of Hawaii Hall
    Neg# A00-00003


  • Hawaii Hall
    Exterior views; could be war years to late 40's; bomb shelter mound?
    Neg# A00-00007


  • Hawaii Hall
    Ewa views of Hawaii Hall; prints taken from odd-sized negatives
    Neg# A48-00007


  • Hawaii Hall
    Exterior views of the building
    Neg# A53-00089


  • Hawaii Hall
    A view of Hawaii Hall
    Neg# A56-00148


  • Hawaii Hall
    Exterior shots of Hawaii Hall
    Neg# A61-00106


  • Hawaii Hall
    Hawaii Hall views from front, side, and from quadrangle
    Neg# A64-00053


  • Hawaii Hall
    Exterior views of Hawaii Hall
    Neg# A66-00005


  • Hawaii Hall
    Facing Varney Circle
    Neg# C70-00164


  • Hawaii Hall
    Facade facing quadrangle; flagpole, center of quadrangle
    Neg# C71-00084


  • Hawaii Hall at Night

    Neg# A55-00082


  • Hawaii Hall Columns
    Photos of Hawaii Hall columns, stairs
    Neg# C67-00026


  • Hawaii Hall from Lower St Louis Heights
    Copy photo
    Neg# A79-00003


  • Hawaii Hall From Top of Snyder Hall
    View of Varney Circle, Hawaii Hall
    Neg# A62-00147


  • Hawaii Hall Front
    Varney Circle in foreground
    Neg# C68-00098


  • Hawaii Hall Porch
    View from the porch of Hawaii Hall
    Neg# A57-00083


  • Hawaii Institute of Geophysics Building
    Exterior views of building; completed in 1963
    Neg# A64-00057


  • Hawaii Institute of Geophysics Building
    Exterior frontal view of building
    Neg# C70-00028


  • Hawaii Institute of Geophysics Dedication
    Dedication ceremonies, speeches, audience
    Neg# B64-00015


  • Hawaii Institute of Geophysics HIG
    Men with shovels, blessing, speeches, tented area
    Neg# B61-00027


  • Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology
    Individuals at work in lab, conference work group photos
    Neg# C71-00073


  • Hawaii Jr. Science Apprentice Program
    Students at work with various machinery
    Neg# B63-00039


  • Hawaii Judicial Seminar
    Seminar speakers, attendees
    Neg# C70-00122


  • Hawaii Junior Science Apprentice Program
    Participants dissecting, looking through microscope
    Neg# A63-00052


  • Hawaii Kai
    Photos of Hawaii Kai, no subdivisions then
    Neg# B60-00048


  • Hawaii Music Education Assoc. Workshop
    Photos of workshop participants, audience, groups
    Neg# B65-00001


  • Hawaii Pre-Legislative Conference
    Various shots of program, speakers, panel members
    Neg# A59-00144


  • Hawaii Public Relations Assoc. Dinner Mtg.
    Dinner meeting conference, possibly discussing East West Center
    Neg# B59-00037


  • Hawaii Public Relations Assoc. Meeting
    Conference, speakers of Hawaii Public Relations Association
    Neg# B59-00024


  • Hawaii Swimming Club
    Group photos, bleachers, ocean background
    Neg# A61-00045


  • Hawaiian Cowboy-Girl-Boy-Planter, Election
    Hawaiian boy, rice planters, electioneering
    Neg# A59-00145


  • Hawaiian Fruit Juice Plant
    Various views of plant in operation
    Neg# A57-00036


  • Hawaiian Honeycreeper, Copy
    Photo of honeycreeper
    Neg# C73-00091


  • Hawaiian Island (MAP)
    Various poses, views in Andrews
    Neg# A58-00143


  • Hawaiian Kingdom, The
    Photo of book
    Neg# A53-00079


  • Hawaiian Language Class, Dorothy Kahananui
    Speaking to Hawaiian language class
    Neg# A60-00076


  • Hawaiian Politics Conference
    Photos of the panel, speakers, audience; Continuing Education
    Neg# C73-00003


  • Hawaiian Sugar Planters' Association
    Visual display about Hawaii's sugar industry
    Neg# A62-00204


  • Hawaiian-English Dictionary
    Photos of books, luncheon
    Neg# A57-00064


  • Hawaii's Heritage
    Looks like he's giving Hawaiian plant lecture, demonstration
    Neg# C70-00037


  • Hazel H. Mizokami
    Political Party Internship
    Neg# A62-00031


  • HCC, Copies Honolulu Community College
    Scale model of HCC campus, buildings
    Neg# C67-00017


  • HCC, Navy Apprenticeship Contract Signing
    Courtyard, speeches, signing, audience
    Neg# C70-00124


  • Head Start Conference
    Conference photos
    Neg# C70-00060


  • Head Start Groups, Students
    Group photos
    Neg# C70-00101


  • Head Start Program for Mothers and Teachers
    Groups of mothers and teachers with instructor
    Neg# C71-00061


  • Health and Physical Education Building
    Views of complex (Klum Gym)
    Neg# A57-00096


  • Health Education Majors, Public Health
    Group photos
    Neg# A66-00010


  • Health Institute
    Tented area, speeches, candid shots of people talking
    Neg# B61-00030


  • Health Institute and Zoology NEG NUMBER
    Neg# A62-00148


  • Health Institute Classroom, Model
    Preliminary study model
    Neg# A61-00178


  • Health Institute-Snyder Hall Drawing
    Drawing of building
    Neg# A60-00111


  • Health Research Institute Building, Snyder
    Exterior shots of the building from The Mall
    Neg# A62-00231


  • Hearing Week Testing Program

    Neg# A55-00029


  • Height Measuring Machine
    Machine attached to ceiling dangling measuring device; 3 people
    Neg# C70-00115


  • Help Center
    Looks like photos of student help center
    Neg# C73-00074


  • Help India, International Night
    Okinaga, Lawrence of ASUH; Group photos outside Bachman Hall
    Neg# A62-00203


  • Hemenway Award
    Award presentation
    Neg# B65-00017


  • Hemenway BOG Easter Workshop
    Demonstration of egg dyeing and batik decorating
    Neg# A56-00051


  • Hemenway Hall (Bad Condition)
    Photos inside Hemenway; one Snyder photo, seems unrelated
    Neg# B61-00004


  • Hemenway Hall Gate
    Shots for publications cover; Library shots
    Neg# A53-00075


  • Hemenway Hall Roof
    Views of bad workmanship of roof
    Neg# A57-00079


  • Hemenway Hall, Pre-1948
    Hemenway Hall before makai wing addition 1948
    Neg# A00-00001


  • Henke Hall
    Looks like photos were taken from Jefferson Hall area
    Neg# C66-00010


  • Henke, L. H.
    At his desk
    Neg# A58-00154


  • Henry Iwasa, Student
    Neg# A59-00027


  • Herbst and Stayton, Copy
    Copy, Herbst on the left, Stayton, right
    Neg# A65-00037


  • HES Kauai Groundbreaking
    Men with shovels at site; candid shots of participants
    Neg# B61-00032


  • Hickam Summer Program
    Children participating in a variety of summer sports activities
    Neg# C68-00063


  • High Contrast Picture of Sinclair Library
    Photo of makai side of Sinclair Library; Bachman Annex
    Neg# A62-00138


  • High Pressure Lab
    Individuals working with lab equipment
    Neg# C69-00084


  • High Pressure Laboratory
    Photos of equipment
    Neg# C67-00093


  • High School Science Students
    Professors with high school students
    Neg# C66-00025


  • High School Speech Festival
    Group shots, students, personnel, audience, trophy
    Neg# A61-00005


  • High School Students at Ala Moana Bridge
    Photos of students on bridge
    Neg# C71-00094


  • High School Students in UH Chemistry Class
    Walking out of Bilger; doing chemistry experiments on lab
    Neg# A59-00120


  • High Schoolers Attending UH Summer Session
    Studying science courses; Science Club
    Neg# A62-00133


  • Hilda Huy, Dental Hygiene Student
    Neg# A66-00002e


  • Hilo Branch Ground Breaking
    Group photos
    Neg# B61-00015


  • Hilo Branch Open House
    Open house of Hilo facilities, ceremonies, displays
    Neg# B59-00051


  • Hilo Campus Faculty Residences, Drawing
    Drawing of Hilo campus faculty residences
    Neg# A62-00248


  • Hilo Community College Buildings
    Mostly exterior building photos; some class shots
    Neg# C67-00101


  • Hiram Fong Visiting East West Center and UH
    Visiting various locations on campus and at EWC
    Neg# B63-00026


  • History Faculty
    Group photo
    Neg# A69-00003


  • History Institute Group
    Group photos, c/o Dr. Donald Johnson
    Neg# A68-00003


  • Hitotsubashi University
    Students signing guestbook; seated in conference group
    Neg# B61-00037


  • Hitotsubashi University Students
    Economics seminar students present Snyder with Japanese doll
    Neg# A61-00133


  • Hitotsubashi-Hawaii Seminar Group
    Group photos
    Neg# A62-00173


  • Hodaka Yoshida, Blockprinting Artist
    Posing with prints, artist working
    Neg# A57-00004


  • Holding a Rat
    Someone holding a rat
    Neg# B62-00030


  • Holmes Building
    Exterior views, mostly Dole St. angle shots; some distant shots
    Neg# C72-00109


  • Home and Garden Tour for Alumni Association
    Interior and garden photos of a house on the tour
    Neg# B65-00018


  • Home Coming Events, 1967
    Homecoming court, motorcade, floats, pep squad, speakers, bonfire
    Neg# C67-00074


  • Home Demonstration Committee

    Neg# A53-00064


  • Home Economic Best Dressed Poster Girl
    Outdoor shots
    Neg# A63-00070


  • Home Economic Cooking Class-Summer Session
    Food preparation
    Neg# A62-00141


  • Home Economic Displays
    Various home economics displays
    Neg# A55-00021


  • Home Economic Fashion Show
    Modeling clothes on runway
    Neg# B63-00027


  • Home Economics
    Table settings for curry dishes
    Neg# A54-00069


  • Home Economics - Fashion Show
    Women modeling dresses in auditorium setting
    Neg# B61-00013


  • Home Economics Award Winners
    Standing: Merle Yamada and Asahi Takakua, Dole Award
    Neg# A58-00093a


  • Home Economics Award Winners

    Neg# A58-00093b


  • Home Economics Classroom Work
    Various classroom settings
    Neg# A61-00055


  • Home Economics Clothing
    Designing, making, modeling clothes
    Neg# C70-00144


  • Home Economics Department Moving
    Human Resources Department at Vancouver Dr.; staff, students
    Neg# C68-00085


  • Home Economics Dressmaking Fashions
    Modeling dresses
    Neg# A57-00049


  • Home Economics Exhibits
    Women with various displays in classroom settings
    Neg# A61-00052


  • Home Economics Fashion Design
    Looks like sewing area; women modeling designs for a panel of three
    Neg# C69-00053


  • Home Economics Fashion Pictures
    Posing in dresses, clothes construction
    Neg# A55-00105


  • Home Economics Fashion Show
    Students modeling dresses
    Neg# A56-00065


  • Home Economics Fashion Show
    Students modeling clothes; Market Week
    Neg# A62-00076


  • Home Economics Fashion Show
    Students modeling clothes
    Neg# B60-00010


  • Home Economics Fashion Show
    Indoor fashion shots; man, children, women
    Neg# B62-00016


  • Home Economics Fashion Show
    Individual and group shots
    Neg# B64-00029


  • Home Economics Fashion Show
    Individual runway photos of models
    Neg# B66-00012


  • Home Economics Fashion Show - High School
    Individual modeling shots, fashion show, clothes construction
    Neg# B64-00028


  • Home Economics Food Service Demonstration
    Cooking demonstration; audience; sample tasting
    Neg# C68-00114


  • Home Economics High School Orientation
    Classroom; students
    Neg# B63-00066


  • Home Economics Hospitality Day
    Students modeling clothes on stage/ramp; audience
    Neg# B59-00046


  • Home Economics Posture Setup
    Dr. Douty and student; posture charts
    Neg# A53-00053


  • Home Economics Publicity Pictures
    Publicity pictures for high school conference in Hawaii
    Neg# B65-00016


  • Home Economics Students at EWC Kitchen
    Students preparing food in the kitchen; receiving instruction
    Neg# B63-00050


  • Home Economics, Dress Making
    Individual shots of women modeling dresses
    Neg# B64-00030


  • Home Economics, Dressmaking
    Fitting dresses on dressmaking mannequins
    Neg# A61-00156


  • Home Economics, Fashion Show
    Individual photos of women posing with ethnic decor
    Neg# B66-00042


  • Home Economics, Fashion Show Pictures
    Mostly individual shots taken around the Market Place
    Neg# B68-00001


  • Home Economics, Interior Decoration
    Students studying design plans and fabric samples
    Neg# C70-00148


  • Home Economics, Intern Training, Mainland
    Girls going for intern training on mainland; Group/single shots
    Neg# B66-00018


  • Home Economics, Photos with Children
    Home setting tea party with children; displays, modeling clothes
    Neg# A61-00056


  • Home Economics, Sewing
    Women sewing
    Neg# A59-00021


  • Home Economics, Style Chart
    Style of clothes for size of the individual
    Neg# A61-00142


  • Home Economics, Sun Fashion
    Hawaiian Mission; Mr. Hope, Manager
    Neg# A63-00024a


  • Home Economics: Leahi Hospital Dietitian
    Photos of a dietitian at work
    Neg# C71-00019


  • Homecoming Alumni with Dr. Bachman
    Proclamation signed by Dr. Bachman
    Neg# A54-00086


  • Homecoming Food Booths
    Close and distant shots of crowds at food booths
    Neg# A59-00152


  • Homecoming Food Booths
    People around food booth


  • Homecoming Queen
    Shots of Queen and court; with President Hamilton; older woman
    Neg# B63-00055


  • Homecoming Queen, Runner ups
    Group photos
    Neg# B66-00063


  • Homecoming, 1966
    Bonfire, beauty queens, motorcade, cheerleading, stadium crowds
    Neg# C66-00059


  • Homemade Hawaiian Instruments
    Group photo with everyone holding an instrument; ensemble
    Neg# B61-00057


  • Hon. C Kiprolish
    Group photos; card info: Member for Parliament, Kericho East
    Neg# C66-00042


  • Honolulu CC, Autobody Scholarship Winners
    Looks like group of scholarship winners; some receiving checks
    Neg# C73-00031


  • Honolulu Community College
    Buildings; students; instructors
    Neg# C71-00087


  • Honolulu Community College (HCC) /Classes
    Students studying in various classes
    Neg# C72-00037


  • Honolulu Community College Buildings
    Exterior photos of various structures
    Neg# C71-00032


  • Honolulu Community College Classes
    Industrial ed. classes: auto, welding, electronics, machine, etc.
    Neg# C70-00129


  • Honolulu Community College Construction
    Looks like beginning construction, portable classes in background
    Neg# C70-00098


  • Honolulu Community College Ground Breaking
    Ground breaking ceremonies, Cleveland at mike
    Neg# C70-00117


  • Honolulu Community College, Auto Shop
    Group photos taken w/car engine; looks like instructors, 1 female
    Neg# C72-00091


  • Honolulu Community College, COP Program
    Photos looks like pre-school storytime; tutoring students
    Neg# C73-00080


  • Honolulu Community College, Copy
    Photos of building layout of Honolulu Community College campus
    Neg# A67-00001


  • Honolulu Community College, Drawing
    New administration building
    Neg# A73-00003


  • Honolulu Community College, New Building
    Looks like Cosmetology Building
    Neg# C72-00036


  • Honolulu Community College, Tree Planting
    Cleveland giving speech; tree planting ceremony
    Neg# C69-00111


  • Honolulu Harbor, Copy
    Panoramic view, of harbor, ships, city, and mountains
    Neg# A61-00168


  • Honolulu International Center, Copy
    Copy Negative
    Neg# A64-00079


  • Honolulu Vocational, Kapiolani CC, Ala Wai
    Various vocational department photos
    Neg# C67-00099


  • Honorary Degree For President Macapagal
    Photos of ceremony, motorcade, speakers
    Neg# B64-00042


  • Honors Program
    Students with instructor; class setting
    Neg# B66-00037


  • Honors Program
    Looks like students studying, having discussions in lounging area
    Neg# C66-00061


  • Horticulture Staff, Plant Science Conference
    Group photos, 9 men, stone wall background
    Neg# C69-00138


  • Horticulture Students in Lab
    Various photos of male and female students working in the lab
    Neg# C65-00012


  • Horticulturist from the Philippines
    To study coffee culture; with unidentified women
    Neg# A55-00084


  • Hotel and Tourism Class
    Group photos
    Neg# B65-00040


  • Hotel Magazine, Dr. Banett
    Looks like presentation shots, flight attendant looking woman
    Neg# C67-00013


  • Hotel Management
    Classroom, group photos
    Neg# B64-00046


  • Hotel Management Class
    Kitchen shots; group with map; classroom shots
    Neg# A62-00192


  • Hotel Management Class
    Informal group photos of students, instructors
    Neg# B65-00006


  • Hotel Management TIM Banquet
    Students preparing meals, setup, serving; speeches, royal court, entertainment
    Neg# C68-00033


  • Hotel Management, Boys Cooking Class
    Cooking class photos
    Neg# A62-00200


  • Hui Pookela
    Group photos of women
    Neg# A64-00061


  • Hui Pookela
    Looking at telegram accepting club charter under Mortar Board
    Neg# A65-00004


  • Hui Pookela Alumnae Association Officers
    Campus organization
    Neg# A59-00005


  • Hukilau, Copy

    Neg# A60-00099


  • Hula Dance, Summer Session, 1964
    Dress performance
    Neg# B64-00064


  • Hula Dancing Class
    Women practicing hula steps
    Neg# A60-00022c


  • Hula Graduation

    Neg# A55-00054


  • Human Development
    Students drawing on classroom wall
    Neg# C73-00025


  • Human Development Center
    Woman seated with three children
    Neg# C70-00110


  • Hung Wo Ching Scholarship Recipients

    Neg# A54-00071


  • Hungarian Students

    Neg# A58-00094

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  • I. Krauss Exhibit at the Library
    Photos of exhibit items in glass case
    Neg# B63-00025


  • I.D. Picture Taking
    Photographer taking I.D. picture of student
    Neg# A63-00063


  • I.T.I. Keio University English Program
    Group photos, lei draped participants
    Neg# A65-00008


  • IBM at Keller Hall
    Looking at new machines
    Neg# B60-00006


  • IBM Computer in Sinclair Library
    Medearis using IBM computer; at the circulation desk
    Neg# A64-00039


  • IBM Computing Center Open House
    Gathering; views of equipment
    Neg# B63-00072


  • IBM Office
    IBM machine and personnel
    Neg# A59-00006


  • IBM Staff Member
    Unidentified staff member, possibly Everett Rogers
    Neg# A63-00100


  • Ida Sumderlin
    Sitting at desk looking at books
    Neg# A60-00064


  • Ilene Zimmermann, with Avocados
    Woman sitting on grass holding avocados; UH composition tablet
    Neg# A01-00034


  • Ilikai
    Looks like Ballroom, speakers, large crowd
    Neg# C67-00065


  • Inaugural Luau Honoring President Snyder
    Shots of President Snyder, guests, entertainment
    Neg# A59-00010b


  • Inaugural Luncheon
    For delegates and special guests, by invitation only
    Neg# B63-00018


  • Inauguration Exhibit (Insurance Sponsor)
    New England Mutual Life highlights Snyder, past UH presidents
    Neg# B59-00013


  • Inauguration: Dr. Thomas Hamilton
    Inauguration shots: Hamilton, Burns, Mrs. Hamilton, Mrs. Burns
    Neg# B63-00017


  • Indian Independence Day
    Group of people holding flag of India in front of library
    Neg# B62-00031


  • Indian Ocean Exposition, Copy
    Copy photos of ship, plane, equipment, weather maps, individuals
    Neg# A65-00040


  • Indonesian Clothing, Miss Umbel's Class
    Indonesian clothing demonstration for Oma Umbel's class
    Neg# A61-00079


  • Indonesian Cultural Program
    Wooden puppet dance by Mr.; mask dance from Eastern Java by Mrs.
    Neg# B62-00020


  • Industrial Arts Class
    Students working in class
    Neg# B63-00029


  • Industrial Arts, Education
    Instructor with students in workshop setting
    Neg# A61-00069


  • Industrial Relations Conference
    Photos of conference attendees
    Neg# C70-00143


  • Insects: Bugs
    Negatives from color photos
    Neg# A62-00259


  • Inside Hemenway Hall

    Neg# A55-00002


  • Inside of College Hill
    Exterior, interior photos
    Neg# C69-00074


  • Inside of Graduate Library
    Looks like first floor card catalogs
    Neg# C68-00095


  • Inside of Library, Students and People
    Mostly Sinclair photos of students studying, researching
    Neg# C70-00154


  • Inside Sinclair Library
    Study and working personnel areas of the library
    Neg# C72-00020


  • Inspection of Kabuki Costumes From Japan
    Uniformed individual, others, inspecting crates of costumes
    Neg# A62-00202


  • Installation of New Organ at Orvis
    Woman playing as someone looks on; several men with organ
    Neg# C67-00025


  • Installation of New Organ in Orvis
    Installation stages of organ in Orvis; 4 men posing with organ
    Neg# C68-00008


  • Installation of Pi Lambda Thetha
    Group photos
    Neg# A61-00148


  • Installation of Radioactive Cobalt-60
    Photos of installation
    Neg# B64-00051


  • Institutional Research Building
    Exterior building photos
    Neg# C67-00089


  • Instructional Materials Center Opening
    Photos of Center in operation
    Neg# B64-00037


  • Instructor from Thailand
    Visiting; Agricultural Extension Service, Nutrition Department
    Neg# A56-00098


  • Instructor with Group of Students
    Looks like male instructor lecturing to a group of students
    Neg# A01-00058


  • Insurance Class
    Group photos; smaller group photos
    Neg# A63-00092


  • Insurance Conference at East West Center
    Conference held at EWC sites, speeches, crowds, small groups
    Neg# B66-00040


  • Insurance Group
    Group photos
    Neg# A01-00035


  • Inter-Dorm Dance at HIC
    Reception desk, dance scenes, women with leis, looks semi-formal
    Neg# C66-00019


  • Interim Session: Air Pollution Panel
    Four seated panel members, speaker at podium, audience
    Neg# C70-00001


  • Interim Session: Campus Governance
    Looks like faculty audience and panel
    Neg# C71-00007


  • Interim Session: Communication Explosion
    Photos of man at podium; Carpenter (?)
    Neg# C70-00006


  • Interim Session: Dr. Clark Kerr
    At podium
    Neg# C70-00020


  • Interim Session: Dr. George Shuster
    Speaking at podium
    Neg# C70-00015


  • Interim Session: Dr. Harlan Cleveland
    Talk entitled: A Prospectus for the 1970's
    Neg# C70-00013


  • Interim Session: Duane Preble
    Lecturing on stage; Carpenter (?)-photographer?
    Neg# C70-00018


  • Interim Session: Ecology Exhibit
    Photos of exhibits; crowds
    Neg# C70-00014


  • Interim Session: George Tahara
    At podium; camera equipment background
    Neg# C70-00017


  • Interim Session: Hayakawa and Fleming
    Both giving talks at several auditoriums
    Neg# C71-00009


  • Interim Session: James Perkins
    Is Democratic Governance Appropriate for a Public University?
    Neg# C70-00007


  • Interim Session: Mr. Belnap's Session
    Speaking at audience; Carpenter (?)-photographer?
    Neg# C70-00024


  • Interim Session: Race Relations
    Speaker, student audience
    Neg# C70-00003


  • Interim Session: Ralph Nader
    Posing with several people; crowd at Andrews
    Neg# C71-00010


  • Interim Session: Rap Session, Baird/Brower
    Panel discussion photos; outside shots of one man
    Neg# C70-00004


  • Interim Session: Robert Sproull
    Speaker/audience; Can we make science and technology work for mankind
    Neg# C70-00012


  • Interim Session: Stewart Udall
    Giving talk entitled Enhancing our Environment
    Neg# C71-00011


  • Interim Session: Student Art Show
    Exhibit of student art
    Neg# C71-00004


  • Interim Session: Untitled
    Various group photos outside; speaker, panel, audience, inside
    Neg# C70-00022


  • Interim: A Law School for Hawaii
    Panel, speaker, audience
    Neg# C70-00021


  • Interim: Continuing Education
    Speaker at podium; large audience; Carpenter (?)-photographer?
    Neg# C70-00025


  • Interim: Government Employee Session
    Large crowded auditorium, speaker at podium, panel members on stage
    Neg# C70-00023


  • Interim: Governor Burns w/ Pres. Cleveland
    At podium; with Cleveland
    Neg# C70-00019


  • Interim: Oumansky Magic Ring Theatre
    Scenes from the play: There's A Girl in My Soup
    Neg# C70-00092


  • Intermin Session: Jack Lord
    Looking at photos with unidentified man
    Neg# C70-00029


  • International Agricultural Deans Conference
    Conference photos; group photos
    Neg# C70-00057


  • International College Committee
    Oliver, Caldwell J.
    Neg# A59-00068


  • International Conference on Rodent Control
    Group photos
    Neg# C68-00052


  • International Gateway House
    Various exterior shots of Gateway House
    Neg# A62-00177


  • International Student Office
    Mini-Orientation; photos of four women
    Neg# C72-00012


  • International Students Assoc. Officers
    Photo appears on Malamalama 6/63 cover with story; neg. #2
    Neg# A63-00080


  • Internship Awards, Home Economics
    Group and individual photos
    Neg# B66-00055


  • Iowa Students
    Student life-type photos taken around campus
    Neg# B64-00001


  • Iranian Administrators (HAES)
    Group photo in front of Oahu; here to observe research methods
    Neg# A60-00054


  • I-Shore Sanitation Survey
    Waterfront area worksite
    Neg# B64-00058


  • Iwao Miyake Signing Certificates
    Signing Civil Defense certificates
    Neg# A58-00084

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  • Jamil Diab, Islam in Politics
    Conference on Islam in politics and social revolution; woman speaker
    Neg# B65-00004b


  • Jane Freeman
    Neg# A67-00005b


  • Jane Fujimoto
    Sigma Pi Sigma, national physics honor society member
    Neg# A62-00215


  • Jann Yuen, ASUH President
    Real Dean Award, Awards Convocation
    Neg# A58-00046


  • Japan Chorus with UH
    Japan trip; stage photo
    Neg# A58-00138


  • Japan Elementary School Drawings
    Teachers College, drawings by Japan Elementary school students
    Neg# A53-00014


  • Japanese 4-H Boy from Japan
    Living in Palolo Valley with farmer
    Neg# A56-00146


  • Japanese Agriculture Group
    Japanese group participated in agriculture course, May 1952
    Neg# A52-00014


  • Japanese Art Posters
    Group and individual shots of posters
    Neg# A59-00132


  • Japanese Art Posters
    Various group shots of posters
    Neg# A59-00133


  • Japanese Business Men
    Meeting room, speaker, audience; group photos
    Neg# C68-00104


  • Japanese Consul General
    President Snyder accepts 16 new volumes of books
    Neg# A60-00058


  • Japanese Dance
    Three Japanese musicians; male, female dancers all in costume
    Neg# C68-00107


  • Japanese Delegation, Supermarket Conference
    Group photos
    Neg# C68-00017


  • Japanese Demonstration Class, NDEA
    Group photos of Japanese demonstration class, Language Institute
    Neg# A66-00007d


  • Japanese Language Institute
    Group photos, for Mrs. Bernice K. Hirai, Instructor in Japanese
    Neg# A65-00015


  • Japanese Language Institute
    Participants dressed in kimonos; cooking, eating; group photos
    Neg# B61-00044


  • Japanese Leaders with President Bachman
    Group photos
    Neg# A56-00005


  • Japanese Students Tour of UH Campus
    Group photos, East West, Sinclair, watching hula, Hawaii Hall
    Neg# B65-00005


  • Jarrett Karasaki, Campus Police

    Neg# A58-00092


  • Javanese Dance
    Photos of dancer in costume
    Neg# B64-00034


  • Javanese Gamelan Instruments
    Student ensemble playing various Javanese gamelan instruments
    Neg# C70-00149


  • Jaw-Kai Wang
    With vegetable washing machine, HAES
    Neg# A62-00032


  • Jean Charlot
    Neg# A49-00001b


  • Jean Charlot
    Five prints of two shots; only one negative accounted for
    Neg# A63-00014


  • Jean Charlot
    Signing his book, 3 Plays of Ancient Hawaii, portraits
    Neg# A64-00043


  • Jean Charlot Mural
    Cook's arrival, The Relationship of Man and Nature in Old Hawaii
    Neg# A64-00086


  • Jean Gu: Chicken
    Chickens in cages
    Neg# A62-00256


  • Jefferson Hall
    Exterior views of Jefferson Hall
    Neg# A65-00017


  • Jefferson Hall Construction
    Back view of Jefferson Hall construction; mauka and makai views
    Neg# A62-00213


  • Jefferson Hall, Administration Building
    Exterior photos of Jefferson Hall, Japanese garden
    Neg# A64-00058


  • Jefferson Hall, Administration Building
    Exterior views of building
    Neg# B64-00068


  • Jefferson Hall, Copy
    Exterior shot of Jefferson Hall
    Neg# A65-00026


  • Jefferson Hall, Japanese Garden
    Views of the Japanese Garden behind Jefferson Hall
    Neg# A65-00027


  • Jefferson Hall, Japanese Garden
    Views of garden and back area of Jefferson Hall
    Neg# C65-00013


  • Jennie Wong, Student
    Neg# A59-00033


  • Jerry Bell, Kapiolani CC, Humanities Class
    Looks like small informal class, mostly women
    Neg# C73-00084


  • Jewelry Craft, Continuing Education
    Students working in jewelry craft class
    Neg# C68-00064


  • Jewelry Making
    University Extension Services
    Neg# A56-00027


  • Jim Nakamoto
    Summer session T.G. Play; portraits
    Neg# A59-00058


  • John Bridges Receiving Plaque
    Group photos; Bridges receiving plaque from Kubalek, student
    Neg# A65-00029


  • John Cheng, Student Photo Exhibit Winner
    Macao student's photos displayed in New York exhibit; see news clip
    Neg# A58-00017


  • John Dewey at 80
    Neg# A62-00127


  • John Digman
    Neg# A56-00038


  • John E. Cavelti, Chemistry

    Neg# A54-00017


  • John Mason Young Plaque Dedication
    Ceremony, speeches, audience, group photos
    Neg# B65-00003


  • John Michel, Office of Student Personnel
    Office, with several unidentified students
    Neg# A60-00080


  • John P. Hoshor, Language Group
    Group of 4 individuals; check faculty file under name to identify
    Neg# A63-00015


  • John R. Evans
    Working in lab; non credit class, soil mechanics
    Neg# A56-00079


  • Johnson Hall
    Exterior views of Johnson Hall
    Neg# A57-00084


  • Johnson Hall - B
    Exterior shots of building
    Neg# A61-00035


  • Johnson Hall (B), New Wing
    Building completed, could be 1961
    Neg# A60-00081


  • Johnson Hall Dedication (Men's Dormitory)
    Speakers, reception, students, various views of rooms
    Neg# A57-00075


  • Johnson Hall Groundbreaking Ceremonies
    Blessing, groundbreaking ceremony
    Neg# A60-00003


  • Johnson Hall, Men's Dorm
    Many interior, exterior shots
    Neg# A60-00107


  • Jorgenson, Gail; Uesugi, Allison
    Neg# C67-00009c


  • Joseph Romano
    Neg# A56-00037


  • Joyce Sumida, Dental Hygiene Student
    Neg# A65-00021i


  • Judith Kay Nelson, Dental Hygiene Student
    Neg# A66-00002h


  • Judith Penniman, Dental Hygiene Student
    Neg# A65-00021g


  • Judith Ward-Steinman, Scholarship Winner
    National Defense Education Act Fellowship; portraits
    Neg# A62-00060


  • Juliet May Fraser and Dr. Carl Stroven
    Juliet May Fraser presenting Ke Anuenue to Dr. Stroven
    Neg# A55-00106


  • Jumlong Unaprom and Lamom Jadneung
    Two individuals in photo holding chalk board with name; birthdate?
    Neg# A01-00007


  • Junior Science Apprenticeship Program
    School students in lab; Science Club
    Neg# A60-00044

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  • K. Mees Observatory, Haleakala
    Copy photos of observatory
    Neg# A67-00010


  • Ka Palapala Beauty Pageant
    Group and single photos of beauty queens on stage
    Neg# B64-00019


  • Ka Palapala Cover, 1936
    Ka Palapala cover shot of Hawaiian Islands; for ASUH
    Neg# A62-00152


  • Ka Palapala Queens 1967, Copy
    Group photos
    Neg# A67-00005a


  • Kabuki (Dressing)
    Actors being dressed for kabuki play
    Neg# C70-00009


  • Kabuki Actor
    Copy of Kabuki actor in costume
    Neg# A63-00093


  • Kabuki Play Sukeroku
    Shots of dressing, hair preparation; play scenes
    Neg# C70-00043


  • Kabuki Play, Benten the Thief
    Play scenes; audience; backstage reception
    Neg# B63-00061


  • Kabuki Play, Copy
    Photos of a Kabuki play scene
    Neg# A64-00082


  • Kabuki, Copy
    Kabuki actors
    Neg# A67-00014


  • Kabuki, Narukami the Thundergod
    Could be dress rehearsal; acrobatics, actors dressing, musicians
    Neg# C73-00018


  • Kaiser Mobile TV Unit
    Mobile unit parked in front of Bachman; camera, crewmen
    Neg# B60-00033


  • Kam School
    Elementary school students in class
    Neg# B65-00046


  • Kaneohe Air Station Instrument
    Photos of equipment; several men posing with equipment
    Neg# C71-00111


  • Kapalapala Beauty Pageant
    Group and individual photos
    Neg# B61-00007


  • Kapalapala Beauty Pageant, 1965
    Looks like group photo on stage; posing with trophies
    Neg# C65-00016


  • Kapalapala Camera Day
    Group and single photos of the contestants in ethnic dress
    Neg# C67-00020


  • Kapalapala Pageant
    Pageant contestants on stage, winners, flower/trophy presentations
    Neg# C68-00139


  • Kapalapala Presentation to Adna G. Clark
    ASUH Office
    Neg# A54-00081


  • Kapalapala Queen Pageant
    On stage, makeup, group and individual poses
    Neg# C69-00139


  • Kapalapala Queens, 1961, Copy
    Copy photo
    Neg# A62-00164


  • Kapalapala Queens, 1966
    Group and individual photos of queens
    Neg# B66-00033


  • Kapalapala Queens, 1967
    Freeman, Jane; also Hawaiian Queen; one unidentified; portraits
    Neg# C67-00082


  • Kapiolani CC Coop Program at Liberty House
    Looks like someone overseeing students working at desks
    Neg# C73-00087


  • Kapiolani CC Practical Nursing Program
    Students studying, using equipment, with patients
    Neg# C71-00013


  • Kapiolani CC, Dental Assisting Gift
    Man and woman looking as student using equipment
    Neg# C73-00029


  • Kapiolani CC, On the Job Training
    Students working
    Neg# C72-00025


  • Kapiolani CC's Learning Center
    Looks like instructors, students in cubicles; equipment
    Neg# C72-00101


  • Kapiolani Community College
    Cleveland visiting with officials, instructors, students of KCC
    Neg# C69-00093


  • Kapiolani Community College
    Looks like administrative personnel
    Neg# C69-00102


  • Kapiolani Community College
    Student pictures, studying, socializing, walking
    Neg# C72-00032


  • Kapiolani Community College
    Nursing students; cook with trays of food
    Neg# C73-00024


  • Kapiolani Community College Buildings
    Exterior shots, bookstore, parking lot, cafeteria
    Neg# C71-00033


  • Kapiolani Community College Buildings
    Large main building, exterior shots; student; copy of construction
    Neg# C73-00055


  • Kapiolani Community College Cafeteria
    Japanese Day
    Neg# C72-00031


  • Kapiolani Community College Cafeteria
    Students preparing dishes for presentation
    Neg# C70-00133


  • Kapiolani Community College Media Center
    Student in cubicle, with audiovisual equipment
    Neg# C73-00071


  • Kapiolani Community College Night Class
    Night class students
    Neg# C72-00035


  • Kapiolani Community College Science Class
    Male and female student doing lab work, skeleton in background
    Neg# C71-00045


  • Kapiolani Community College, Choral Group
    Looks like Christmas concert
    Neg# C71-00098


  • Kapiolani Community College, Fashion
    Men, women posing
    Neg# C72-00016


  • Kapiolani Community College, Food Service
    Students in food service classes; ice carving, pastries, food
    Neg# C71-00089


  • Kapiolani Community College, Visual Media
    Various photos: TV cameras, discussion group, student in cubicle
    Neg# C73-00054


  • Kapiolani Dental Class
    Dental students
    Neg# C72-00013


  • Kapiolani Graduation 1973, Copies
    Stage area, part of audience; copies made from slides
    Neg# C73-00089


  • Kapiolani Scholarship
    Portraits; check passing
    Neg# C73-00060


  • Kapiolani Tech Kapiolani Community Coll.
    Entrance to main building
    Neg# C66-00078


  • Karen Mikami, Dental Hygiene Student
    Neg# A66-00002f


  • Kathe Mullen, Dental Hygiene Student
    Neg# A66-00002g


  • Kathleen Crozier
    Neg# A67-00005e


  • Kathryn Orr
    Working in the lab
    Neg# A54-00077


  • Kauai Community College
    Photo from General Catalog
    Neg# A70-00011


  • Kauai Community College
    Building and classroom shots


  • Kauai Community College
    Exterior photos of buildings; possible administrator
    Neg# C66-00055


  • Kauai Community College Buildings
    Exterior building photos
    Neg# C67-00100b


  • Kauai Community College Classes
    Class activity photos
    Neg# C67-00100a


  • Kauai Community College, Copy
    Looks like copy made from slide
    Neg# A72-00008


  • Kauai Community College, Drawing
    Drawing, identification map of campus
    Neg# A73-00005


  • Kawailoa Training School
    Legislative Reference Bureau's survey study on treatment center
    Neg# A56-00073


  • Kay Mihata
    Agriculture, 4-H member who went to India
    Neg# A59-00134


  • KCC Cooperative Education Luncheon
    Woman at podium, head table; women with leis, corsages being pinned
    Neg# C71-00049


  • KCC Dental Assisting Presentation
    Group of four women
    Neg# C72-00076


  • KCC Fashion Show Publicity Pictures
    Group of individuals posing
    Neg# C71-00021


  • KCC Sears Check Presentation
    Looks like students receiving check from Sears representative
    Neg# C70-00120


  • Keio Students, English Class Graduation
    Students receiving certificates; group photos
    Neg# B64-00035


  • Keith Brueckner, Dixon, Copy
    Copy, portraits
    Neg# A64-00091


  • Keller Hall
    Various exterior views of Keller Hall
    Neg# A59-00069


  • Keller Hall
    Exterior shots of Keller Hall
    Neg# A64-00045


  • Keller Hall
    Exterior photos of Keller Hall
    Neg# C66-00045


  • Keller Hall
    Shots of stained glass artwork; exterior shots of building
    Neg# C67-00043


  • Keller Hall
    Exterior front of building including stained glass facade
    Neg# C72-00066


  • Keller Hall ?
    Exterior views of building; no trees or plants around building
    Neg# B61-00059


  • Keller Hall Construction
    View of Keller Hall under construction
    Neg# A59-00039


  • Keller Hall Dedication
    Program at Bilger 152; picture taking by Keller portrait
    Neg# B60-00007


  • Keller Hall, Drawing
    Designed by Clifford F. Young
    Neg# A61-00180


  • Keller Hall, Physical Science Building
    Exterior shots of Keller Hall and Physical Science Building
    Neg# A61-00051


  • Kelvin Dit Dwan Pang
    Woodrow Wilson Fellowship recipient; explains use of oscilloscope
    Neg# A62-00037


  • Kennedy Theatre, Night Photo, Copy
    Exterior shots of Kennedy Theatre
    Neg# A64-00085


  • Kenneth Emery and Mr. Bonk, Bishop Museum
    Looking at various artifacts, at food table
    Neg# B59-00047


  • Kenneth Saito, Campus Police

    Neg# A58-00098


  • Kenzo Yoshida, New Japanese Consul
    Photos shaking hands, signing guest book, chatting
    Neg# A61-00098


  • Kimono School From Japan Commencement
    Graduation ceremonies for kimono school students
    Neg# C71-00093


  • Kinoshita, Jissho
    Seated individual holding a framed portrait
    Neg# C68-00057


  • Kit Culbert
    Campus scenes
    Neg# A61-00119


  • Kiyoji Tomita, Scholarship Recipient
    Scholarship University Corporation for Atmospheric Research
    Neg# A61-00029


  • Koko Head Farm
    Cultivated farm land photos
    Neg# A61-00110


  • KOKUA Program
    Photos of workers helping wheelchair bound person; office scene
    Neg# C67-00070


  • Korean Dance
    Looks like a practice dance session
    Neg# B59-00041


  • Korean Group, Bob Miller
    Governor Burns signing document as a man and a woman watch
    Neg# C71-00057


  • Korean Navy Officer Presents Books
    Shot of Korean Navy officer presenting books to Janet Bell
    Neg# A62-00015


  • Krauss Hall Pump Dedication
    Various shots of individuals by pond area
    Neg# C73-00021


  • Kuanna Edgar Bell Graduates
    H.R.T. driver who graduated this year with B.A. degree
    Neg# A55-00059


  • Kuhio Park Terrace, School of Social Work
    Group photos at picnic bench; with children
    Neg# C68-00007


  • Kuhio Park Terrace-Agricultural Extension
    Indoors photos of families and surroundings
    Neg# B65-00021


  • KUOH Radio Mike

    Neg# A54-00072


  • KUOH Station
    Caldeira, Assistant in Radio
    Neg# A56-00012


  • Kuykendall and Geophysics Building
    Far angle shots of buildings together
    Neg# C70-00114


  • Kuykendall Award
    Group shots; Miss Chase receiving award
    Neg# A56-00075


  • Kuykendall Award Winner

    Neg# A55-00038


  • Kuykendall Hall
    Exterior views of buildings
    Neg# A64-00027


  • Kuykendall Hall
    Exterior photos of building
    Neg# B66-00067


  • Kuykendall Hall
    Exterior photos of building
    Neg# C66-00086


  • Kuykendall Hall
    Exterior views of building
    Neg# C67-00024


  • Kuykendall Hall Groundbreaking
    Geophysics, Physical Science, Bilger background; finished 10/29/64
    Neg# A63-00025


  • Kuykendall Hall Tower
    Distant photo of tower
    Neg# C68-00020


  • Kwai Sun Young, Campus Police

    Neg# A58-00106


  • Kyoto University Officials
    Mishikato, Yasuko, Public Relations Officer
    Neg# A63-00016

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  • Lab Pictures, Honors Program
    Student working in lab
    Neg# B65-00042


  • Laboratory Ship, Neptune I
    For Computing Center; photo appears in Malamalama 6/64
    Neg# A63-00090


  • Land Grand, English Language
    Various classroom shots; language lab; using tape recorder
    Neg# A62-00097


  • Land Grant College Centennial, Convocation
    Charter Day Convocation participants; group shots
    Neg# A62-00056


  • Land Grant College Seal
    Photos of Land Grant College Seals, 1862-1962
    Neg# A62-00241


  • Land Grant Luncheon
    Luncheon, chart presentation, informal shots, construction site
    Neg# B62-00012


  • Land Grant Seal
    Land Grant Seal, 1862 - 1962
    Neg# A61-00129


  • Land Grant, Business Administration
    Industrial Relations Center display at Sinclair; office, library
    Neg# A62-00039


  • Land Grant, Computing Center
    Group with equipment
    Neg# A62-00090


  • Land Grant, Education
    Classroom, lesson planning, equipment, music, language, aide
    Neg# A62-00023


  • Land Grant, Education Exhibit
    Photos of education exhibit
    Neg# A62-00103


  • Land Grant, Electrical Engineering
    Electrical Engineering
    Neg# A62-00091


  • Land Grant, Engineering
    Photos of equipment
    Neg# A62-00089


  • Land Grant, Engineering
    Unidentified personnel using engineering equipment
    Neg# A62-00092


  • Land Grant, Engineering
    I.B.M Mitsuda
    Neg# A62-00093


  • Land Grant, Engineering - Charts
    Engineering student enrollment chart, to 1961
    Neg# A62-00118


  • Land Grant, Engineering Class
    Dr. Matsuda's class at blackboard; group shot
    Neg# A62-00016


  • Land Grant, Engineering Lab
    Shots of students using equipment
    Neg# A62-00014


  • Land Grant, Engineering, Copies
    Digging in the field; photo of equipment
    Neg# A62-00094


  • Land Grant, Language Lab
    Shots of classroom, lab activities; instructors, equipment users
    Neg# A62-00096


  • Land Grant, Legislators Luncheon
    Looks like working luncheon, charts, speakers
    Neg# B62-00045


  • Land Grant, Music Exhibit
    Photos of music exhibit
    Neg# A62-00102


  • Land Grant, Nursing
    Classroom, laboratory, practicum shots
    Neg# A62-00055


  • Land Grant, Poultry Department
    Researchers working; some copies
    Neg# A62-00064


  • Land Grant, Radio
    Photos of radio personnel on duty
    Neg# A62-00088


  • Land Grant, Speech Clinic
    Photos of the clinic in operation
    Neg# A62-00053


  • Land Grant, Speech Lab
    Shots of students in booths; tape recorders
    Neg# A62-00095


  • Land Resource Conference
    Speaker, audience
    Neg# C69-00017


  • Land Study Bureau Staff
    Nunns, Frederick-Director; sitting, Sahara, Tamotsu; Nelson, Larry
    Neg# A63-00050


  • Land Study Reports
    Photos of pamphlets about the Hawaiian Islands
    Neg# A62-00240


  • Landscape, Agriculture
    Landscape at Bachman; University Ave.; contaminated orange/lichee
    Neg# A61-00111


  • Language Class-Japanese and French Institute
    Group photos, Webster Hall steps
    Neg# A61-00120


  • Language Institute, Japanese Participants
    Group photos of Japanese participants
    Neg# A66-00007c


  • Language Institute, Spanish Participants
    Group photos of Spanish participants
    Neg# A66-00007a


  • Language Lab
    With Carmen Torres; other views of language lab
    Neg# A58-00136


  • Language Lab
    Shots of students in the lab
    Neg# A62-00175


  • Language Lab
    Jackson reading, others unidentified: woman, man w/headphone
    Neg# C66-00070


  • Language Lab
    Persons operating the lab; office workers; lab users
    Neg# C68-00108


  • Language Lab and East West Center Library
    Interior views of language lab and library
    Neg# C68-00039


  • Lani Bird Telecast to Japan
    KHVH-TV; students interviewed; guitar player; campus life filmed
    Neg# C67-00011


  • Large Floral Mural
    Lobby-like area
    Neg# A01-00063


  • Largest Solar Prominence
    Copies of satellite, telescope photo of sun
    Neg# A56-00125


  • Larry Zane's Conference
    Looks like conference in cafetorium; smaller classroom workshop
    Neg# C73-00015


  • Last Air Force and Army ROTC Parade for 1956
    Various photos of cadet recipients, officials, audience
    Neg# A56-00133


  • Last Board Meeting For President Sinclair
    Last meeting for President Sinclair
    Neg# A55-00113


  • Last Review of Army and Air Force ROTC
    Various shots of review, speeches, trophy presentations
    Neg# A57-00041


  • Lauhala Pattern

    Neg# A53-00083


  • Laureen Bailado
    Neg# A67-00005h


  • Law Staff 1973

    Neg# C73-00093f


  • Law Students/Staff 1973 Most identified
    Alalamua, Henry, Naufahu, Kasitalez; Ueoka, Ladd; Costa, Abelina
    Neg# C73-00093a


  • Law Students/Staff 1973 Most identified
    Jones, Nancy; Miyajima, Glenn; Sakata, Ron;
    Neg# C73-00093b


  • Law Students/Staff 1973 Most identified
    Hong, Malcolm; unidentified male; Lewis, Harriet
    Neg# C73-00093c


  • Law Students/Staff 1973 Most identified
    Ichida, Karl; Quindara, Carol; Winegar, Cindy
    Neg# C73-00093d


  • Law Students/Staff 1973 Most identified
    Gerald; Vitousek, Roy III; Hayashida, Franklin; Chang, Anthony
    Neg# C73-00093e


  • Leadership Workshop, Cooperative Extension
    Workshop group primarily women
    Neg# C71-00030


  • Leaf Photos for Dr. Goto
    Leaf specimens
    Neg# A60-00093


  • Leahi Hospital, Aerial, Copy
    Aerial of Leahi Hospital
    Neg# A69-00013


  • Lecture by Garrels Robert, Oceanography
    Photos of several men; audience
    Neg# C72-00026


  • Lecturer in Art (non-credit program)
    A University Extension Division course
    Neg# A52-00006


  • Lecturer in Business (non-credit)
    A University Extension Division course
    Neg# A52-00004


  • Lee Cuaffin
    Summer session T.G. Play; portraits
    Neg# A59-00061


  • Leeward CC Book Fair Publicity
    Photos of two people with two stacks of books
    Neg# C72-00079


  • Leeward College
    Photos of building and campus
    Neg# C69-00006


  • Leeward College
    Students studying
    Neg# C72-00038


  • Leeward College Cafeteria
    Looks like servers and cooks; maybe cooking instructor overseeing
    Neg# C72-00081


  • Leeward College Cafetorium Building
    Some exterior views; mostly interior shots of cafetorium
    Neg# C72-00082


  • Leeward College Puppet Group
    Group holding puppets
    Neg# C73-00026


  • Leeward Community College
    Construction shots
    Neg# C68-00050


  • Leeward Community College
    Dedication Ceremonies
    Neg# C69-00010


  • Leeward Community College Book Fair
    Man and woman posing next to book fair sign
    Neg# C73-00077


  • Leeward Community College Building
    Photos of LCC campus
    Neg# C71-00025


  • Leeward Community College Classroom
    Various classroom shots, library shots
    Neg# C71-00005


  • Leeward Community College Classroom, Copy
    Classroom scenes
    Neg# A70-00008


  • Leeward Community College Drawing
    Copies of plan drawings
    Neg# A66-00004a


  • Leeward Community College Puppet Troop
    Group photos, five individuals with sign and puppets
    Neg# C72-00086


  • Leeward Community College Theatre
    Construction photos
    Neg# C73-00070


  • Leeward Community College, Copy
    Copy of model
    Neg# A66-00004b


  • Leeward Community College, Drawings
    Plan Drawings
    Neg# A66-00004c


  • Legislative Processes Seminar
    Speakers, panel w/names, banquet room shots, crowds
    Neg# C70-00075


  • Legislative Seminar
    Photos of identified panel, attendees
    Neg# C70-00137


  • Legislators Tour of Campus
    Touring campus
    Neg# B63-00010


  • Lei Day Program

    Neg# A51-00007


  • Lei Making; Japanese Night
    Martial arts, ethnic dances, music, lei making demos
    Neg# C67-00044h


  • Lemon Fruits
    For Agricultural Extension Service
    Neg# A64-00063


  • Lemon Stem Comparisons
    Comparison of diseased lemon stems
    Neg# A62-00116


  • Leon Edel
    Photos of him at home, office, conducting class
    Neg# C73-00085


  • Leonard Fisher
    Civil service worker, Hawaii Extension Service
    Neg# A61-00137


  • Leong Young, William Dunn, Albert McKinney
    Group photo by Hawaii Hall
    Neg# A52-00011


  • Lettering for Art Department
    Assortment of lettering styles
    Neg# A57-00136


  • Letters, Documents Signed by US Presidents

    Neg# A58-00114


  • Librarians From Republic of China
    Conference room photos; group walking toward EWC; luncheon photos
    Neg# C73-00079


  • Library Annex
    Library annex being removed
    Neg# A56-00086


  • Library Archives
    Photos of archives area, storage, shelving, work areas
    Neg# C69-00067


  • Library Book Deposit Box
    Two women putting books into deposit box
    Neg# C69-00144


  • Library Conference
    Woman at a typewriter terminal
    Neg# C72-00030


  • Library Display
    Photos of display case
    Neg# C69-00057


  • Library Display of Jean Charlot's Book
    Jean Charlot's Three Plays of Ancient Hawaii displayed
    Neg# A64-00008


  • Library Display, Dr. Kuykendall
    Photos of exhibit items in glass case
    Neg# B63-00040


  • Library Employees and Student Worker
    Chong, Eleanor, Head, Government Documents; Ozaki, Yvonne, Order Dept.
    Neg# A56-00123


  • Library Exhibit
    Glass case exhibit; three unidentified women
    Neg# A62-00111


  • Library Exhibit
    Photos of exhibit items in glass case
    Neg# B63-00035


  • Library Faculty in Dr. Hamilton's Office
    Group photos of staff and President Hamilton
    Neg# A65-00020


  • Library Graduate Class
    Photos of students in class
    Neg# C68-00141


  • Library Moving form Sinclair To Hamilton
    Books on carts, piled on the floor at Sinclair as personnel sort
    Neg# B68-00010


  • Library Moving From Sinclair to Hamilton
    Books waiting to be transported to Hamilton Library
    Neg# C68-00138


  • Library Prize for Pacific Research
    Prize for best piece of student research on Pacific area
    Neg# A65-00010


  • Library, Graduate Student Group
    Group photos
    Neg# C68-00079


  • Library, Side View
    Photos taken of the library from an angle
    Neg# C66-00037


  • Library, Sinclair
    Students studying
    Neg# B61-00040


  • Life Guard Civil Service Exam
    Picture taken for Civil Service Office
    Neg# A51-00009


  • Life Science Institute (Edmondson Hall)
    Drawing of building
    Neg# A61-00124


  • Linda McGinnis, Dental Hygiene Student
    Neg# A65-00021d


  • Line Drawings of Campus Structures, Views
    All line drawings except Hawaii Hall photo
    Neg# A61-00161


  • Linguistics Office
    Linguists working on dictionary
    Neg# C69-00082


  • Link Foundation
    Group photos landing between buildings; in lab
    Neg# A64-00006


  • Link Foundation, 1965
    Group photos
    Neg# B65-00062


  • Link Foundation, 1966
    Group photos
    Neg# C66-00077


  • Linton Grinter-Carnegie Visiting Professor
    Chiu, Arthur, Engineering; Miyamoto, O.; students
    Neg# A57-00023q


  • Lions Club Presents Tape Machine to KOKUA
    East Manoa Lions Club presenting tape machine to KOKUA
    Neg# C67-00069


  • Listening to the World Series
    Gathered around the radio
    Neg# A58-00085


  • Lois Ginandes and Carl Wolz, Modern Dance
    Dance shots
    Neg# B66-00046


  • Lola Stillman
    Neg# A67-00005f


  • Look Lab
    Some views of facility
    Neg# C69-00076


  • Look Lab, Dr. Grace
    Looks like Dr. Grace looking at window film tint
    Neg# C70-00151


  • Look Oceanographic Lab
    Personnel working with equipment; with model of Hilo Harbor
    Neg# C68-00115


  • Looking Into Manoa From Top of St. John
    Views of Biomedical Building into Manoa; Waahila, East West side
    Neg# C71-00086


  • Looking Into Manoa Valley From Snyder Hall
    Views from top of Snyder; UH buildings foreground, Manoa, back
    Neg# C71-00085


  • Looking Over Old Newspapers at Hamilton
    Three people looking at newspapers
    Neg# C72-00078


  • Looking Toward East West Center
    Exterior view of buildings, landscape, looking toward Tantalus
    Neg# C69-00120


  • Looking Up University Avenue
    Looking up University Avenue toward Sinclair from Dole St. corner
    Neg# C70-00146


  • Lord Howe Island
    Detailed map of Lord Howe Island
    Neg# A01-00079


  • Lorenzo Lo Memorial Library Fund to TIM
    West, Stanley, Librarian; Barnet, Edward, TIM; group photos
    Neg# C72-00050


  • Louis and Clark Football Team
    Various group shots, some with President Sinclair
    Neg# A53-00039


  • Lower Field (Lower Campus)
    Shots of lower campus facilities
    Neg# A60-00050


  • Loyda Shears, 1st Psychology PhD Recipient
    Shaking hands in Regents Room
    Neg# A61-00057


  • Luau for President Cleveland
    Entertainment; speeches; reception line; eating poi; audience
    Neg# C69-00101


  • Luau Honoring President and Mrs. Hamilton
    Given by University Alumni Association
    Neg# B63-00020


  • Lucille Sheehan
    Neg# A56-00039


  • Lucky Lokhoj, Campus Police

    Neg# A58-00103


  • Luncheon for Korean Culture Presentation
    Min, Ministry of Ed., Rep. of Korea; Chung Doh Ahn, Fundraising
    Neg# C73-00006


  • Luncheon For LeRoy King, Provost, WCC
    Looks like luncheon/reception photos
    Neg# C73-00081


  • Luncheon for Mainland Insurance Group
    He is also Director of the Industrial Relations Center
    Neg# A54-00058


  • Luncheon for Seventeen Consuls

    Neg# A58-00037


  • Lyceum Series, The Barretts of Wimpole St.
    White, Melvin
    Neg# A63-00035


  • Lysistrata, Summer Theatre
    Production preparation, building, play photos
    Neg# C63-00005

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